[RR] US to US Surprise Me -Themeless Fun From Hawaii to Maine! (Version 3)

Group 1800, @alcott1 Fun dog on Rt 66. Is that really it? It looks like only one lane.

Group 1827- all cards are here.
@Cocosmom Those are mules but they are good too. I used to work at a camp where everything was packed in on mules. It brought back memories.

Group 1844, @virgomar0918 , Vintage ladies enjoying their coffee. I have a coffee friend. You really should have one too.

Group 1846- all cards are here
@tia272 Living in Boston would be so different than San Diego. I’m glad you get to visit.
@Bakersmom , I need you to come to my house. My houseplants have to be tough to survive.
@SincerelySel English Setters are such goofy souls. I love them.
@uconn, I had a dog that got kicked out of boarding too. These lovely ladies are a welcome addition to my collection. :grinning:

Group 1850
@blubay2021 Cute kitties but the black one is the cutest.
@MichelleW You are lucky to have a chainsaw neighbor. Mine moved away. I do have a chainsaw but I’ve never used it.
@brooklynh Great Zion Park card. My favorite is Yosemite but it’s too crowded now.
@SincerelySel This card makes me want to visit the Philippines.
@prssrp I never would have realized that it’s a pool. Interesting card.
@nursegarry I looked it up, you are right-Italy is the European Union’s largest producer of raw tobacco
@uconn, 2 black cats and they look mean. Thank you. :grinning:


1853 is in the mail.

It’s another Pleasant Valley Monday (kudos to all you golden oldies who might catch the reference)!

Group 1854 filled and I sent the address list. Enjoy the new week, everyone - and …



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Hello! Please add me to group 1855. Thank you!

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Mailing 1854

Just mailed group 1853!

Can I join group 1855? Thanks Michelle!

Group 1851

@nursegarry I love this sketch art postcard, my daughter is going to try drawing this way. I hope you have a wonderful time in London…I was supposed to be there for my birthday on the 24th…

@TeachLittleKids sends some nice wonderful potatoes! We had baked potatoes tonight with dinner, sadly they were on the small deformed side of things! My daughter is a wardrobe dresser for Hello Dolly this month and is loving it!

@SharonMI thank you for the vintage Frankenmuth Bavarian Inn! IN a town north of where we lived in California, there was a restaurant that my dad just loved…it was The Ole Hoosier Inn and they served family style, fond childhood memories!


Hi Michelle! Please add me to the next group. Thanks.

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Postcards have been sent for Group 1854.

Postcards have been sent for Group 1852.

@TandemStoker & @carolreader - long time, no see!



Group 1855 filled and address list has been PM’ed!

Updated - thanks, all! hippieemoji

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Shout out to all mailboxes and diving enthusiasts!

I ran across this article about a unique mailbox in Japan. I hope you’ll enjoy as much as I did!! :diving_mask:

Japan’s Underwater Mailbox


I’d like to join the next group please!

My cards for Group 1854 are in the mail. Please add me to another open group!

Putting my cards for group 1853 in the mail today.

Group 1849, from @ellistrations - I really love the watercolor scene you sent me - it has such a gentle peaceful feel. It will definitely go up on the boat section of my living room wall. Thank you so much, Barbara!

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Can I be added to the next group? Thank you! :smiling_face:

More fun from 1849 today!

Thanks @ellistrations for the lovely bird postcard from the British Library. I hope you both had fun with the movies from the 1980s.

What a cool abstract owl postcard @antoniaseagull We had a busy day today.


Is there a forum here for fun pictures of mailboxes?

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