EUROPA 2023 stamps

The theme of the EUROPA 2023 stamps is PEACE - the highest value of humanity. Posti recently released their design drawings. Let us wait and see :slight_smile:


I am disappointed with this stamp. Really boring and not as beautiful as it could be.


I agree with @ravishing. For once we have an ugly Europa stamp, usually Finnish Europa stamps have been for my liking. Sorry, but I won’t buy this stamp.


“Luckily” the motif is by Luxembourgh :smiling_face: (sorry)

I don’t like these white background stamps and lately many stamps have been very large.
I think I will buy one sheet for collectors. Don’t like at all, to me it doesn’t say peace.

But, I am interested to see how other countries use this for their stamp.

I believe this is one of those years in which the design is common to all postal services, right?


Yes, this is how I understood too.
Last time it was I think 2016 with the “Think Green” (?) -theme (with the bicycle and paint), and even though I didn’t like the motif, I did like seeing the same style stamp from many countries :slight_smile:

I am sure I will like getting this one too :smile: it’s always hard for me to like a stamp at once, if it’s not totally my style.

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You should see, how large Indian stamps are :weary: :weary: :joy: :joy:


Wow, I just made so interesting observations about myself: Large stamps from other countries doesn’t bother me at all :smile: Instead I like them :joy:


Speaking abt stamp size, im not sure how big Malaysian stamps are relative to other countries, but sometimes after pasting a few stamps on a card I have literally only a quarter of a card left for writing :skull: I wish Malaysian definitive stamps are smaller or thinner :smiling_face_with_tear:

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Malaysian definitive stamp size is good. I don’t wish it to be smaller than it is as in present. The International stamp (for GST) is too small for me. I don’t like it.

Look great, meaningful to collect

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I can’t but feel a bit disappointed by the fact that the first countries has already released their design for 2023 while Italy still have to release the 2022 stamp (and the design won’t be public until the release day). Ok, just a little rant about the Italian postal service politics. And I did not mention that with all probability neither of the two Italian 2022 stamps will be good for sending in Europe, but they will be of far more expensive rates.

I like this Finnish stamp. I find it simple and neat, universal and not political. The white background makes the colors stand against it. I will be happy to receive it.

I didn’t understand one thing : is this going to be the common motif, or this one is a second stamp that will be issued by Finland (like in 2016 many countries issued two stamps)?

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I live on the Åland islands and I like the stamp but everytime I look at it I see the Eiffeltower instead of the peace sign :upside_down_face:




Austria 05 May


France (5 May)


Switzerland :switzerland: EUROPA (09.05.2023)


Germany, 04.05.2023


The second one is so much nicer than the standard. I would have welcomed that one. I wish they had said the topic was peace and solidarity, but the countries still chose their own interpretation.

Norway usually has two stamps for the Europa release, but this year they will only have the boring one. The design isn’t even good!

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