Show us your handmade postcards and Mail Art

Gadget the Hackwrench
Zipper the Fly

…taken from Disney’s cartoon of 1989-90 :slight_smile:

Childhood plays in the booty, like they say in my country :smiley:

RR is for Rescue Rangers, but suits to Round Robins too :smiley:


Tried to recreate this medieval veterinarian and his patient from a 15th-century French manuscript spread titled “Illnesses of Dogs and Their Cures.” The manuscript, “Book of the Hunt” by Gaston Phébus, is at the Condé museum. I have a lovely reproduction of this spread in one of my favorite art books, “Cani nell’ Arte” (“Dogs in Art”) by Stefano Zuffi.

I took liberty with the color of the jacket, so that this image stands out a bit more as a postcard.


I like their expressions. I imagine a dialogue between the sog and the vet like:

Dog: Ouch, ouch, my paw! Help me!
Vet: What happened?
Dog: I was running around chasing mice like you told me not to because I would get hurt. It was great and I was so fast… and then I tripped over one of those mouse holes and my paw got all twisted and it hurts. Can you fix it?
Vet: …


Great interpretation! I was just discussing their expressions in the original (which I tried to capture to the best of my ability) and thought it amazing how the dog looks like all the upset dogs that do not want to be at the vet. And the person seems to be pressing on the paw to figure out where it hurts.

As I was drawing this, I did some research on veterinary care at that time and found some great things like instructions to let the dogs out of the kennels to eat the grass to heal themselves and instructions that dogs get pet daily and their fur gets rubbed with “silk”. This was particularly fun article on medieval dogs. For example it describes why dogs were banned from attending church service - because of barking and chewing on church books. :joy:


One more hand made card … a sketch of Zelda for someone who loves the character. Hope I did it justice


Some of you participated last Spring in the 1st Annual Spring Homemade Postcard Exhibition. I just posted a note announcing the upcoming 1st Annual Fall Homemade Postcard Exhibition - here’s the link:

Hope you guys decide to join in the fun!

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Going to usa


And i decorated 2 envelopes


Wow, these look professional!

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Hi everyone! This is my first post. I’m still fairly new to Postcrossing. I’ve loved browsing everyone’s mail art. Here’s some of mine:

Edit: I should make it clear, just to be on the safe side, that the religious poems was for a postcrosser who specifically stated that she would love to get religious/spiritual messages!


Two postcards cartoons heading out today


Hope you pick my address some day.
Really nice style.

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You never know, I did a swap with someone and 6 months or more I pulled their name! Isn’t that fun


The smudge spot is that i removed the adress. Love when people request envelopes. And added a recipe from the sipermarket magazine (allerhande)


I live in a small village with 135 people, there is no shop, there is no bus. But we have a mailbox, which is important for Postcrossing. Because I like to take pictures, I made postcards from the mailbox.
There is a lot of nature all around and there are many motifs for postcards. These storks stopped off on their journey south. In the background is the church of the neighboring village.
In my garden there are many flowers blooming that are visited by butterflies, I also used the photo for a postcard.

Best wishes little-stone


lovely pictures for postcards especially the storks and the letterbox

My favorites are the storks and the butterfly

This card is a bit of a change from my regular sketch toons… this goes to a person asking about wine. This is my favorite wine and it pairs nicely with a good Gouda cheese



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Wow! :clinking_glasses:

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