✅ Selecting timezone "Europe/Kyiv" causes an error

Hi. Trying to set timezone to “Europe/Kyiv” causes an error:

An error occurred: Timezone ‘Europe/Kyiv’ is not a valid timezone

You can use timezone “Europe/Kiev” and it shows up in timezone search. The name of the timezone was updated in release 2022b of IANA Time Zone Database.

From Paul Eggert (2022-04-12):
As is usual in tzdb, Ukrainian zones use the most common English spellings.
In particular, tzdb’s name Europe/Kyiv uses the most common spelling in
English for Ukraine’s capital. Although tzdb’s former name was Europe/Kiev,
“Kyiv” is now more common due to widespread reporting of the current conflict.
Conversely, tzdb continues to use the names Europe/Uzhgorod and
Europe/Zaporozhye; this is similar to tzdb’s use of Europe/Prague, which is
certainly wrong as a transliteration of the Czech “Praha”.
English-language spelling of Ukrainian names is in flux, and
some day “Uzhhorod” or “Zaporizhzhia” may become substantially more
common in English; in the meantime, do not change these
English spellings as that means less disruption for our users.


I believe the latest version of Discourse already has this update. I’m hoping to update to it soon (next few weeks).

We updated to Discourse 3.1 some days ago which I believe fixes this. I did some tests and didn’t have trouble using Europe/Kyiv as timezone, both on profile and on events. @nbrlits Can you confirm it’s working now?

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I can confirm that this bug doesn’t appear anymore.

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