Show us your Caribbean cards/collection

I have only two cards for now! Both not official ones.

One from Haiti was found in a thrift store. Other from Nevis, through postcrossing tag.
The one from Haiti is my treasure, so rare for someone like me and especialy since the country’s stablity has gone down a lot in recent years, I feel extremely lucky to own it.

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Both are nice cards. Is the Haitian stamp written and stamped?

You can see the boy looking at the cruise :passenger_ship: people vacationing while they suffer from poverty. The card shows the reality. It is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere and mostly ignored. Haiti is part of our neighbor island and they come in 'Yolas", small wooden boats full of Haitians and Dominicans trying to cross to the US border by water. They travel many hours in the rough sea and they get here dehydrated and extremely sunburned. When they arrive they leave the boat in the shore and start running in different directions . They climb a vertical cliff of about 200 ft and get to were I live. They ask for water, shoes and pleading for the residents to call for their local pick up, which is illegal and we could end up in jail for that. We have to call US Border patrol and they come pick them up and place them in a jail very near where I live. Then they are deported back to were they come from.

Thanks for sharing your collection @itamerentytar :hugs:

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It’s a blank!
I love it too because of that. It’s not a sugarcoated picture from a paradise.

I have another similar one from Nicaragua, so close to Caribbean. It shows two young boys on horses. It’s not dark or sad, but it’s also not a commercial paradise picture. The card itself isn’t from the country thought, it’s from some union for peace and development work, printed in Finland.

I really hope to collect more cards from that area as it’s so far away and the opposite culture than ours!

I have only three, all recieved via direct swaps. Thank you so much for all the additional info in this thread - there are different worlds behind these cards and so little I know of them. :heart:


I have received official cards from

Saint Kitts & Nevis


British Virgin Islands

and (if it counts) Costa Rica

Furthermore I have received a postcard from Puerto Rico through a swap