Show us your handwriting!

This goes into the “Postcard & Mail” section as handwriting is a quintessential part of postcard writing! This topic was inspired by many other threads that have cropped up here, and it aims to be a comprehensive compendium of all postcrossers’ handwritings!

Show us your handwriting – cursive letters, beautiful calligraphy or simply block letters… Everything is welcome here! :warning: Make sure not to send the reverse side of your postcards and outgoing mail, as these things are more personal, and privacy should be respected! Anything else would be great.

Here’s an aesthetic pic of my Gothic grammar revision notes:

My handwriting is tiny, which is why I can fit many words on a postcard! Sometimes, in order to reduce the paper I use, I can go even tinier. These notes are written in cursive:

And, for our Russian speakers, here’s a snipped of my Russian language essay! For some reason, I love writing Cyrillic letters. They’re so neat!

Now it’s your turn! And, of course, we can also have debates, discussions etc.


My writing style is crooked… I try to write neatly so postcrossers would understand what I want to say to them. In my postcards I always add a little drawing “vampire smile”. It’s crooked too)

But at the same time I like my handwriting. My letters are round and line goes up. It’s means that I’m creative person and optimist, if we will believe pseudo-scientific information from kids books.


That vampire smile is so cute!! And I love your handwriting as well. Postcrossers from Russia (and, more in general, countries where the Cyrillic alphabet is used) have amazing penmanship, I’m always so happy to receive a postcard from there!

Haha, ever heard of graphology? It’s basically on the same level as astrology!

Too big of a stretch, man…

EDIT: Obviously I have no doubts regarding your creativity and optimism!


Hi everyone!

Thanks a lot for this interesting post Christian! :grinning:

Looking at other people’s handwritings has always fascinated me! A penmanship is a sort of dance of a pen on a paper stage! When I get snailmail, one of the first things I focus on is definitely the handwriting. :writing_hand:

I can’t define my handwriting style though. :thinking: Lots of people call it “gothic”… I’ll let you decide. In my view, it’s no doubt too bulky for the back of a postcard but that’s how I’ve always written since my High School years. Moreover, my question/fear is: do postcrossers using other alphabets always understand my cursive?

Let me show it in a double version, on a white big paper and on the back of a postcard.
I can’t wait to see lots of handwriting samples here. The ones I’ve seen so far are just a-m-a-z-i-n-g!!! :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:


Your handwriting is so beautiful! :heart_eyes: When you say you write like this since high school, do you mean you conciously created the font yourself?


Thanks a lot💖

Exactly @hankadl !:ok_hand:
Little by little I assembled my own cursive alphabet!
I’m not normal, I know, I know…:see_no_evil::joy::joy:


First of all, I’m sorry for processing these posts so late! I’ve been busy the past few days, but I’m glad that some more beautiful handwritings have been posted in the meantime! (Well… actually just one, but it is worth a thousand!)

@Antonella- I wouldn’t say your handwriting is Gothic! Gothic would be all square and imposing. Yours, despite some sharp edges, flows like water, and feels almost lightweight.

I have, in fact, had the pleasure of receiving some postcards from Antonella and they’re even more beautiful in real life! Really love the handwriting :heart_eyes:

@everyone else: I’m waiting for more pics to feast my eyes upon!! Please upload!


Hi! This is an interesting topic. Before I saw her, it seemed to me that I had a good handwriting, even a beautiful one. The question is certainly controversial, my Russian teacher would not agree with this. But all my friends at the university, who took my notebook to copy lectures, assured me that the handwriting was excellent. When I send a postcard to Russia, I write in Cyrillic, in capital letters, and to be honest, I relax a little. I’m more focused on the thought I’m writing down than on the beauty of the handwriting. Postcards in English are sent abroad. At school, we had a teacher for 1 year who tried to teach us capital English, and the rest of the time there were teachers with whom we wrote in block letters. As a result, my English is a hybrid of printing and writing


I think my handwriting is kinda sloppy, but not impossible to read. At least I try to focus on it! Picture ain’t the best quality, but I think it shows my handwriting as much as needed. One thing, what I wonder is that how, oh so many, peoples think that my name is Suri, Suui or Sari. You see my ‘r’ in word ‘from’ and ‘a’ in ‘Finland’. After I started to pay more attention, I noticed that many peoples write their ‘r’ same way as I write ‘v’.

