[RR] North American Round Robin June 2024 - The Sunshine in the Mailbox Edition - Closed

Received today 6/11/2024 From RR June 2024
@Bakersmom #1

#25 @4kids2pay4

That certainly is a lush spot. I love the Dorothea Lange stamp and the 70’s that’s what I dressed like in the 70’s thanks for being so thoughtful.

#26 @sarahaeyo

Love the vintage theme of this card - I’m going to have to up my fashion game when mailing my postcrossings!
Thanks and Cheers

#30 @RockyRoadTrip

I have traveled the Blue Ridge I’m going to have to stop by this cabin. They are probably knitting outside because the cabin is stifling hot.
Thanks for the great card.

#19 @ellistrations

I just did a wedding cake this past weekend that was white and seafoam green!!
Thank you for the lovely card - Cheers.

#4 @jenhart

Congratulations on your daughter’s graduation. Is your nest empty now? Also, love the Snoopy Sticker!
Thanks and Have an Excellent Day! Enjoy the Summer off.


#25 reporting cards received from #1, 26 and 27

#1 @Bakersmom sent a neat illustration of an African Swamphen. Neat story about your hungry dad, so sad, did he ever taste jackrabbit?

#26 @sarahaeyo sent the disappearing highway into the pine mountains. I have been called several times for jury duty, but only had to determine one case. Did you wake up on time?

#27 @tia272 sent the LP Coronado, California Sunset & Ship. Hope you enjoy your trip home and time the family. Boating out there is a fun time.

Thanks everyone for the great cards and messages!


I don’t think so not that day, it scarred him for life.

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Hey John! @4kids2pay4 I didn’t send the disappearing road in the pines card. I think you tagged me by mistake and it should be @sarahaeyo.


@sarahgrab1 Yes, you are correct. I have edited it accordingly, thank you for the catch and notice. My apology to @sarahaeyo .

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#29 - I am dropping my postcards in the mail tomorrow! :postbox:

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#12 reporting cards received from 17, 22, & 25

@YOIYUMTEWA I love vintage cards too. It’s funny they’re so small, like they didn’t have a lot to say. Ha ha!

@uconn This card is so spot on. Rosie LOVES to drink from the sink. My late cat, Mickie, loved to sleep in the sink. I think all cats just gravitate towards sinks.

@4kids2pay4 When I have difficult times, I like to go to a bar I don’t know and just sit & absorb the energy & conversations around me. I find people in general calming. When I’m alone, I can’t control my solo thoughts the way I can when they are people around.

Thank you all!!


Report #2 - June NARR

Slow week this one.
Only one card to report so far, but it’s more relevant than ever…

#27 @tia272: sent a political card expertly laying out the injustices in our system. And forget these guys, let’s just update this card and throw Trump on here, who took home classified documents (obviously to pawn off to his buddy Putin) and he still hasn’t faced justice… and Chelsea Manning spent 7 years in jail (sentenced to 35!) for exposing lies within the system! Just outrageous! Thanks!

All my outgoing June cards have been posted…

Rocky Road Trip #30


Bakersmom # 1

Received from #24 @roxy

You are an industrious knitter!! I am working on a knit temperature blanket that threatens to take over my living room and assorted baby washcloths.
Thank you for the great card!!


#25 reporting cards received from #11,19, 24 and 30

#11 @sarahgrab1 sent a perfect card for me. A collection of pens! All displayed on a pegboard. Wish I had the determination to do so with mine, but I just keep them in a box, takes up less room. Although a past barber I went to for many years, had his displayed in this way around the shop. In July, we have another family cruise planned.

#19 @ellistrations sent another great card. Heron and egret, from Kyomjae hwachop [Album of painting by Kyomjae]. There are some of the older films I do like, have you seen Bringing Up Baby with Katherine Hepburn and Cary Grant? I do like to catch a TMC movie from time to time. A classic line from an oldie: “Was you ever bit by a dead bee?” :honeybee:

#24 @roxy sent a beautiful young lady with a bouquet of flowers. For my collection it does not qualify as a perfect stranger, (reference below), but this does align with a Canadian group called Trooper, who performed “Oh, Pretty Lady.” Still a great selection for me.

#30 @RockyRoadTrip sent a perfect stranger. A card that has a person with no indication of being able to identify the individual. This is in fact Elizabeth Avedon & Hogarth, Montauk 1988 Photographed by Priscilla Rattazzi. A great choice for my collection.

Gracious thanks to everyone for these spectacular cards!



Cards to #16-20 have been mailed.

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I have mailed all my cards!

#10 AtlasPostal recieved from #1, #2, #4, #6, #16 & #24

#1 @Bakersmom

Thank you for the Bryce Canyon card! That trip sounds like a lot of fun!!

