[RR] North American Round Robin May 2024 - The Allergy Season Edition - Closed

#25 card received from 26

@sarahaeyo thanks for lovely HK card- hope you had a nice visit😊

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26 received: 3, 7, 24
3 @Cruzin - thank you so much for this adorable illustrated card featuring quite a fabulous peacock! :peacock: sending you the best vibes for your recovery! :two_hearts:

7 @tia272 - thank you so much for the GF saturn postcard from my favourites! :ringer_planet: the arboretum is such a wonderful community resource; sometimes i will just wonder around the trail or people-watch from peter’s hill :deciduous_tree:

24 @roxy - hope you had a great time in salem - it is always a find time wondering around town. love visiting the salem waterfront in the summer too! :jack_o_lantern::sparkles:

thank you everyone for the wonderful messages, postcards, decorations and stamps! :love_letter:


#12 reporting! I knew there’d be a lot! Thank you all for the great cards!

#6 @mikeyz1 sent a great illustrated Route 66 card! Yes, Mike, rural areas are loaded with old falling down buildings. There is SO MUCH beauty in decay!

#7 @tia272 sent a great Boston card. Tia, I couldn’t agree more about old & new architecture! Boston is a perfect place for that.

#14 @Hazygirl foundcme some great rust!! That green building is a bonus, love the shade.

#15 @AccentOnHakes sent a really interesting cave formation. It looks like a painting but is growing(?) in the rock? How cool!!

Part 2 coming next…

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#12 still reporting… thank you guys!!

#16 @jacieslar sent sweet birthday greetings! Much appreciated!

#19 @ellistrations sent a tea card that is perfect. I grew up in the South, so sweet tea was practically in my baby bottle! These days, my favorite hot tea is Lapsang Souchong. Not enough people appreciate that one!

#29 @melvnoble also sent birthday wishes on a Pittsburgh card! Thank you! I need another Pittsburgh trip.

#30 @YOIYUMTEWA sent a vintage motel card, and I dig the old building!!

To recap, RECEIVED 6, 7, 9, 11, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 19, 25, 27, 29, & 30.

STILL TO BE RECEIVED 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 8, 10, 18, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 26, & 28.


#20 Triol
I received amazing cards from:

#2 @CrimsonKing
Thanks a lot, dear Lesly for amazing Dragon card! It`s great for my collection! For me Dragon is mystical character!!

#4 @4kids2pay4
A lot of special THANKS, John for so lovely music (notes and cat) card! All what I love!:slight_smile:

#5 @Sharontup
So cute card! Big Thanks, dear Sharon! I love it so much!

#6 @mikeyz1
OOO!!! Marian Anderson! I am hear about this singer and about her super contralto!! Ave Maria on YouTube inspired me! Thank you so much for your card!

#7 @tia272
Thank you Tia for card in my Lou Paper album! Enjoy your amazing wedding preparing time! This moments no repeat never!:slight_smile:

#9 @WrenAtTheBeach
Many Thanks, Wren for so beautiful pin up card from my Favorites! I love it so much!!!

#11 @sarahgrab1
Dear Sarah! You make my Day!!! How I happy to received your card! Adorable cute Hedgehog! New one for my ,sharp , collection! Big Thanks!

#13 @ladybug513
Many many Thanks Susan for so funny piano card! The pianist on the postcard is playing my favorite Chopin Waltz! I should repeat it for a future concert! Also, thank you so much for the postcard from the postcrossers meeting in New Jersey in April!! I see the signatures of people I know on the back!

#14 @Hazygirl
Big Thanks, dear Jo-Ann for so cute Dragons card! So many cute baby dragons!!! I love it!

#16 @jacieslar
Great Card with Recipe of Lemonade! Thanks a lot, dear JoAnne! I love Lemonade! Perfect card for my collection!

#17 @KimberlyOR
Big Thanks, Kimberly for so cute card! If you can read music, it’s never too late to start playing an instrument! I have several adult students and everyone is very happy!

#19 @ellistrations
Thank you so much, Barbara For your choice for me! New and beautiful card in my PHQ album!

#21 @Calisunshine
What a beautiful card! Huge THANKS, Jennifer! On the postcard are notes for piano ,A song without words, by the composer Mendelssohn! It was nice for me to remember the music I played as a child!

