(RSVP IS CLOSED!) 1 October 2022 - Pasadena World Postcard Day 2022 Meetup

:world_map: CITY/REGION: Pasadena, California
:pushpin: MEETUP PLACE: Arroyo Park (GAZEBO A), 614 Stoney Dr, South Pasadena, CA 91030
:calendar: DATE: Oct 1, 2022 (WORLD POSTCARD DAY 2022)
:alarm_clock: TIME: 10 am - 2 pm (PDT)
:page_facing_up: MEETUP PLAN: Meet & Greet followed by writing postcards.

Hello Post crossers!

Hope you guys are doing all good. I think it’s about damn time that we hosted a meetup for the Southern California Region as well especially in and around Los Angeles! The venue has been decided and its my city of Roses : Pasadena! Due to space occupancy limit in our last decided meetup place, I have moved our meetup place from indoors to outdoors now. Since, Many of you seemed interested in sitting outside where we get lots of sunshine and stayed closer to nature <3 I have booked a fun gazebo picnic area (GAZEBO “A”) for all in South Pasadena! My dog Roxy who is also my ESA will be joining us too as our event mascot in case your stamps need a licking :grimacing::face_with_hand_over_mouth: She is a cute well behaved 7 yr old Siberian Husky girl!

• When you get to the park, look for a reserved PICNIC Area(Gazebo A) for our meetup. The booking cost for 4 hrs for our event is 134$ which has been paid in advance as per the city rule by me. It will be divided equally between all the attendees present at the venue. For the payment, you guys can pay me a week before the event using paypal/venmo for the cards you want to reserve plus the venue cost to save the hassle of carrying exact cash or change to the venue. Let me know if you guys have any other idea :slight_smile:

There will be an official meetup postcard which will be designed by me keeping in mind the Post Crossing logo guidelines. The card is a beautiful 5"x7" (a size bigger than our traditional postcard!) card with glossy finish on the front and a smudge free matte back for a wonderful writing experience. The cards need to be reserved in advance as I am not planning of printing any extras. To see the card design, please scroll to the bottom of this post :slight_smile:

✿ There will be black and white pictorial event stamp available for hand stamping your cards just for fun however please keep in mind as this will not be an official postmark or cancel provided by US Postal Service!!!

✿ Please let me know if you’re interested in attending by clicking the “GOING” button on the top and commenting below how many postcards you’d like to reserve in advance!

✿ Activities that I have planned for our meetup:
• Meet and Greet starts at 10 am : Meet other fellow post crossers and connect with them :heart:
• Postcard exchange/trade : You can bring along your favorite postcard supplies that you would like to share with the rest of the group or even exchange.
• Postcard group signing : This will be the postcard signing event of the Post Crossing meetup card.
• Mini Raffle Draw hosted by me of some of my favorite postcard supplies.
• Take a group picture of all us together to commemorate this fun memory!

✿ Items you can consider to bring along:
• Small signature stamps (not more than 1" in diameter) or non-smudging permanent marker pen for signatures.
• Extra blank postcards to give away or trade.
• Other Postcard Writing Supplies you would like to carry along like stamps, pens etc.
• Any postcards collected from Post crossing or your precious collection that you would want to show off!

✿ YOU ARE FREE TO BRING SOME OUTSIDE SNACKS & CLOSED DRINKS to our meetup which you would like to share. If you are planning on making something homemade then please get a written list of ingredients used in making it so people are well aware of what’s in it if anyone has any food allergies.

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to post below in comments. This would be my first time hosting a meetup so I am insanely excited and looking forward to it. I am on Instagram too as (geetikasinha7) if anybody would like to connect with me for the event.

Regards, Geetika Nayak


Ooh! Love it.
Have you considered a venue?

There is the Huntington Library, the Norton Simon …

Sorry I don’t have social media…


The Last Bookstore on Earth would also be an incredible venue. :heart_eyes: I really want to attend!


Heya @kanosis, i did have the Huntington Library and Gardens in mind since they are an iconic landmark for our region of meetup but that would also mean everyone will have to pay a general admission fee of 25$ which I am not sure everyone would be comfortable with but i do love this idea. Lets see what everyone else has in mind too.

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Hi @Earth2Laura The bookstore I had in mind is THE VROMANS here in Pasadena, CA. Its the oldest and largest independent bookstore in Southern California region. Its gorgeous and has an amazing collection of postcards too in there.


Just for fun, do you want me to call and ask if there are discounts for something like this… actually I can visit and ask… There is also The Arboretum in Santa Anita??? A bookstore sounds great, but do they have a limit?

Do you want to try a temple? There are Chinese temples around there… ??


@kanosis oh can you do that :heart: that would be really helpful. I will also go and ask in the coming week some nearby places i have in mind and update them here.

So happy to see this post. I have been so perplexed about the lack of meetups in LA! Not sure why that is!? Anyway, I’ll be there I hope! And all of your suggestions sound good so far. I love huntington garden, though I suppose if there’s a chance the cost keeps some from attending, it’s worth considering. I think Arlington gardens are beautiful too, and they’re free….


Is it okay that I start investigating in August?


@kanosis yup the sooner it is the better as we need to finalise a venue soon. I will start looking for it from next week itself :raised_hands:

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Note : This is not the official meetup card design!!


@trickykid1 Thanks for your suggestions. I will keep them in my mind while deciding the venue :slight_smile: I was perplexed myself to see no meetups being posted in this region while I always thought Los Angeles would have plenty of meetups anytime of the year. Hopefully if this is a success, I plan on holding meetups quite frequently in the future.Hoping to see you on Oct 1!

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Is the design set in stone? Can you capitalize “C” of "cal?


This isnt the official postcard meetup design. I haven’t started working on it yet. This is just for posting purposes across various social media platforms.

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I’m definitely interested! I haven’t been to a meet up yet :grin: I’m not sure what my schedule will look like yet it October, but I’m hoping I can make it! I’ll go follow you on IG too.

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Yeah!! I traveled to San Francisco and San Diego for meetups this year. We finally have one in LA! I’ll definitely come. Thank you for organizing it!

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Count me in! SFO bound to LAX for a nice meetup, here I come! :grinning:
Can I please have 20 postcards?

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New updates like the time and venue have been added to our meetup. Make sure that interested members give it a read again :slight_smile: Let me know if you have any queries or doubts about it.


I am am absolutely wanting to come, however due to the fact that we’re planning for October, I don’t know if any work commitments will come up btwn now and then. Would you like me to plan as if coming and then cancel if something truly unavoidable comes up? Or handle it it in a different manner? I want to do what is easiest for you! :grin:

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@pcronn Sure thats okay you can let me know if you are coming for the event just a week prior to it. I know its hard to commit to things so much in advance but I donot need a hard yes or no right now. I just wanna get an approximate Number of people who are attending for now and if its clearly way over 15 then we got to find a new venue.

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