[RR] North American November 2021 Round Robin - Gobbling Up Postcards Edition - Addresses Sent!

#27 reporting

#5 @carolreader sent a Hermione card from Harry Potter. I know HP isn’t for everyone but I love it. I think it also brings back memories for me because I read them with my boys when they were young :grin:

#17 @CrimsonKing sent a beautiful Fox card wir a mother Fox and her kit. Sounds like we live in a similar area with the wildlife :wink:

Thank you both!


#8 Shesa-Renegade here with two received cards! WOW - you are both so quick!!

#5 @carolreader sends a card of the “Guardians of Traffic” from Cleveland, Ohio. I love your interpretation of change! This is why I like these abstract words because we can each have different interpretations and it is fun for me to read about them. Thank you, Carol.

#17 @CrimsonKing sends a travel poster card from Central Park in NYC. I love the artwork on this card so much! Another great interpretation of change - leaves falling into snow falling. I love it! Thankyou, Lesly.

Received 5, 7


#18 here reporting in with received cards!

#5 @carolreader sent a beautiful jelly fish card. I think jelly fish are smart for what they have going for them.

#17 @CrimsonKing sent a Poppy Fairy card. I love her! I didnt do anything for halloween. Didnt even shop for my house decor like I planned.

#27 @NittanyLionRI sent a raven card. It’s a beautiful witchy raven with a beautiful moon staff. I love it! I’ve always thought them on the darker side of things as well.


#3 rec’d

#5 @carolreader a great art card - from a museum!! We have a Dali “museum” here - but no postcards……I swear, the first thing I look for at museums is the gift store!
#15 @AccentOnHakes skateboard kid from the 70’s. This looks like a lot of my old boyfriends!
#17 @CrimsonKing ADG Denver skyline! My BFF is in CO - I need to go out and visit soon!
#24 @sleepyhippo1 cats! I love cats. First time in my life I don’t have one…yet….

Thank you all!
My cards went out this week

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#2 reporting

I sent cards 12 to 26 today!
Only a few left to write! :blush:

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Thanks from #16 to

#13 @ladybug513 - the absolutely gorgeous Handley Library in Winchester, Virginia. I looked it up, and was delighted to find that it is still in use as a library.

#17 @CrimsonKing - a stylized map of New York state. I spent one day in NYC in 1971, and a few days on Long Island (visiting a relative) in 1987. Obviously, I need to go back!


#28 @TwoDoggies received a nice LouPaper Thanksgiving card from #19 @ellistrations Barbara, I think I always get your card first for this group. You are one speedy postcard writer. I think we are actually having a Thanksgiving dinner this year!


#22 uconn

All cards mailed

#5 @carolreader early Matt Groening card, thanks!

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@28 @TwoDoggies received 3 cards today.

#5 @carolreader sends a Dilbert card about struggles with the computer. I too think I will spend alot of time at my desk and on the computer even in retirement. I will miss some of the office machines maybe? Its been nice having a postage meter and the ability to faithfully avoid the post office.

#17 @CrimsonKing sends a card which says it is a bookplate for an unknown patron. I’m not sure I understand what that means but it’s an interesting card. I also wish you a Happy Thanksgiving!

#27 @NittanyLionRI sends an Australian spotted jelly from the Mystic Aquarium. I went snorkeling once in the Bahamas and when we jumped overboard, there will literally millions of jellyfish in the water. Beautiful, clear water so you could see them and avoid but a little nerve racking.


#17 reporting:

#15 @AccentOnHakes sent an Eric Carle “The Very Lonely Firefly” and it’s adorable, thank you! I’ve never been to Michigan but in the summers now I see a lot of fireflies all around my house in the summer, it is so cool to see. :smiley:

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#26 Reporting:

#5 @carolreader Thank you for the Canaan Valley Resort card! The fluffy deer looks ready for Winter. Glad you had a good trip! Take care!

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#8 Shesa-Renegade checking in to say that #21-30 went into the mail today and that the others have been writing and all will be in the mail on Monday morning!