#22 @uconn
As always, 100 percent hit with the postcard for me! Thank you so much James!

#24 @roxy
WOW!! Iron Maiden! Heavy Metal Stile! Now there is a discussion about the recognition of this style as classic rock! Thanks a lot, Brenda for your amazing card!

#25 @virgomar0918
Thank you very very much, Marena for new pin up card in my collection!
You may not believe it, but there is actually a musical instrument on the postcard, which looks like a joke! Thanks again!

#27 @sraelling
Thank you, Kate for cute and funny card! I like it!

#29 @melvnoble
Big Thanks, Mel for amazing National Postcard Week! Great Vintage Photo!!!

#30 @yoiyumtewa
Rick! Million thanks for your card! Great for me, for my collection, for my soul!


#27 reporting:

Another great array of postcards! :partying_face:

From #2 @CrimsonKing a Lou Paper card that I have not received before. She makes great cards! One thousand-piece puzzles finished in 2-3 days is an impressive accomplishment!

From #3 @Cruzin a stack of vintage books. Impressive “Books Read in 2024” count! I might have read 20 this year (which for me is pretty good). Hope your knee is feeling better!

And from #7 @tia272 street art to “Save the Bees”. I recently learned about Mason Bees and how you can rent them for a season. As they don’t produce honey, just more bees, you return the canisters at the end of the season to the company. Pretty cool!

From #11 @sarahgrab1 a Max & Oscar card. I will have my summer job of childcare for the triplets, so part of the day will be relaxed. :rofl::rofl: Enjoy your summer!

And from #24 @roxy a cool “Starry Night” from Salem, MA. :wink: I’m sure you had a great time there - I’ve heard lots about it, but never had a chance to visit.

And from #29 @melvnoble a great letterpress card! It sounds like it was a great museum to visit! We had friends visiting from NE over the weekend and I was hoping to find some new postcards, but either the businesses weren’t open on the day we were there or there were none to be found. We still saw some great places, just no postcards. :woozy_face:

Thanks to you all! :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:


#22 uconn

#8 @Shesa-Renegade Sir Richard Burton. This photo makes him look like he’s in a field of stars.
Thanks for the info too! Love the stamp selection

#28 @TwoDoggies cool stamps on this Heath Ledger art card. A sad death for sure.
Thanks for this one


#10 nhigh reporting in. I have received a pile of cards. I have all cards selected, addressed and stamped and will work diligently to try to post them by Sat.

I have received:

#2 @CrimsonKing

Meteor Crater in AZ : was this the meteor that killed off the dinosaurs?

#3 @Cruzin

LP Bigfoot last minute dog sitting! Is it fun?

#6 @mikeyz1

Taft’s childhood home. He likes big bathtubs …

#7 @tia272

Map of MA. I hope to visit one day.

#8 @Shesa-Renegade

DyK Cajun. No summer off for me… one day in a few years maybe…

#12 @CalicoBeer

Seattle Underground. This is a new WA card for me. We are going out in the fall for a visit.

#13 @ladybug513

The Pyrenees. Come to Western NC. There are 100s of waterfalls…

#14 @Hazygirl
Brooklyn Bridge. I just got back from the Red River Gorge area of KY. Beautiful.

#15 @AccentOnHakes
Map of OH …I lived there now less years as I age. About 22 years

#16 @jacieslar

HI waterfall. I hope to make it to HI sometime.

#17 @KimberlyOR

Multnomah Falls. We visited OR in Aug 2022 and checked out these falls among other sites.

#19 @ellistrations

Map of AR . I have only driven through AR on I40.

#21 @Calisunshine

Liberty . Enjoy your cruise.

#22 @uconn

VW road trip. Are you a pinball wizard?

#29 @melvnoble
The Castle. The museums are great in DC.

Thank you all for the great cards and older stamps !


I am internationally ranked… but so is everyone who enters a tournament :joy:


#30 reporting in with cool cards (and confused with my new number for the month!)

#3 @Cruzin map card of Corsica (birthplace of Napoleon). Included on the card are some little pics of places to see on the island

#6 @mikeyz1 a famous (or at least known to me, since I got to see a lot of Native American photos and items during my time in AZ) photo by Edward Curtis (American photographer, 1868-1952) of Gobuguoy, a Hopi girl around 1900. Hope Rachel’s mother’s day birthday worked out!

