Show us your handwriting!

Wow, this is just fantastic handwriting, I really want to get a postcard or a letter with such a font.

It does look quite fancy! Can you write a sample in English?

I wrote quickly, so it’s not very beautiful.


Maybe this one is not the most accurate one in the daily life… But I had fun doing it and my handwriting actually normally change every few words/sentences without me noticing it…:sweat_smile:
If I find one I will post it!


We call it “Sauklaue” in German - pig’s claw! So for once not an avian name. :smile: I’ll see If I can find some of my notes later. I love to see how everyone’s handwriting is and how there are different kinds of styles! I could easily tell all my family members apart by their writing, for example. :smile:


I been told its pretty to look at but hard to read, harder when I write fast. Just yoinked from my from my reading journal, using the word journal very liberally though, I just like to record things ^_^;

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In the US, we say “chicken scratch” (it could vary by región maybe?)

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My handwriting. Sometimes I can’t read my own handwriting

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tang, your script is so soothing, every letter completed with finesse…

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My handwriting. I enjoy writing all the time especially when I am bored.

Hiragana is derived from Chinese cursive scripts so I guess you should practice on that. Japanese today(as far as I know) don’t write in cursive style, they usually draw stroke by stroke.


It is quite interesting to see the various handwriting styles.

This is some song lyrics I copied out. Mostly Chinese characters.

I wrote this some time ago.

Though my handwriting tends to get more and more sloppy (lazy?) as I write on - it starts slanting and I start connecting strokes more and more

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My handwriting which may be more ‘secret code’ since less people learn cursive.


It is fun to look this topic!
So I will try to post as well☺️


It’s lyrics from one of my favorite songs.

In your heart, is there still a little feeling for me?
Although really only a little…
At least it’s enough for me to be relieved for a while.
It’s just that, I still love you, but who could I tell?



I am also always looking for waterresistent inks/pens but it is always a bit of a search:

  • Micron pens: not my favourite, but when I am writing in print it is doable
  • uni-ball pens: Uniball has some waterproof pens, they are not expensive and the quality is good.
  • steadler: has also some waterproof pens, they look a bit like microns, but in my opinion they write a bit more smoothly

Sakura IDenti pens: I dont like them enough to use them, but they are waterproof…
there are also from reynolds the racer gel waterproof pens, personally I have not used them, but I have heard some good things about them

If you look for brush pens, I only now the ones from tombow that are waterresistent, but I personally dont use brush pens often enough to have a opinion on them

If you like writing with fountain pens or dip pens, there are several waterproof inks on the market. not all fountain pens are made for waterproof inks so keep that in mind

  • platinum carbon ink
  • de atramentis archive ink

Thank you for your recommendation!
There are some pens I’ve never heard of before, so I’d like to try them.
I’ve never used fountain pens or dip pens, but I’ve recently become interested in it.
When I try them, I will look for the ink you told me :blush:

Here are some verses of my favorite Greek poem. It’s called Ithaka by Cavafy


My handwriting is awful. I apologize to anyone who can’t read my writing. My messy penmanship is now my trademark :wink:.