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What do you mean with capital letters? It looks like your Russian postcard is written in cursive! Your handwriting is beautiful, by the way! I can understand it, which is something that makes me super proud of my progress :star_struck:

It’s clearly “Suvi”. Right? :laughing:
What you say is very true, by the way! Some people write their r’s just like v’s and it becomes kinda confusing… but most of the time context is key. And I would never read that as an “a”!

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I love Graphology and unique handwriting, thank you for this topic! Years ago in high school where pretty notes are and still is popular, my handwriting would be more neat as I was more of a perfectionist back then. During the recent years, my handwriting has become a huge mess but I am more carefree and happier now as I let myself go when writing while expressing my emotions in writing as well. Despite my messy handwriting, I am extremely tidy and organised in real life. When it comes to the Mandarin, Japanese and Korean language, my handwriting is more controlled and neat. Also, the tip to tiny handwriting is the Uni-ball Signo DX 0.38 pen! Looking forward to any interpretation, but be nice! :blush:



Other Languages


I absolutely agree with @FantasyHouse. :star_struck: I find what is written much more important than how the writing itself actually looks like.

Has it ever happened to you that you saw an incredibly gorgeous handwriting but it was actually rather difficult to read? It sure did to me.

Ok, about my handwriting: I grew up in a country where it is said that left-handed people’s handwriting is “messy” and “illegible”. Is there such a stereotype in your country too?

This did affect me in primary and secondary school (as I am left-handed myself) so I tried super hard to write as beautifully as I could using colourful markers and pens that, in grand scheme of things, did nothing for me - a hearing type who is completely content with writing everything in blue (or any coloured pen that is at hand).

Over the years I have let the notion of a perfect handwriting go and am completely content with how mine looks like now - it is not the prettiest, but it’ll do. :blush:


I think you have a good handwriting. Quite neat, and at the same time without “frills”. I think I would easily understand your handwriting. If, of course, I knew your language,:wink: In Russia they don’t particularly find fault with the handwriting of left-handers (but maybe I just haven’t heard about it, since I’m right-handed). But there is an expression “writes like a chicken paw” - which means sloppy and illegible, and it can be done with any hand. As a rule, it is believed that doctors have the most terrible handwriting, they seem to deliberately try to write so that you do not find out the details of your illness and do not get upset. Obviously, they are very caring. :upside_down_face:


@Fancy_fingerling Oh, I was certain I took some photos of my notes in Russian (there are quite a few “frills” in my Cyrillic script) or French, but now, that you pointed it out, I see both photos are of notes in my native language. Oh well… :person_shrugging:

The chicken expression is very interesting and oh how kind of people who invented it to put both lefties and righties under scrutiny. :rofl:

Anyway, yes, the same “rule” applies to doctors in my country. :laughing: But I must admit that my doctor’s handwriting is very neat.

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Well… this is a topic about handwriting, I think you can attach a couple more photos, this time in Cyrillic. And I’ll tell you if I could read it. I am sure that everything will work out. Looks like you got lucky with the doctor. :blush:

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In French we say “pattes de mouche” (“fly legs”). :smile:


In Finland clumsy handwriting can be referred to as “harakanvarpaat”, or magpie’s toes :smile:


In Norwegian it’s crow toes (kråketær).


I enjoy doing handlettering for Postcrossing.


Isn’t it “chicken scratch” in English? I love how it’s almost all avian-related! Flys fly so maybe they’re considered birds in this scenario!