#7 @tia272 A round card of The Freedom Trail, Boston. Neat. Love the stickers on the back too. I really need to get to Boston and experience some of the history there.

#13 @ladybug513 Salisbury Cathedral from the river. Water reflections are so cool, on cards and in real life.

#14 @Hazygirl New York City at twilight. Love it. I was hoping to do something early summer, but another employee where I work is taking a 316month off, so now things are really up in the air for me.

#15 @AccentOnHakes Boblo Island, a Canadian amusement park that closed in the 90s. Even if the little girl was there in the last year it was open, she’d be at least in her 30s now.

#16 @jacieslar School of Tropical Medicine, San Juan, Puerto Rico. I agree…vintage cards have more “character” than modern cards, usually, so there must be some sort of great stories with them.

#17 @KimberlyOR Oregon map card. “illustrated”, sort of in the fashion of maps from when I was a kid. The most local of authors for me here would be Rachel Carson, Edward Abbey, and Chris Kuzneski, and Tawni O’Dell. I’ve only read the first 3, and also James Michener, who was from eastern PA.

#24 @roxy Waterstones, bookstore in Newcastle upon Tyne, England

#28 @TwoDoggies a teacher joke (at the expense of the teacher). Love it!

#29 @melvnoble an old black and white photo of The Carnegie Library, Pittsburgh. I love the Carnegie museums. It’s been too long since I’ve been. And have never been to the Carnegie Library.


25 card received from 8 @Shesa-Renegade thanks for the coffee card! Sorry your dog didn’t pass her certification! Better luck next time :grin:


As some of you know, my 101-year-old father passed away from a massive stroke at the end of April, forcing me to pull out of the May NARR to take care of business.

All is going as well as can be expected right now, but you can’t imagine the comfort I got from finding an unexpected May NARR postcard in my mailbox upon my return home (and what a doozy it is!)

Thank you #2 @CrimsonKing for this delightful view of the “rare” Claw-Footed Jackalope - produced by a tacky postcard favorite, Klutz Press. I do believe this is the first card I have of this rare, and vicous-looking, breed! Thanks for the surprise and needed laugh!

Rocky Road Trip #30


You reported having received these cards, but I don’t see them in your report. Did part get deleted?

Updated to now

#19 received:

#3 @Cruzin - thank you! It’s so fun when you find cards you forgot about. I know I have a few hiding somewhere.

#6 @mikeyz1 - thank you! No set plans for us this summer, either. I would love to see the coast, but usually during cooler times. I burn way too easily.

#12 @CalicoBeer - thank you! Happy belated Birthday, I hope you had a blast! When we visit Disney, the kids have their bubble machines going and I can’t help but to try to catch a few in passing.

#26 @sarahaeyo - thank you! I hope you are having/had a fun time with your family! What is your favorite part of Hong Kong?

#28 @TwoDoggies - thank you! I always appreciate a nicely organized Flickr. Definitely not a waste of time, especially when you don’t know how many times it’s looked through. I have had a good few of people to tell me they appreciate how organized mine are, though I imagine it could be better. I have been debating on splitting up my larger albums to help. Maybe one day when I have the time.

#29 @melvnoble - thank you! This is great art! I have been to Seattle once, but so briefly for a cruise. It would be nice to visit again but this time to really see the area.


Also, a quick heads up that due to my summer travels, @LaurenceB will be hosting June & July in my absence. Be sure to look for her post on the 20th, which I’m sure she’ll post a link to here in this month. She has my address file, so there’s no need to send her your address. I will not be participating those two months either.

For August, since I will be getting back at the tail end of July, Laurence will open August, and then I’ll take it over, much like we did last summer when I came back from Poland.

Thank you for your patience, and you’ll be in good hands in my absence. :smile_cat:


I am so sorry to hear of your father’s passing. You and your family are in my thoughts.

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Have a wonderful vacation!

Have a great vocation, Craig! We will be wait your stories and postcards in august!

So sorry, Rocky! I didn’t know about that!
My deepest сondolences!
We wait you! Back soon!

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