Show us your Caribbean cards/collection

I live in the middle of the Caribbean. When friends go on cruises, or when my father and brother used to work on different islands once a month they sent me cards. I know I have more, but these are a few of my collection.

P.S Obviously I’m not including cards from my country. I have a card from Venezuela and Cuba which I should include here.

I would love to see the variety of cards from the Caribbean. Was it a swap or a match?
Have you visited the caribbean yourself? Which is your favorite island?

These were all sent cards, but I also have unsent cards for example from Aruba.



Nice collection @Ludek ! I can’t believe I haven’t made an effort with my Dominican friend to send one to me. WHere is the Tucan postcard from? Costa Rica? What about the one with the Pepsi Magnet?

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Wow amazing :open_mouth: you even have from both sides of St. Martin(Dutch/French).

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Right, the Tucan is from Cota Rica :slight_smile:
The one with the Pepsi magnet is from Cuba :cuba:

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I found a few others. I must have more in my parents house. I need to organize my collection!




I don’t see a card from PR in your collection!

Cause there ain’t one :frowning:

If you want, I can send you one. I love your collection but my country is missing. PM your address.

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Since I started Postcrossing and direct swaps in 2006, have collected postcards written stamped from all the places in the Caribbean including the Guantanamo Bay.

You can view the rest from my postcard blog…

Wishing everyone Season Greetings, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Cheers, SL Liew :santa:


I was so lucky to receive a few official ones from the Caribbean. :slight_smile:

Haven’t been there yet, that would be a dream!




Puerto Rico

Is Mexico Caribbean?


Tobago is my favourite. I have been fortunate enough to visit twice 3yrs ago & 30yrs ago

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I think the east coast of Mexico is considered caribbeanbut Oaxaca is in the center of the country.

Is the card from PR handmade? I’ve never seen this design!

That’s the famous MOTW series

I’d like to go on a Caribbean cruise


Nice, I love the Guadeloupe(the last one) card and the one from St. Croix a lot.

If you want to go to the west Caribbean the cruises normally depart from Miami and they go to : Jamaica, Cayman Is., Belize, Mexico, Haiti etc

If you want to go to the east Caribbean the cruises depart from San Juan and they go to some Lesser Antilles.

There’s also the Disney Cruise which is famous. Most people I’ve know have been on a cruise because you can get very cheap tickets and that’s what most people can afford vs traveling to Europe or South America.

I’ve never been on a cruise because they are normally full of people with loud music and it’s not my style. It also depend on the cruise line. I’ve been sailing :sailboat: since I was born and that’s how I got to explore the Caribbean, I haven’t felt the need to go in a cruise. Maybe I’ll go one day…

Thanks for sharing your collection :grinning:

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Now theres a novel suggestion for a post crossing meetup…


Many thanks for the information :slight_smile:

I’ve watched a travel documentary about the Caribbean islands. Very interesting. People often use boats to travel from one island to another (like in Europe we use busses or cars), very exciting way of living

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