Searching for swedish and/or norwegian penpals

Hej… I’m really interested in Norway and the language bokmål. I started learning some, then met someone from sweden. I’ve found these two languages have much in common, so I don’t mind which one it is… (I hope this cannot be seen as an insult :o )

Hi @TuxTofu, maybe it could be helpful for you if you posted your request in #communities:scandinavia.

Oh yes, I’m going to try that. Is there a possibility to push this topic into it?

Yes, I can do that for you.

Dear Scandinavian Community, I hope it’s okay if I move this topic over here?
If not, someone who’s user member “regular” can move it back to the penpals.
Alternatively: Pleas contact me and I’ll move it back.

Thank you

Hi, I’m learning Bokmal and happy to write. I’m from England :smile: Message me!

I believe this should be in the English corner as it is not written in any Scandinavian language.

Okay, then I’ll move @TuxTofu 's first post to the English corner and close this topic.
It will take a little while, then it will sink to the bottom of the topics list if nothing is written in here any more.
@TuxTofu, I hope it’s okay for you. Seems like I created some chaos by moving your post here, sorry for that.

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