Searching PMs for special messages

When replying to this topic I realized that searching the private messages for messages I exchanged with a certain user turns out to be kind of complicated:

We discussed the problem a little bit in the topic mentioned.


I have done a few searches by combining usernames and the “In my messages” option and I’m getting correct results.

Could it be that sometimes it doesn’t work due to high load of the server? Can you share a screenshot showing the “No results found.” to something that should return matches?

Note that the filter is for messages posted by the person: if you send a message to someone who hasn’t replied, that (probably?) won’t return a match for that since there’s no posts by that person.

No problems with me. I see all messages from the people I have received a pm from

by : in my messages

15 results for
in:personal @

( I’m using my PC )

I will make a screenshot next time that happens.
Thanks for getting back to me :slight_smile: