Sending the same image to multiple people

Hello postcrossers! I have a question for you guys. My local Fred Meyer sells postcards for cheap and they’re just nice landscapes and city views. They only have so many options though. Is it bad if I send the same image to multiple people?


Of course not! Send the same card to as many folks as you want to :grinning:

Thanks for the tip, I didn’t know Fred Meyer sold postcards. All the local places I normally buy cards from have been closed during the pandemic. I’ve resorted to buying them online, but that’s not near as much fun as buying them local.


In the Roth’s in Salem they have postcards made by a local artist


I think it’s OK. When I first started postcrossing I didn’t have any so could only send what our local shop had. So three people got the same card.

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Many on Postcrossing have sent hundreds or thousands of cards. Do you think they sent a different card design to every person? There is absolutely no issue sending the same card to multiple people, especially if it matches their wishes.

The title of this topic makes it sound like you are talking about taking a card that someone sent to you and reusing it to send to someone else (which is against the community guidelines). But you are actually talking about buying several copies of a card to send to multiple people, not reusing postcards. Edit: I realized I could edit your topic title, so I did to make it more clear. I hope you do not mind. <3


Yeah don’t worry about it.
As long as you’re sending a postcard within guidelines you’ve done your part!
I bought some museum postcards but before that I had a few of each. I want to send mostly city-related cards so I will definitely be repeating cards eventually.
It all goes to different people so don’t worry.


I send the same postcards to multiple people. There are only so many postcards I can find. For example, a lot of people like to request castles, but the gift shop I’m visiting probably only has 3 or 4 decent castle postcards. So I’ll probably stock up on them and buy 4 or 5 of each postcard so I have enough until the next time I visit a castle.

I personally think that the effort of fulfilling someone’s wishlist is more than enough. So if they’re not happy that someone else has received the same postcard, they need to lower their expectations.

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I don’t see any problems with sending several postcards with the same image. All of them are still going to different persons, who probably doesn’t even know the others who got the same card. So long it is a decent and real postcard, it shouldn’t matter. I have problems finding cards myself and often buy several when I manage to find good ones, and it hasn’t ever even crossed my mind to check if the postcrosser sent somebody the same card I got from them.

It’s absolutely fine, there are often cards I buy more of simply because I either love them and I think people will love them too, or just because they’re a very nice particular kind of card many people have on their wishlists. The message is the most important part of the card to me, someone could send me a piece of cardboard, but if it had a very nice and memorable message I would be happy with it.


Of course that’s OK! I always buy multiple copies of a card I like and if I think a certain image fits the profile, I will send it to this person, regardless if I had sent it before or not.

The only complaint I have seen is when a user sends exactly one identical image to everybody, but that’s OK, too. The only rule you need to worry about is to send a postcard (with the correct postage) to the address you have been given :slight_smile:


I’m pretty easy going and think whatever suits the buyer.

I happen to enjoy variety but do understand those that either buy a multipack of the same card or are limited to what they can get or maybe love this particular card so much they want to send it to everyone!

While I would be happy to receive such a card, I don’t think I would enjoy sending the same card. :pray::heart:

I almost exclusively send cards that I like too, and if I like a card I buy multiple copies and when I run out I buy more, if easy to do so.
They are all received by different people, and in different parts of the world, even!

When I used to send postcards to friends and family from holidays I also sometimes sent the same one to different people if there wasn’t a lot of choice. Maybe then I’d try not to send the same one to people who knew each other but even that doesn’t seem like such a crime if I think about it now :slight_smile:

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No. I always do so. But I would not send view cards of places where I have never been, for it is disappointing if I get such cards.

Hello fellow PNW postcrossers! :wave:
I’m in Eugene, Oregon-- it’s fun to see my “neighbors” here in the forum. :blush:

I agree with everyone else, I usuallu buy several of the same copies at Fred’s because they are nice landscapes and a lot of people like those style of postcards so it is good to have many backups on hand.

I will also add that the Love’s Travel Stop (gas stations) usually sell some nice (and different than Fred’s) state postcards too. I know there are only a few Love’s in Oregon/Washington, but anytime I pass one I always stop in there to collect some extra copies of their selections too.

There is also a local lady in Spokane, Washington that sells the cutest chipmunk postcards. I bought a bunch from her back in 2017, but now this has me remembering that I’d love to get some more from her collection. I think her brand is called “Forming FriendChips” – just in case any other PNW people see this and want to find some local-ish postcards. :heart::sparkles:


I do agree with the reactions above. I’m lucky that I have the oppotunity to send many different cards according to someones profile. But offcourse I’ve send the same image to several people, either because many like the images and have them in their favouritelist or it just fits in their collectionlist.
Once though I received a card from someone who had a large wishlist but would only send one selfprinted card with a generall message to everyone. No image, no personal message. Even the ID was preprinted on the adresslabel. That I didn’t like at all. But thesecare exeptions. Most people do take the effort to send a nice card and for many people it’s quite difficult to find different images on their cards.
Just have fun writing :slight_smile:

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Moved to #postcrossing category, since this is a discussion about Postcrossing rather than postcards in general. Thanks.

All Postcrossers who like single-view cards from the place I live ge the same card - my favorite card of Frankfurt am Main, where I live. Well, they did until today - I’m out of stock, the shops where I could buy it are closed due to the second COVID-19 lockdown, and I haven’t been able to find the card online. :frowning:

Of course when the profile indicates that the Postcrosser would prefer other cards, I do my best to fulfil those wishes (not easy right now with all postcard shops closed). Again I happen to send the same card several times, as some topics are in high demand and I always like to send cards I like myself.

Looking t it from the other side: As recipient, I’m perfectly fine with receiving a card that the sender has sent several times — for me it means it’s probably one of the sender’s favotites, which makes it even more special for me. :heart:


If you want some FREE US postcards, pop me a message with your address information.

I think it’s perfectly fine to send the same image to different people for many of the reasons that have been stated above. Postcrossing only stipulates that you send a postcard. What the topics are or whether they repeat is totally up to you.

I’m jut checking what cards has this person already received from my country and choose something different.