Sending the new Europa Peace stamp to Russia/Belarus

What is your opinion about the new Europa 2023 Peace stamps?
Will you use that stamp on a postcard sent to Russia or Belarus?

If my post or my questions are offensive please moderators deleted it. But I am really curious to read the replies to my questions. I hope the discussion will be calm and polite.

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We have already a topic where we talk about that new stamp in general.

So please answer here only to the question about the 2 countries.

If it comes to political fights here again, the topic will be closed immediately.

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I’ll send them to all countries. An innocent wish for peace shouldn’t offend anyone, in my opinion.

Edit: After all, If you don’t wish for peace, that means you enjoy war… and how could anyone wish for people to die? …


Agree with @Axolotl_! I don’t see why we shouldn’t send it to Belarus and Russia… Do you mean that their postal service might not deliver it? I don’t think so. And I don’tthink Russian or Belarusian postcrossers would feel offended at all.


According to a Belarusian postcrosser’s profile to whom I sent an official card, a peace message stamp was cut out before arriving at her recipient’s mailbox.

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I see no problem
I’d like to get this stamp


I won’t send it to anyone, as I won’t be buying it. I don’t understand why there couldn’t be the usual competition, just with peace and/or solidarity as a theme.


I’m in Russia and I’d love to receive it. And I hope it won’t cause delivery problems, but I’m not sure about that.


I’ve just received a card with this stamp