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When receiving a card, I always want to let the sender know I got their card. I try to search for the private message, but this is difficult. I am unable to search the message based on the username. When I type in the name in the looking glass, I get an overview of tons of topics where this person has posted, not my messages.

Is there an easy way to search for specific, private messages?


Edit: I found the box “search in messages” and ticked it, but the magnifier glass stills doesn’t give results based on username (unless the name is written out in the message, which rarely happens since everybody uses their regular name to close the message). Not with or without the @ sign.


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I just ran a quick search to see if I could help, and it looks like when you’re on the search page there’s a little “search messages” checkbox. I would recommend searching the username or any tag/swap details that way. I also noticed that adding the @ symbol to a username helped a little, but I’m not 100% sure.

Hopefully this helps :slight_smile:


Searching the private messages turns out to be kind of difficult. You definitely have to tick the “search messages” checkbox. Then sometimes it helps to write @username, sometimes it doesn’t and the messages you exchanged with the desired user only show up if you leave out the @. At least that’s what happens when I search my private messages. Maybe it’s a bug?!? Or maybe there’s an explanation. I will take that query to the bugs section…


I click on my personal icon, click on the envelope symbol twice to get in the messages page and then click on the magnifiying glass and can search my messages.

And double check if you checked the option below the search bar, so you ONLY search in your messages and not throughout the forum.

When you’re on a desktop pc or laptop you may also try to search with your browser search (but it only helps with the currently loaded messages, not all of them)


Thanks all for trying to help out. I notice when using the username, the messages that pop up are the message where the username has been written out in the message-section and not when it’s the name of the sender.

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Typing @username should help then if the name isn’t written out. But: It doesn’t always work. No idea why.

It doesn’t work whenever the forum is under high load once again. At least that’s my experience.

But that usually gives the “high load” information, doesn’t it?

Yeah, I think it’s a fairly complicated system, and I only did one super-quick search. So I could totally be wrong lol. Thanks for helping and checking!!

And it doesn’t explain why leaving out the @ then helps.

Not quite. I never have problems with the search at the more quitely hours, but at the rush hours (even without the high load message). But I really prefer searching with the browser instead (even if I need to scroll down to load more messages… for me it’s still faster / easier to find what I’m looking for)

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I’ve tried both with and without @, but it appears the system doesn’t want to search based on name of the sender. :slight_smile: or at least not at this time :- :sweat_smile:

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I’ve also tried using the browser search on my desktop, but the only ‘text’ it searches are the subject titles of the messages, not the username of the sender :smiley:

Oh, okay… it works with Firefox for me.

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Yes Firefox works! Haha, so strange.

I always use Google chrome, doesn’t work and neither does Microsoft Edge.
I’ve specifically downloaded Firefox now to try and this works :smiley:

Thanks! If just Postrcrossing can now fix it so it’s also easy to search on the phone, I’ll be very happy :smiley:


I jinxed it, it only works sometimes :laughing:

Yes, it only works if the message you want to find is already preloaded. Whenever it seems to don’t work, scroll a bit further.

Yeah tried it, doesn’t work always :slight_smile: thanks though!

I also can’t search in messages. I tried different brawsers and it didn’t work. Earlier, maybe 2-3 weeks before, it worked, but now not. So now it really hard to find a message. What can I do?