#2 @CrimsonKing

Thank you so much for the Colorado LouPaper card! Hope you had fun visiting family :blush:

#4 @jenhart

Thank you for the man on the moon card! Visiting state parks & historical places is a lot like collecting for me :slight_smile:

#6 @mikeyz1

Thank you for the carousel card! I love carousels with unique “animals.” & love the stamps :blush:

#16 @jacieslar

Thank you for the birthday wishes! I’m jealous you’re in Hawaii, I hope you guys have a fun vacation :slight_smile:

#24 @roxy

Thank you for the Mount Rainier card! The image is beautiful, I might have to pick up a set :slight_smile: & the stamps are cool too!


Mailed: all cards from #15

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#6 all cards are in the mail as of yesterday.

#2 @CrimsonKing sent a fun old cowboy painting image!

#4 @jenhart sent a fabulous old Chinese statue.

#7 @nursegarry sent a great Frida Kahlo still life with parrot that I wasn’t familiar with.

#9 @WrenAtTheBeach sent a great bookstore from China

#10 @AtlasPostal sent a great courthouse from the small Ohio county of Carroll

#11 @sarahgrab1 sent a great vintage Statue of Liberty card!

#14 @GeoJosh sent me a Brown University card. Someday I hope to see the campus!

#16 @jacieslar sent me delicious fruit from Kauai!

#23 @mon23 sent me a great, the great, Seurat painting from the Art Institute in Chicago…

#26 @sarahaeyo sent delicious tomatoes!

#30 @RockyRoadTrip sent me an Amnesty International Card!!!

All great! Thank you! More to upload soon.


#12 reporting cards for 13-15, 19-21, 23, & 26-29 are ready to mail. That’s all of mine!

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#19 received

#6 @mikeyz1 - thank you! Congrats on selling! This is such a great card, with the Soviet Union intact. I am happy to find some fun cards that are not LP as well.

#24 @roxy - thank you! Dinosaur is great! I love Zoological gardens. The Columbia Zoo in South Carolina has a beautiful garden as well.


#2 reporting

#3 @Cruzin Thank you Lori for this GoT water color card! :art: “First Grave on the Right” is the first in the series? That’s quite the line of books she’s writing! :smiley:

#17 @YOIYUMTEWA Thank you Rick for the Cathedral of St. Pierre! :church: The first book you mentioned, the title really caught my eye, thanks. :smiley:

#26 @sarahaeyo Thank you Sarah for this chicken and fox card! :chicken: :fox_face: Haha, keep grabbing them, I love it. :blush: I’m not looking forward to the heat either, yesterday was 92°, 90° today with humidity, ugh. :sweat: Yep, I’m camping inside, unless I have to go out, haha.

Thanks for the book recommendations everyone!! :heart:



Cards to #21-30 have been mailed.

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first update of the month! :mailbox::two_hearts:

26 sent: all
26 received: 4, 8, 9, 10, 11, 16, 19, 22, 25, 27
4 @jenhart - thank you for the retro view of times square :cityscape: it looks so different now! i didnt catch the frasier advert until you mentioned it - now that is a blast from the past :joy:

8 @Shesa-Renegade - i have to admit that i had to look up what was in this sandwich haha :sandwich: how interesting! hope you are resting up well - traveling can be fun but also super exhausting! :sweat_smile:

9 @WrenAtTheBeach - thank you for the commonwealth books from the world’s greatest bookstore postcard box! i love going here on my lunch break haha :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: so far, i am reading paved paradise by henry grabar and dial a for aunties by jesse q. sutanto; two books probably on the opposite sides of the spectrum haha

10 @AtlasPostal - thank you so much for the vintage view of downtown cleveland ohio - i like that you can still get the sense of where this is by the position of the train tracks! :steam_locomotive: one day, i would love to do the long-distance train from boston to chicago, which passes and stops through cleveland! :two_hearts:

11 @sarahgrab1 - thank you so much for the autumnal vibes (i am wishing so much for the fall weather now that it is hot outside :see_no_evil:) :jack_o_lantern: i have a small trip planned for the beginning of july (toronto) and another the later half august (hartford and upstate new york); hoping that june flies by lol

16 @jacieslar - thank you for this vibrant and tropical lauren taylor postcard! :pineapple: the colours make me nostalgic for lisa frank’s work. being able to meet the artist is so wholesome! i love art/artisan markets for this very reason :face_holding_back_tears:

19 @ellistrations - thank you for the wedding themed loupaper for my collection :ring: i hope your reunion went well and hopefully was less awkward than you were predicting haha :two_hearts:

22 @uconn - i have been meaning to get out to the norman rockwell museum, but it is a bit of journey from where i am. but what a great piece of american art history, this image is! :us::sparkles: thank you so much!

25 @4kids2pay4 - thank you for the jackie kennedy fashion postcard :two_hearts: and for the music video recommendation! what an iconic outfit!

27 @tia272 - game 4, tonight! :basketball: are you excited? its all anyone at work will talk about haha thank you for the details from the street postcard :sunglasses:

thank you everyone for the wonderful messages, postcards, decorations and stamps! :love_letter: