I am in Rwanda sending some postcards and this is more organized than Liberia (other topic). Here is a picture of the post office in Kigali:

They did have some postcards for sale - all with animals and slightly oversized:

A new rule states that the sender must write his/her name, address and telephone number on the card. Outside the office is a small monument about the genocide 30 years ago remembering the postal workers who lost their lives:

If you have read this far and want an animal card sent from Rwanda, write below and also send me a PM with your address. I have only three cards left. I would like a card from your home in exchange. Only the THREE first can have a card but I still enjoy comments from other people, of course. I will fly to Burundi on Wednesday.


Thank you for offering.
I am sending PM

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I would love one! Sending pm

I would love one, sending a pm:)

All three cards gone and very fast!


Lovely cards, unfortunately i was late, next time hopefully! Thanks, enjoy! :blush: :blush:

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I really like your posts about all the different post offices and how the postal system works all over Africa — please keep them going! Already looking forward to your report from Burundi :smiley:


Too bad I was slow but this is really cool to see. Thank you for sharing :grinning:

Thank you for continuing your trip story again!
It is really interesting to learn, and I am grateful just to be able to see the post office and postcards there through your photos. May all those postcards arrives safely! :incoming_envelope:

Hope you will have wonderful trip in Burundi as well! :blush:

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Thank you very much for information , it’s a pity that I’m so late :grimacing: Have a wonderful trip !

Thank you for the photos and another story about your exotic adventures! :smile:

Years ago I saw a movie about the conflict/genocide. How sad and scary! :pensive:

But the monument in memory of the postal workers is a super idea.

Have a great time, also in Burundi! :smiley:

Those gorilla cards are amazing! I hope you are enjoying your trip! Enjoy Burundi!

Thanks for always sharing your adventures with us! Safe travels :slight_smile:

I love your adventures and learning about them. Thank you! :hugs: Have a good and safe trip.

I would love to receive a card from Africa. Sending Pm

I like your travel reports here and am keen on your report about Burundi. It’s on my bucket list for my next East Africa trip in 2024.

Very cool!
Do you send for official pc on travel mode ? Maybe to yourself as well? Anyway seems fun experience.

Travel safe

What a pity I’m too late!
In case your sending postcards from other East African countries as well, I’m still interested @singelpuff.

Have a safe trip to Burundi and stay healthy!

I like it but i am late