[RR] US to US Surprise Me -Themeless Fun From Hawaii to Maine! (Updated)

Great card, makes the perfect postcard. I didn’t realize it was a playing card at first. Great heritage breed chicken stamp.

Group 1735 Received ALL

Thank you so much @ahk125 for this cool Steam Engine card! :steam_locomotive: Even the toddler loved it! Wow, hadn’t heard of a rail bike before, sounds like such a fun experience! Thanks for the adorable dino sticker and beautiful decorations :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Oh no! I didn’t see that yet. :sob: So many great musicians lost recently! Sinead O’Conner and Robbie Robertson too.

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Three cards from Group 1742 were received yesterday! Thank you @DerbyGirl13 for the great Kentucky map card; @MichelleW for the gorgeous Erte art card, and @Beachyblonde for the awesome Postcrossing meeting card!

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Group 1741 all sent,

Group 1739 went into the mail today!

Hello. Can I join one of the open groups? Thanks!

I’ll join another small group please :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

@sleepyhippo1 - an ictopys - always fun to watch them hunt. Odis wants to play with Squirrels so bad. He doesn’t usually bark at them but our walks are long due to the staring sessions.

Received for 1730:
1730 @steresem sent a gorgeous view of the majestic Cirque of the Towers along the Continental Divide in the Wind River Mountains of Wyoming…oh, how I would love to be right there, now…what a pleasant morning it would be; I have to visit! Thank you!

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The regular groups have 5 participants, so you’ll be getting your last card from thetinylibrarian soon, I’m sure!

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Updated - thanks, everyone and enjoy your long weekend! FlowerSmiley.jpg

Open Groups!

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1741 traveling

Cards for Group 1739 going out in the mail to be picked up tomorrow!

@ahk125 I hate to tell you, but tomorrow is Labor Day. That means…

Don’t fret - Tuesday is good! :wink:

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That right! I totally forgot, thank you for the reminder!

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Received from Groups

1736 (All Received)
@JudyFL , thank you fot the adorable L’il Abner card. Good luck with your home reno! I am glad you got a day off from it to work on your postcards!

@Blue_Fox , gorgeous Marilyn Monroe at the beach. Thank you so much! I hope you have a wonderful Labor Day with your family.

@uconn , thank you for the beautiful curves of a woman’s neck and shoulder. Have you been to one of ag fairs with your nieces and nephews?

@sleepyhippo1 , Naps and knitting are good! Thank you for the scenic country side card!

@Cynovian , thank you for the lovely sea stars and shells card and song snippet. I will have to listen to the whole thing.

@Nauti_Dogs , a great aerial view of Rock City in Tennessee. Thank you!

Enjoy your Labor Day, everyone!


Cards for 1741 are in the mail for Tuesday pick-up.

Thank you!

Thank you so much!!! I’ve been busier at work lately, but I hope to be more active soon! Also, thank you @steresem for the wonderfully thoughtful birthday postcard!!!


Please add me to the next small group. I’m finally enjoying a little time off!

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