[RR] US to US Surprise Me -Themeless Fun From Hawaii to Maine! (Updated)

Back in town late this evening, after a whirlwind 36-hour trip to Montana and back to tour the Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument. A pair of cards were waiting for me in the mailbox…

GROUP 1740

@steresem shared the cutest little prairie dog…thank you, Stephanie! Your Gracie is a lot more people-tolerant than Sir Meowsalot…his modus operandi around strangers involves a generous amount of swatting :upside_down_face:

@uconn sent a vintage linen postcard featuring a 1950’s beach babe (reminds me very much of an early Marilyn Monroe). Thank you, James! Postcard shows are great…one of the (admittedly few) things I miss about Tampa :palm_tree:


2 cards from 2 different groups recieved yesterday.
Group 1733 @uconn sent me an awesome UN vintage card with UN stamps. This is great, I love it and thanks for sharing this with me :slight_smile:

Group 1735 @LeftyLydia sent me a funny dog card. This dog looks like one of mine i adopted from the shelter in January. He is a big goofy thing that just wants to be loved


can i join 1741

Good for you!!

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Group 1739 closed! Addresses sent.

Updated - thanks FlowerSmiley.jpg

Open Groups!

Hurricane Idalia check!

@HoosierWyomingite - are your folks OK?

@JudyFL - If I’m reading things correctly, you should be OK?

@yelrah - I read Charleston experienced flooding & hope you’re safe!

@ellistrations - looks like for the most part, NC missed the worst.and you’re out of harm’s way!

@paulinexong - same observations as for ellistrations!

@jendallas - you’ve been busy on the forums, so I’m thinking you’re OK!

@nhigh - looks like you might be in an “iffy” spot and hope you’re good!

If I missed anyone, my apologies. I obviously hope that anyone living in Idalia’s path is safe!


We are good here! Just some rain, hardly any wind. Idalia barely skirted by us. Thanks for checking in! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Yes, thank you for asking. Only minor flooding in their area. Found out the neighborhood I lived in until last July (during my days as @HoosierFloridian) got treated a bit more roughly, saw a picture of one of my former neighbors standing in water a foot deep in his front yard. Thankfully, the mobile homes there are almost all slightly elevated!


I was wondering the same thing when I saw #5 on the back! :slight_smile:

Forgot to mention I have sent all off for 1737 :joy:

All have been received for group 1731.
That includes a beautiful detailed pattern card from @jendallas . The chandelier is lovely. How fortunate for you to have grown up surrounded by such architectural beauty. The oldest house I lived in was built in 1895 which was pretty cool.

I’d like to join another group please.

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All H-37 mailed today! :smiling_face:

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Still in New Orleans…flying out today…husband says all is ok and our sailboat on the coast looks good…
Thanks for asking :slightly_smiling_face:


I would like to join 1741.

Yes, we are ok. We just had heavy rains and strong winds. Thanks! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Group 1740 has been loosed into the Wyoming wind! :wind_face:

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3 cards came in from 1740
@steresem love the wyoming card about the last man legally hanged in WY. I am going to look this story up! I love true crime and actually watching a serial killer tik tok right now :slight_smile:

Thanks for the cool stamps and old cabin from Branson. I have been to Gatlinburg so many times but never Branson and its on my list (just farther away for me)

Sent me a cute dog detective card (love it) and the dad joke was absolutely classic…i may use that in a teams meeting


Group 1730 @steresem Sent a ‘cheeky’ card from Wyoming…YEAH! Appreciate it very much,

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Can I join groups 1741, and 1744 please,

Last trip to the mailbox for the month of August was a happy one…

GROUP 1740

@sleepyhippo1 shared an autumn view of the monuments and cannon lining Cemetery Ridge at Gettysburg National Military Park. Thank you, Marcella! Now that I’m out west, I’m really glad I visited so many of the eastern parks while I had the chance.

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