Sami flag as option for nationality

I’m thinking should there be a Sami flag too, to choose as nationality (the small flag next to your name here on the forum)?

I know many choose the current staying country as their flag, to know where the swaps go, so maybe it’s not needed, but maybe is :slight_smile:


In my opinion no. I think the flags should stay just country flags (I know there are a few more and I don’t think they should be there). I know the flags mean different things to different people but I believe it would only become a huge mess if we moved from the country level. From a technical point of view, I imagine Postcossing uses some kind of 3rd party dataset for the flags so adding or removing flags may not be so simple if possible at all.


When I see someone’s flag next to their name, I assume that is that country in which they are located, not their nationality. There are countless people who are not residing in their native or mother country.
I agree this just becomes a huge identity issue if it were to open up to more than diplomatically recognized countries.


Not to mention, even that formulation opens up difficult questions I’m sure the admins would prefer remain closed (see Taiwan)…


I’m a 5th generation American. I think I’d need 6+ flags. :wink::face_with_hand_over_mouth:


What kind of identity issue do yo mean? Everyone could choose one, what could be the issue in that? (I really don’t know.)

What kind of difficult questions do you mean?

We all could use many flags if thinking that way :slight_smile:
I’m only talking about the one flag, that slot is already in use, and a new option (possibly options) to that.

I’d be happy to have the flag of the Chuvash Republic next to my name. It has nothing to do with my ethnicity, but I live in Chuvashia now, and its flag is beautiful.

By the way, I’ve got a Saami gift on my bag:


Recognizing & organizing by nationalities is a far more complicated & politically fraught subject than organizing by countries & geography.

Some nationalities are officially recognized by the main country they are located in, many are not.

In Canada alone, we have at least 600 First Nations plus Metis & Inuit Peoples.

There are literally 1000’s of nationalities in the world beyond nationalities officially recognized by countries.

I’ve never been big on learning flags, but after 4 years, I can recognize quite a few at a glance & it’s a quick way of telling what country the person is from who you might choose to swap with. I think it would be very confusing for many Postcrossers if there were 1000’s of flags to identify, making them a much less useful tool.

While far from perfect, I think organizing by country & geographies is the best route to go officially for Postcrossing.

If people want to list or talk about their nationalities, they can do so in their profiles.


I don’t mean organising anything/having affect on how things are organised, but the little flag here in this forum. (That wouldn’t change the country status in persons postcrrossing).

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I think that then two flags should be placed - the national flag and the ethnic flag, if a person wants that. And then you can clearly see: such and such country such and such nation. Because otherwise no one will recognize what it is.
But then exactly the same rule should also be applied to, for example, the Scots and the Welsh: first the British flag and then their local flag.


But it would have a major effect on how things are organized, that’s my point.

There would lots of nationalities that don’t have flag emojis, so why would some people get to do this & not others? When people make suggestions, the Admin team needs to think about how it affects or works or doesn’t work for the whole group, not just a few people.

And it would potentially make a ton of work for an already overworked, small Admin team.


I don’t mean others would not get to have it. (I tried to look the topic I had in mind, but didn’t find, I think there was talk about how and what flag people choose, there already is EU flag that is “unclear”).

Of course only if it’s possible. Maybe there could be a thread where people could ask the flag they like, if it’s possible to do (add flags).

This is suggestion, not demand. No time frame given from me.


I agree, this suggestion evokes wishes - if people get their own flag, could ethnic groups / regions (which also have an own official flag) get it to show here, even if it isn’t a standard emoji?

Germany has 16 states. Some of them are divided into Regierungsbezirke, administrative divisions.

I live in Middle Franconia, a Bavarian administrative division belonging to the region of Franconia, which is characterised by its culture and dialect. Franconia is part of Bavaria but some Franconians don’t feel very Bavarian, we resent it to Napoleon that he awarded most of Franconia to Bavaria. :laughing:

The Bavarian flag is quite known:

If I had the choice, I’d like to link the Franconian flag to my profile:

But honestly, I think this goes too far. :upside_down_face: It’s enough and OK to only have the country flags.


I can’t find the thread but I’m sure there was a recent suggestion where someone wanted to add flags of former countries and the admins said the flags are standardised with a plug-in and based on an official list, so it wasn’t going to happen. This would be the same.


I totally agree with that :+1:


I would like to have the flag of Thuringia:

But there is a risk of confusion with the Polish flag:

That’s why I would prefer the state flag with the addition of the coat of arms:

It would be very difficult to identify all the flags as they only differ in color tones.

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And then you open up the question for those who have dual citizenship and if we want to be really complicated, living for several years in another country. Do they choose Flag of Country of Residence? Flag of Country of One Citizenship? Flag of Country of Other Citizenship?

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I think I was looking for the same topic, and didn’t find. I was surprised some people seem a little against this, same time when there are already for example half/half flags, that I accidentally had here momentarily :smile: So there are more than country flags already now.

If Sami flag is not “needed”, because then other “not country” flags should be here too, then: if other “non country” flags are there already, why not also Sami flag?

Maybe no one even wants to choose Sami flag, having to still deal with so much hate, discrimination and racism, perhaps it’s not nice to “expose” oneself here.

I of course know there are regions in countries, they have flags, yes, it’s still not the same to be from for example from Ostrobothnia, than to be Sami. But personally I have nothing against regional flags either :slight_smile: maybe there could appear explanation on top of the flag, when you keep your pointer there, like for Finnish flag “Finland”.

I hope this could be discussed, or at least be left here, not to think if Sami flag was an option, all other possible flags should be there at once too. Or that something can’t be done, because someone would not understand it (for example know at once what flag that is, in swaps we ask addresses, and those who do swaps, might like to choose the current location).


Ok, looks like this thread turned not to be about Sami flag, but perhaps it’s ok.
(If you think it’s not good to suggest something, because it can open up new questions, same is with most suggestions.)

I think there was or is somewhere a topic about flags, where people asked how can they show their dual citizenship. Or when they live in another country than their citizenship. I don’t know why this would be complicated? If one person can’t decide for themselves, maybe others can easily choose what flag they want to show.

We can choose the flag we want, already now, from those that are on the list. I’m suggesting one more. Not to discuss who chooses what flag, everyone is free to choose what they like, in my eyes. Look at the flag list, there are already dual flags. Of course there could be also Sami/Finland, Sami/Russia, Sami/Sweden and Sami/Norway.

I really don’t mind, and I am not saying Sami flag should be the only new one, and others not never.

Maybe, like I think I wrote earlier, everyone could leave a suggestion of what flag they “miss”, or new suggestion thread should be for that?


Here is link to Paulo’s reply about historical flags.

Forum uses third party plugin for national flags, so if one would like to have any other options, like Sámi flag, one has to get it added to National Flags plugin for Discourse.

One can contribute to Ebsy/discourse-nationalflags development by creating an account on GitHub.

New flag options added to this plugin will become available on the forum as well.