Sami flag as option for nationality

! Maybe that was the topic where it was more talk about flags :slight_smile:

Interesting, I found this (old) “1002 / Sami Language Flag (A) / Added to larger set / flag”

but it seems to be about emojis

So should all suggesters join GitHub, or is it enough to be the suggestion here, and hope someone else ( :slight_smile: ) does it? I believe it’s enough to be here.

Edit. (Quickly looking I found something from year 2017, I think I am not, at least not yet, joining, as it would take so much time to read and learn how to communicate there, like is it ok to up so old thread, so I think it’s enough to have this suggestion here.)

What is complicated there? I tried to think.
You could choose Sami flag when living in another country too.

I mean the flag one chooses already now, it doesn’t show/say location, you choose the flag. I have seen people use the flag where they are from, when living in another country, it’s just part of what they want to show here. But everyone can choose, I am not saying people should choose a certain flag here.

Also to be clear, Sami flag is not a historical flag, if someone thinks so when the link goes to a topic where historical flags were discussed.


Yes, my post was about technical feasibility but I can understand your request for this flag and I also think the Australian Aboriginal flag would be a very welcome option (and obviously the EU flag is an option so it’s not strictly country-based). I don’t think we should have options for every state from every country (as cute as my state’s magpie flag is) but there are clear examples like yours where the group is not tied to a specific country or mine where there is a movement against the colonial flag.


The flags as they are right now are a quick indication of your postal system to me - which is pretty helpful as now in my country some places you send to have different prices than others. Also sometimes it’s not just countries - there are special territories that arent technically recognised countries but have their flags on postcrossing, as that’s how it’s useful for mail purposes.

I think your profile description is a good place to indicate where you belong. On the forum I can think you can even put emojis next to username and a flag can be used (although unfortunately there aren’t icons of every possible flag). Another thing I can think of is putting a small flag on your profile picture if you’d like to.

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I’m not talking about something that have anything to do with postal system or mail related purposes. (In my opinion the official site is for sharing that, or the user card here on the forum.)

This suggestion is about the little flag that can be here on the forum, that some have for example EU flag, with the same line as the avatar and username, on top of each post.

This is exactly what I’m suggesting, to add the Sami flag there :slight_smile: there are so many other flags already, so why not few more.

Couldn’t everyone then do this? Why are the flag options then given? But really I am not thinking what other ways there could be to do it for someone/some of us. Only add/increase the choice of flags.

I’m confused if I’m very unclear, should I try to add a photo of what I mean.

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So like this:

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I am quite surprised with the negative reactions. Some people fly the flag of the EU, which is not a country or a nationality.:woman_shrugging:

That said, I really don’t mind it if someone used the Sami flag or a province flag or a pride flag. As long is het not a questionable flag like a nazi-flag, you do you.