Show us your handmade postcards and Mail Art

Ho thank you so so much @manuchka

Last year we visited Schleswig in the North of Germany and I fell in love with the beautiful doors. I took a lot of pictures and created this card. The quote says: if a door doesn’t open maybe it wasn’t yours.


These look really pretty😍

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You normally don’t get me with these doors cards, but this one is really nice. :slight_smile:

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For the weekly “Lotto” game in the German part of the forum I made some new artistamps for the cards that go to the winners. It was fun to find out how to make gummed paper: Some gum arabic dissolved in water, lots of patience after applying it to a real lottery ticket. While it was drying I carved a rubber stamp with the “Lotto” word. After punching the stamps, the finishing with rubber stamps could start. I really like the brown, shiny colour of this archaic way to make gummed paper (it sticks like a stamp when you wet the brown side). When you move the paper, it gives a fine cracking noise and feels like it’s covered with some varnish. Great! I will try another recipe for gumming paper once the ingredients get here :slight_smile:


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I think these deserve their own topic!

Wow, what a fantastic idea! :heart:

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@einfachich inspired me, for this card I painted the background with watercolor and fold little origami ships, I glued them only at on side, so it’s sort of 3D.

And I also made this official card for @dackelerna, which was a great coincidence, because I had the sea background laying around.


Oh this is lovely… And the seesnake gives me a few ideas more too… Thanks, I will show when I finished them!


I was going to make house-themed cards for the Handmade RR, but I got a little bit carried away… :see_no_evil::grin:


I know the robot looks totaly different - but still, my first thought was: “Hey Bim, guess what?!” :joy:


I made some of my usual herbarium laminated handmades

Spring is coming soon, so I need to get rid of all dried flowers from previous years :smile:

EDIT: Special group is created in Handmade RR for receiving one of these!


Oh, these look rather unique, with that transparent window in the middle! Do you write on them and mail them like this? :thinking:

Yes, of course after writing on the backside they could look different. I experiment with flowers/paper choice each year to make them nicer to send. I like flowers on full transparent most, but then backside of stamps/address/writing ruins the picture. The transparent middle idea I got when I was making transparent window handmade for RR with personal care labels, being a top if box of napkin:

P.S. I think I send one to postcrossing team last summer/autumn with violets :grin: but it was just flowers on white background


What if you make the transparent part vertically and use it as a kind of devider? Address part and stamp(s) on the right, message on the left. In this case you could also stick some self-adhesive paper labels to the parts you want to write on.

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It’s not a bad idea! The only thing is that composition-vise having the orientation vertical is less neat instead of horizontal. Or at least it feels so, before I run out of flowers (I made 16 cards total, so probably some of the forum members eventually get some from this batch too), I experimented with putting two pieces of papers for address and message, but it looks less nice

I found putting stickers is less safe than writing on laminated film, have no problem with markers I use. Stickers sometimes fall off from the card unexpectedly. I had some of postcards/envelopes returned because recipient address on the label fell off, but my address remained because it was written on.

EDIT: Having composition horizontal is also connected with lamination process, vertical with transparent middle will leave card to be a bit flimsy and bendy in the middle since it’s only two layers of film, without paper


This is great and made my day! I’m waiting to get into the library and everybody is turning around because I laughed tears!


Glad I could make you laugh! :grin:

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I did this Postcard for a Postcrosser Lady in Portugal with watercolors.


This is a Totoro Postcard I did with watercolors.