Sat Nov 19th 2022 - Inland Empire Meetup! (Ontario, California)

:world_map: CITY/REGION: Ontario, California
:pushpin: MEETUP PLACE: Rodeo X Public Market
:calendar: DATE: Saturday, November 19th
:alarm_clock: TIME: 11:00 AM
:page_facing_up: MEETUP PLAN:

**PLEASE NOTE: The correct date/time is Saturday 11/19 at 11:00 AM. I’ve tried several times to change the time, but for some reason the event calendar system isn’t letting me. If you show up at 10AM, you’ll just be early :smile:

Hi there!
I had the privilege of meeting many of you SoCal Postcrossers at Geetika’s meetup in Pasadena on 10/1. I learned that some of you hail from the Inland Empire (as do I!), and I thought it would be great to host another meetup before the holidays. I am NOT a graphic designer (sadly), so I don’t have it in mind to create a specific card for our meetup – but if someone wants to take that up, please feel free! I think it would just be awesome to have another get-together and write/ exchange postcards before the hustle and bustle of the holidays befall us.

Someone mentioned Rodeo X Public Market as a potential location, and although I’ve never been there, it looks promising! They open at 11:00, so we can plan to get there right at opening to ensure a prime seating location.

Meetup Date – I think Nov 19 or 20 is going to be our best bet, since Thanksgiving is the following weekend, and Veteran’s Day is the preceding weekend (some people may have travel plans). However, I am open to suggestions.

I think that’s all I have for now. Please feel free to chime in! This will be the first meetup I’ve “hosted” so please feel free to throw out any suggestions.



@sleepykitty @Vandelion @geetikasinha7 @sand2sand @Kristi-D @wenchan91 Tagging you here :smiley: if there’s anyone from the IE that I missed from Geetika’s meetup, please feel free to tag them as well! Thanks!


Hi mike

Thanks for setting this up. I would love to attend. I also wouldn’t mind bringing my own postcards and having others sign or stamp.

Would love to actually get to talk to each of you more. I was so busy signing last time that I wasn’t able to socialize as much as I would have liked.

Hope to see you all soon!


Hi there!

Sounds a plan, unfortunately I won’t be able to know if I am available that week before November (my working schedule will be released about a week or two earlier from the date). I am interested in the event tho! :slight_smile:


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@kanosis @SoullessFish


Yes, @Skittykitty
Might be interested!

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That’s a good weekend for me! :smiley:


Whoo-hoo! I actually have that weekend available!
I echo Van’s comment–maybe we can go around the table and introduce ourselves. This will undoubtedly be a smaller group, so it won’t take quite as long to mark the cards, so there could be more time to visit, maybe over lunch, or at least, coffee.
The Snail Mail Correspondence Society (monthly postcrossing meetups) used to meet in the Food Court at the Montclair Mall, which worked pretty well–there were some very long tables. That group folded, due to the pandemic and it doesn’t seem that it will get back together. Rodeo X Public Market sounds great.
Thanks so much for pulling us together!


Hi Mike,

Saturday, November 19th at 11a might be good timing for me, as it looks like I’ll be passing right through the area about then. Will know for sure in a bit.

Using &/or exchanging cards we already have is perfectly fine by me.

Believe Adlyn @ad7yn was in Riverside.



Also, Guillermo @gmansocal in Norwalk and Linwe @catandmouse in Commerce would be Inland Empire adjacent.

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We love this idea! I think some more regular meetups in the IE would be so fun, and Ontario would be a great place to host.

That weekend we will be unable to attend since we have some family in town. But we would love to participate in future meetups!

Thanks for putting this together!

Bret & Jess


Stephan, thank you for including me! November and December are quite busy months for our family! But please keep me in mind for the next one!!

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Good morning, IE fam! Wow, y’all are fast! :smile:
You guys are awesome. Thank you!
Based on the responses, I say let’s keep the date/ time/ location as originally proposed. If I am in the Ontario area the next couple of weekends, I’ll stop by Rodeo X and see if there is a particular seating area that we should shoot for.

@SoullessFish @ad7yn sorry you won’t be able to join us next month! We will certainly let you know of future meetups.

Thanks everyone!



Sounds like a plan.

I hope the meet up is open to all postcrossers from near or far. That would be fun. Is there a limit and a cost for facilities?


Hi Maria,
Thanks for your message!

Yes, absolutely. We welcome all! I think you are still considered part of the IE, yes? :wink:
We did want to keep the meetup a little bit on the smaller side; that said, at this point, I don’t think we are going to establish a capacity limit, but we will see who else expresses interest in attending. If anything, we can sit at separate tables (although ideally I’d love for us to have one long table if we can snag one).
There is no cost for use of facilities, however, definitely bring your appetite! I’ve been told there’s some good eats at Rodeo X.

Thank you!


Good Morning all,

That sounds fun.
As a suggestion, because I know people like receiving meetup cards, if there won’t be an “official” meetup card and people can just bring their own, maybe instead of a card, there can be an “official” sticker made so people can “brand” the cards they are sending as being from the meetup?
So like a basic sticker that just says “Ontario Meetup. 11/19/22” and the Postcrossing Logo? Easier to design than a postcard.
Funnily enough, for Geetika’s meetup, I was attending CatCon that same day, and if I am able to attend this one in Ontario, I will also be attending another convention that weekend as well. Things tend to get busy at work during that time, so I am not sure I’ll be able to attend, but it sounds fun.
We’ll see. Do we have to RSVP?

Thanks for the invite.


Hi there! @catandmouse

Oh wow, that is very kind of you! I am definitely open to a sticker – I sense that many of us will want to exchange our own postcards! Thank you!! Can I help sponsor the cost of materials? :slight_smile:

As a matter of fact, someone PM’d me yesterday about designing a card for our meetup. I don’t suppose it would be an issue to have both a postcard and sticker for our event? :smiley:
Only if it’s not too much trouble for either of you!

Don’t you just love it when the stars align and you can do multiple events in one weekend? :wink:

At this point… I think if you leave a message in this forum thread expressing interest in attending, I will treat that as an RSVP. If you (and our card artist) need a head-count for your materials, then we can discuss that. I think our event will still end up being small-ish, but who knows? I’m just happy people want to drive out to the IE, haha.

Thank you!!

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I can’t say I’ll do them, because I am not sure I’ll be able to make it since it’s the start of the holiday season.
But,maybe I can make a design for the sticker and someone can be in charge of the printing?
Or if someone already volunteered to design the card, that’s good too.


No worries! I might have a local printing shop that could assist, let me inquire.
Absolutely, a card would be great.
It is a little bit less time than we’d have liked for graphic design, but I think we can pull it off!

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Hi! I’d love to attend! I just went to my first meetup (it was Geet’s) and it was so fun!