[RR] North American Round Robin May 2024 - The Allergy Season Edition - Closed

#24 reporting

#1 @cawindt sent a wonder beach view of St Martin - the Air France plane is so prominent I’m not sure if I will file this one under beach or aircraft! :slight_smile:

#23 reporting

#5 @Sharontup Thank you for the GF Quincy card! Sounds like a fun and busy time visiting family. Love your lettering btw!

#9 @WrenAtTheBeach Thank you for the Kindred Spirit card! Thank you for sharing the story - never heard of it before

#11 @sarahgrab1 Thank you for the dragon card! No concrete plans for the summer! Thinking about visiting a few friends in the States but not set in stone yet

#16 @jacieslar Thank you for the Farm Market illustration card! Pie samples would be great! I love visiting the farmer’s market for any new places I’m in if they have one.

#17 @KimberlyOR Thank you for the Kyoto illustration card! I have never been to Japan (besides the NRT airport but that hardly counts) and have seen/heard a lot about these vending machines! I love the abundance of them and how different they are from the machines you find here

#19 @ellistrations Thank you for the PHQ card! Oh that is the life! I haven’t had brownies and ice cream in so long.

#22 @uconn Thank you for the PHQ card! Hope you had fun at the Pinball show!

#24 @roxy Thank you for the LP Salem card! I heard about this place so much here on Postcrossing especially in October and I’m itching to visit!

#28 @TwoDoggies Thank you for the LP Beach card! I’m also trying to declutter my house and fingers crossed it’ll be done by the end of summer

#30 @YOIYUMTEWA Thank you for the Yellowstone NP card! Same, I would love to visit this NP some day.


#7 reporting

#10 @nhigh Thank you for the ‘Visit the Aquarium’ card! I haven’t read a mystery in a while-- I should pick one up!

#24 reporting

Huge thanks to :

#19 @nhigh for the hilarious “You should see my active bitch face” card. That one gave me a huge chuckle!

#23 @suatelier for the fantastic Effin’ Birds card! This is one of my faves from this set

#3 received (also sorry for the delay in posting)

#1 @cawindt Great lavender card from Ukraine!

#10 @nhigh Mexico!! Funny thing is when I’ve been there I’ve never been able to find postcards!

#20 @Triol Lavender fields!! The lavender in our neighborhood is looking great right now!

Thank you all!!


#12 reporting!

Card received from #18. This is a great card, @LaurenceB! I really dig the weird ones. Great stamps, too. Thank you!

Only 1 left to receive. This one was dated May 7th and got here yesterday, so I have faith #5 is out there somewhere!

#29 - One more postcard to report!

#24 @roxy - Thank you Brenda for this postcard of Sandusky, Ohio! I must have been here before, but I don’t remember. My great aunt lived in Cleveland when she was alive, and we visited the area a lot back then. I like the boot fountain!

#14 hazygirl

#12 @CalicoBeer Sent a very nice quote with some cute sneakers. Remind me of the scene from dirty dancing when they were on the log over the river

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#6 reporting

#20 @Triol sent me a great barn and horse!

And #28 Yuck, @TwoDoggies sent me a meat processing plant that holds tours daily :slight_smile: Too funny and gross. (I am teaching a class this summer, first half of it and so I’ve only got a week left!)

Thanks both!!!

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#6 and a great Big Buddha from @sarahaeyo sent from Hong Kong! Thank you and interesting view of that image.

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#20 Triol
I received amazing cards from:

#1 @cawindt
Thank you so much, Craig for Saint Martin card! It`s my favorite Caribbean Island! I would like back again!

#8 @Shesa-Renegade
Many thanks dear Rene for so cute Dragon card! I love it so much!

#10 @nhigh
Big Thanks, Naomi for so Funny Cat card! I love it so much!

#12 @CalicoBeer
Big Thanks Victoria so beautiful Pin up card! So styling!! I like it so much!

#15 @AccentOnHakes
Thank you Kai for very nice card with amazing view of Indiana! I never not visited this State…May be this summer:)

#18 @LaurenceB
Dear Laurence! What a great card! All what I love!:slight_smile: Harry Potter character on Royal Mail!!! Huge Thanks!

#23 @suatelier
Dear Charlotte! You can`t imagine How I am happy to receive your card! Blue cats is my addiction!:slight_smile:
Thanks a lot for card from my Favorites!


#23 reporting

#1 @cawindt Thank you for the LP GF from Indiana card! It does feel like its cheating but at the same time, it’s cost effective I guess!

#10 @nhigh Thank you for the GF Idaho USPS card! That sounds like a fun summer! Congrats on your new sailboat

#15 @AccentOnHakes Thank you for the Hello From Camp card! It’s always amusing to see postcards decked out with machine postmarks - I can count 5, 1 of which is on the short end on the card, wondered how that happened. Anyways, no plans for the summer, but I do hope to attend a stationery festival in NY in August

#21 Reporting
Received: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30
Looking forward to: 1, 14, 20

#10 Thank you for the cemetery card!

#23 sent a Niagara falls Ontario card

Another May card arrived while I was out of town for two weeks. Thank you #18 @LaurenceB for the fabulous Palm Springs card! I would love to visit a place with such a variety of unique card options.

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26 received: 1, 10, 18, 23

1 @cawindt - thank you for the fantastic Mme Walker postcard from brave. black. first~ adding her biopic to my netflix queue! octavia spencer is a national treasure :face_holding_back_tears::two_hearts: hoping you’re having a wonderful summer!

10 @nhigh - thank you for the fun-sized alice in wonderland postcard :see_no_evil: i think i’ve read through the looking glass but it has been a long time since! :sweat_smile:

18 @LaurenceB - thank you for the super cute :postbox: shaped postcard haha, omg! i might. have gone down a black hole on this artist’s website :see_no_evil: i also missed the northern lights as i was way too sleepy to wait for it to get dark enough haha

23 @suatelier - thank you so much for this adorable food postcard featuring fried eggs and bolo baos :sob: i miss cha chaan tengs so much! we dont really have an equivalent in boston , unfortunately. separate but related, i was in toronto a couple of weekends ago and stopped by the sukoshi mart in the eaton center and omggg?? i want one?? i think i missed if they had postcards because we were in a bit of a rush but this postcard makes me want to scope it out again when i am back in early july :eyes:

thank you everyone for the wonderful messages, postcards, decorations and stamps! :love_letter:

#2 reporting the final card for May, woohoo!!

#1 @cawindt Thank you Craig for card #13 in your stack! :smiley: How long are you in Kansas City for? We might have been there at the same time, though we were just driving through on May 23rd & 30th. :smile:

#9 Reporting

#23 @suatelier sent a wonderful Alberta MOTW card with beautiful stamps. Thank you! I would love to visit there. I remember watching the Calgary Olympics and learning about Alberta in school. It looks so picturesque!

All May cards received.

#28 reporting.

#23 @suatelier sent a lovely flower fairy card for my challenge. The most destructive thing to my flowers right now is a deer who loves to munch them.

#16 reporting the final two cards for May.

#23 @suatelier Thank you for the Winter Jasmine Fairy from the Flower Fairies of the Garden series. We have Stellar Jays and Mountain Blue Birds here, and it’s always a treat to see them!

#28 @TwoDoggies I love this travel poster style card of the Amalfi Coast. Thank you! I did a virtual (walking) challenge of the Amalfi Coast, and the views were beautiful.

18 reporting!

1 @cawindt Thank you for the beautiful St.Marteen map! Hope your travels are going well!
24 @roxy Thank you for sending again this beautiful bookstore! Very weird it got returned indeed!