Send second card?


Today I went to the post office to sens two cards I had prepared. There were some package dispatches in progress and I had to leave my cards to somebody working there, but not in the designated box. I now have some doubts that that person will properly handle the cards so that they could be delivered (he asked me if the cards would need delivery confirmation, and it was some time after I left the premises that I realized this question may have to do with understanding if there is any accountability for the cards;).

Long story short, I would send another card (correctly this time) to each of the recipients I had prepared those cards. What do you think? I don’t imagine it would be a problem if they receive 2 different cards with the same ID, would it?


I never resend official cards because of the costs (stamps cost over 2 €), only swaps if a card has gotten lost because I do swaps on a picky basis. I’d say it’s up to you whether to send new cards or not.


I will send a second one, with a short explaination while. No one who received 2 card will cry. and if you send me your adress in PM, would be happy to send you a card, we need people like you in postcrossing :rose:


The postal workers are obliged to send your cards on their way or return them to you.

Just wait a reasonable amount of time to see if the cards reach the recipients.
After that, you can always send replacements (if you want - I do never) - your cards can be registered for up to a year after you have drawn the addresses.


I agree with @Bille that you should wait until they have at least expired. Often with incorrect postage, address errors etc card still arrive at their destination. It’s pleasing to see your genuine concern but be assured after years of sending cards you’ll let the postal authorities do their job and only intervene if the card doesn’t arrive.

Welcome to Postcrossing and the Forum and I hope you have lots of fun and make many friends as I have over the years.


The chances are that the postal worker will put the cards where they should go. Be patient. :pray:


Wait until they expire to decide that. I have sent a second card a few times, which have been registered. I send those only to people who have been receiving other cards during that time, except for mine. If the person has not been active since sending the card, then I do not try again. I say on the message that it is a replacement card.


If your cards were correctly stamped, I would just wait for them to arrive. If they don’t in a reasonable amount of time (but consider that mail to certain countries may normally take even 2 months to arrive) you can send a second card, maybe explaining the situation. But I see no need to doubt the postal worker had actually sent your card so you need to send a second one just now.


I always hand my cards to the post office worker because I want them to put Airmail sticker on them , plus my cards are often different size so I double check the stamps price there . Takes a bit more time but my cards are never lost .


Thank you. That sounds reasonable, thank you for your input.

Thank you, that’s very considerable! :blush:

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Thank you for your warm message :blush:

What triggered me was the fact that one of the recipients story in the bio affected me deeply. I spent some time finding an appropriate card and words, and I would feel really sorry if that was in vain :disappointed:
But I guess these are the ups and downs of postcrossing :blush:


That’s a good heuristic, thanks for sharing it with me!

Sent a second postcard to a Postcrosser in Indonesia, a neighbouring country. Both in envelopes. Neither registered. First card now travelling 236 days, second card travelling 43 days. Postcrosser is reasonably active on their profile. Based on this experience, I won’t be sending a second card again.

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So I’m worried one of my postcards might be lost in the mail. It’s been 45 days since I sent a postcard to a postcrosser in Germany. Typically the travel time to Germany has been 8 to 13 days, and I’m considering sending another card now with the same ID before it expires, has anyone ever done that?

Maybe you’ll find some answers above.

I don’t resend officials. Our obligation is to send 1 postcard, that’s it. If our postcard expired, their address goes back into the pool (if they’re still active) and someone else sends them a postcard.
And sometimes the mail travels really slow. So I don’t see the point of resending before 100-150 days have passed (depending on the country), if one really wants to resend.

Although your postcard hasn’t expired yet, you might find this thread worth checkin out.

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Same here .
The mailing cost got higher again and I missed the day when exactly it became higher so most likely my cards just didn’t go further than the mail post sorting center .
Why I think that’s the case- I sent 3 cards of the same size , and on 1 of them I put my address , “ just in case” . That card was mailed back to me with the sticker saying the value is not enough. ( I always put a stamp of a bit higher value since they are the limited collection edition stamps . So 1 came back and 2 just lost since there was no back address. I guess that might be the case - if you sent multiple cards that day and neither has arrived safely .

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I always scan the front and back of each postcard before I mail it, and checked it and I do have the correct postage and the correct ID on the card… hopefully it will arrive soon.

You could also check if they have registered anything recently, maybe they are on holiday or something else.

But, I had a card within Europe, to active postcrosser, it took almost 100 days.
You can also message them and ask did they forgot to register it, or maybe the id was hidden by postmark etc. but I would maybe wait a little still.

Normally I don’t send a second card.

They can register it even when it’s expired, so you don’t need to worry about that.

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Just to be precise: cards which are received after 365 days cannot be registered anymore. I had made this experience twice…