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NARR November 2021 – Report 1 from #30

It’s been a comparatively slow start to the month.
Where are the usual early birds?? :baby_chick:

Here’s what’s arrived so far:

#05 @CarolReader: sent two great cards! One is a vintage Thanksgiving card featuring two turkeys hiding out in a cornfield. “They’re after us,” the card proclaims - at the same time a banner font above announces “Thanksgiving Joys”. Well, not for those two Toms! The second card is a shot from the water of the Ramada Oceanfront Inn in Virginia Beach. You’re right. Very sparse and utilitarian-looking. A far cry from the mega-resorts we see shoreside today. Two very different winners. Thanks!

#17 @CrimsonKing: sent a giant highway emblem sign for Route 66. While I have a ton of Route 66 cards – including a bunch of Route 66 signage cards - I don’t have this one, and since it’s so iconic, it makes a terrific addition to my Mother Road collection. Thanks.

#19 @Ellistrations: sent a cover shot of Goosebumps book (#38) for the Abominable Snowman of Pasadena. Yeti and BigFoots are clearly related – if not the same – so this is going into my Bigfoot stash. I was too old when this series of goofy horror books premiered, but had I been a middle-schooler at the time, I know I’d be on a mission to collect and read each R.L. Stine entry. Thanks! Sounds like you’ll have your hands full for Thanksgiving this year!

Take a moment to look at these cards, here.

About ten random Nov. cards are out in the mail right now; working on the rest at a steady clip.


Rocky Road Trip #30


I have already received six wonderful card for November. Thank you to:

#5 @carolreader for the scenic view from Canaan Valley Resort in West Virginia. Congratulations on taking your first trip since the pandemic! It sure feels nice to get out and move a bit. Ten miles of walking isn’t bad if you’re in a flat city, but up a mountain?? No thanks! :laughing: Great stamps, including the NEA stamp from 1957. I’m sure today that would be considered too political. :roll_eyes:

#15 @AccentOnHakes for the fabulous “to labor less & accomplish more” card. That’s been my goal lately! I am jealous of your lunch time. I barely have enough time to scarf down the cold lunch I pack each day (at 10:40 in the morning, mind you) before the next class starts. Love the stamps.

#17 @CrimsonKing for the great David card. I agree with you about the marble statues with veils. Such skill!!

#19 @ellistrations for the adorable Siamese cat card and cat washi.

#24 @sleepyhippo1 for the equally adorable kitten card. I hope Kiwi & Fig are doing well! Great stamps.

#27 @NittanyLionRI for the great view of Providence. It’s sad that the state’s tallest building is vacant! I think living in an old mill (renovated of course) would be so cool!

Thanks everyone!


#4 @jenhart has received my first cards:

#5 @carolreader : beautiful autumn view of West Virginia. Weird coincidence, West Virginia was one of my first post-pandemic trips too :slight_smile:

#19 @ellistrations : quaint window and door. I am eager for Thanksgiving too … we head to South Florida so I will be warm again!!


First updated has been completed.

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#18 posting to say I dropped off cards for everyone #1-#30 last night, so they wont be picked up until Monday.

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All my remaining cards have been mailed! :wink:

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#11 @PostAddy 6, 12, 22-30 going out in tomorrow’s mail!

Also, received on Saturday:

#5 @carolreader sent a beautiful country church from West Virginia. Glad you had a nice trip! Thank you, Carol.

#27 @NittanyLionRI sent a beautiful card of the Elms terrace garden. Would love to visit some day! Thank you, Stephanie!


#21 Beachyblonde

#5 @carolreader Thank you for the stunning West Virginia thunderstorm postcard! So much power!!

#13 @ladybug513 Thank you for the adorable mother and baby zebra postcard and facts!!

#17 @CrimsonKing Thank you for the beautiful Christopher Arndt coffee postcard! We did have a wonderful Halloween!!

#19 @ellistrations Thank you for the wonderful Mickey postcard! This one reminds me of my 90s childhood!! d