Show us the card(s) in your collection that you want to keep for yourself

  • Which cards in your collection are you putting off sending, because deep down you actually want to keep them for yourself?
  • Where did you find them?
  • What is it about them that you like so much?
  • Is there any reason you would consider sending them?

I have a few, but only have a picture of two. I gave them to my best friend and had her send them to me except for one that I ended up framing.

The Hilda the Pin-Up card I received from the lovely @nekelin. I love her because she is the first (and one of the only) plus size Pin-Up girls. I do Pin-Up and burlesque and also am a plus size woman and she gives me the confidence to keep at it.

The HamilStitch card I bought from a seller on Amazon. I love Stitch and I love Hamilton, so it’s the best of both worlds.


I didn’t take a photo, but I had a lovely postcard of a photo called “Zebra Crossing”, of a woman leaning on the side of a catwalk holding a camera, framed between a pair of legs in striped stockings she was looking at (if anyone has the photo let me know!) and I held on to it for years. Immensely queer energy, and as a baby gay it seemed to represent a very particular kind of longing I felt from the sidelines.:pleading_face: I thought it was a never-ever-send card, and kept it blu-tacked to my wall! I ended up sending it around the time I joined postcrossing, to a queer artist I met who really inspired me to come out of my shell. I picked a nice stamp and poured my heart out in the message and made its sending something really special. It felt like a proper occasion and I only sometimes regret it :stuck_out_tongue:


Kind of a weird topic but do you ever find a postcard that you love so much, you’ll never actually send it?

Here are mine, I got them when I ordered some merch from this same series from Japan. I’ve been obsessed with Ancient Egypt since I was a little kid, and so when I saw that there was an anime series based on the Egyptian mythology I ordered some goods and got these postcards as a gift. The gold is metallic!


I have found many cards that I want to keep.

When I first started Postcrossing I thought I would be more Zen-like (unattached) but every once in a while I’d get one in a new collection that really spoke to me. Sometimes only after I sent it on to someone, did I realize I really loved that card.

And why not keep a few favorites, I finally decided. Why not give yourself the same pleasure you hope to give to others when you send a card that seems just right for them?

So now I keep some, I send some out into the world. Of the ones I keep, sometimes I want them written anyway. So there are several Write Back My Postcard round robins - there’s a North American one and some world-wide ones - where you can send your cards to a few others who also send you their faves, and you each write on them and mail them back to the original owner.

Btw, of the ones I sent out in the early days and then regretted, two have come back from other people who had bought the same collection, and knew when they read my profile that they should send me that card.


I’ve had these postcards for about 10 years and can’t seem to part with them. I bought them at a Christmas market in The Netherlands and adore the style.


I would want to keep those too.

I have some that I bought on holiday in France 13 years ago that I can’t part with. If I get the energy, I’ll photo them once it’s light.


this one


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I’ve just joined Postcrossing today and I have signed up to send a postcard. I thought I didn’t have many postcards then realised I have so many from art exhibitions over the years. There is one by an Australian artist Grace Cossington Smith I’m thinking of sending but I not sure I want to part with it! But then I think, I don’t need it and it might bring someone else joy. Where does everyone get their postcards from? :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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@StrawberryCream Welcome to Postcrossing! If you poke around in this Postcard Chat forum, you’ll find many threads where people talk about where they find postcards. Since the pandemic, many people shop on line, so there are threads about best online shops. Check out the regional (Australia) forum for tips on finding postcards Down Under.
Have fun!

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I bought this set of James Jean postcards and I LOVE them. At first I hesitated to send a lot of them because they’re a little gory and weird, but looking at them again, I want to keep some of them haha. This is just a sample of what the postcards are like.


Those are awesome! :open_mouth:

thanks! :blush:

I got 6 new cards to my collection of cards I will never send to anyone today. :star_struck:


I just got these and I absolutely love them. Don’t want to send them haha!


I bought these wonderful cards on my recent trip to Germany:

They are for my private collection.


I bought this in an antique shop for Postcrossing but I loved the colors and subject so much I haven’t been willing to part with it.