Share your sent/received Christian postcards!

Hello everybody!
I wanted to create this conversation a long time ago.
I think it would be nice to be able to gather in the same place the Christian postcards that we received or sent on Postcrossing.
I love collecting churches in each country but also everything related to Christianity and if you share your postcards here, it will be easier for others (and me!) to put in favorites. :grinning:

So, What Christian postcards did you received/send?

Some I received:
A Catholic pilgrimage in Hungary

A statue of Saint Joseph (Old Testament)

A church in Germany


I have received this postcard and love it :two_hearts:


Beautiful. I don’t believe I received any yet through offical postcrossing.

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I have sent out this stained glass window from the OLV belfry in Tongeren


I too love collecting churches, bible verses and anything related to Christianity
I received this officially :heart:


Here are some that I have sent:

Church of Den Hoorn on the island of Texel:

St. John’s Cathedral, ‘s-Hertogenbosch:

Basilica of Our Lady / Chapel of Mary, Maastricht:

A bookshop in a former church (Dominicanen) in Maastricht:

Girls in traditional costume of the orthodox village of Staphorst:

I have also sent a few angels, this is my favourite:

I am not religious myself by the way.


Too many to list - but here’s some of my favourites:


I’ve only received one officially, though I’d love any scripture verses, churches, or biblically themed art. Thanks for starting this topic.


Although I’m not religious, England has been a Christian country for many, many years, so it isn’t surprising that I’ve sent a lot of cards that would fit this theme! I’ll show a few here.

I love a good church or cathedral, so I’ve sent lots of cards featuring them:

Canterbury Cathedral

Gloucester Cathedral

Winchester Cathedral

Ely Cathedral

Gloucester Cathedral

York Minster

Little Malvern Priory

St Nicolas Church, Newbury

St Mary’s Church, Cheadle

I’ve also sent cards with religious themes, such as featuring biblical illustrations or prayers. I try to be more selective on who I send these cards to, so as to not offend anyone.

The prayer for peace:

The cross:



Thank you very much for your participation !

Putting Jesus Christ in the Tomb - Painting by Raphael

A maxicard of Pope Benedict XVI at the World Catholic Youth Day 2008

St Ansgar Church in Eversten (Oldenburg, Germany)

Holy Spirit cathedral in Minsk (Belarus)

First Lutheran Church of Poulsbo (Washington, USA).
Poulsbo was founded by Norwegian immigrants.


Without me going through my postcards, I don’t recall receiving any Christian postcards. As for sending out any, I may have mailed postcards of churches that are historical buildings. Currently, these types of postcards are hard to find where I live.

I am not particularly religious, but I do collect cards showing churches, including architectural details thereof, stained glass windows and whatever is in or just outside the church. I also collect cards showing statues of Virgin Mary and the Child Jesus, but not paintings, and also cards showing St. George, they can be statues, paintings or other depictions. Also love icons.

But I am not so keen on Bible quotations on cards, or religious propaganda/proselytism, which I find rather irritating to receive on cards.

But I very seldom send this kind of cards, mostly because there are very few churches in China and they seldom make it into postcards, so I am more likely to send a card of a Buddhist or Taoist or Confucianist temple, or even of a mosque (there is a sizable number of Moslems in China).

Ready for churches and saint statues


One day, I was lucky enough to receive a postcard from a church in China. :blush: I know they are not many.


Some cards sent to friends/tags/swaps

Church of Nativity, Bethlehem. Birthplace of Jesus

Site of Jesus’ baptism, Jordan

Via Dolorosa, the path to the Cross.

Site of the Crucifixion and Resurrection, Church of the Holy Sepulchre, Jerusalem

The Lord’s Prayer carved on door of La Sagrada Familia,Barcelona.


This morning I received my second church postcard from China via the “China meet World TAG”. It’s amazing!

The Jiangsu Road Church in Qingdao is a Protestant Lutheran church, established by the German Empire, in Qingdao, during the Kiautschou Concession (1898-1914).
Its construction lasted from 1908 to 1910.

Since 2006, it has been included on the 6th list of major historical and cultural sites protected at the national level.





Found in the Postcrossing Gallery :


This is the Codex Eyckensis, a sort of ancient bible and also the oldest book of Belgium

“Codex Eyckensis - Wikipedia” Codex Eyckensis - Wikipedia