[RR] North American May 2021 RR - The May We Be Able to Travel Soon Edition - Closed

MAY NARR – Report #4

Two more to report!

#20 @triol: sent a gorgeous shot of the iconic Bass Harbor Head Lighthouse in Arcadia National Park, Maine. It’s such a shame this light is fenced off to viewers, though it doesn’t stop them from getting terrific photos of it. Yes, this is the summer we can get back to get-togethers and travel. Have you booked your first post-pandemic cruise yet? Prepare for sticker shock! Thanks and take care!

#22 @TwoDoggies: sent a shot of a group of nuns huddled together, sneaking smokes! I have seen this card in people’s favorites lists before, but never knew the backstory behind it, which is: they’re actually play actors dressed as nuns for a pageant being held in Kent, England (in 1931). Thanks for solving that mystery! Great card! Good luck with you book study. You’ll do fine! Anyone who sends cards like this one is obviously worthy. Thanks!

You can view all my incoming May cards HERE…

All my outgoing May cards have been sent.

Just looking forward to: #17 and #27


Rocky Road Trip #30

#10 emotis reporting more wonderful cards:

#7 @treeclimber A Smurfy card. Thanks to Cici for helping you write it!
#11 @tandemstoker Amercian Gothic…Lantern Press edition. Mask restrictions have been lifted here generally, though my courthouse still requires them so my days haven’t changed much.
#22 @twodoggies the truest Papersisters card ever… 'You Know you are a Postcrosser when your preferred way to spend a rainy Sunday is to write and sort postcards." Though I would add… why would it have to be rainy??
#23 @Nique Gorgeous northern lights! And I am excited for my garden too. So far, not much happening. And I’m not certain if much will grow as we have a bunch of baby bunnies in the area.

To Receive: 1, 20, 24, 27, 28, 29, 30

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I would love to know what void exists between Bay City and Dayton that always holds up my cards to you! I blame Toledo!!

One to report today for #27.
Received from #16, @hootnoodle, nice Beatrix Potter - loved reading her to my children! - with colourful stamps… fave being “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow”. My annuals are planted; now, to get my herbs in the deck planter. Easy access for cooking! :wink:

#7 checking in…

#11 @TandemStoker - lovely snow covered Garden of the Gods - I have this on my list of national parks to visit

#22 @TwoDoggies - an album cover by the Beatles - have fun with your book study

#27 @HookedonPostcards - Precambrian Hills by AY Jackson of the Group of Seven - I do see the similarities

#29 @melvnoble - The Sea Pourville by Whistler - I’m looking forward to going to museums again. I’ll have to check schedules near me to see what’s coming.

Thanks Everyone!! :slight_smile:

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June is now open!

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#20 @Triol
Oh Olga you made my day :two_hearts: love the pastries postcard thank you I wish they were all real :yum: yum.

#18 reporting

#6 @mikeyz1 sent nifty Florida map card made with animals and other Florida icons.

#30 @RockyRoadTrip sent a beautiful New Jersey map. I visited Cape May as a teenager and eating tons of salt water taffy.

Thank you for the great cards.

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#22 @TwoDoggies - Chien-Shiung Wu, experimental physicist, from the Women in Science box. I enjoy learning about these smart, talented, women. Hope you really enjoy your new book study group.

#30 @RockyRoadTrip - “How to Build Community During a Pandemic”, good advice except “Dance like the world is watching”. Yikes, no thank you.

Thank you both from #16

#28 with one card today.

#22 @TwoDoggies sent a great Christopher Arndt frog card. How did your book group meeting go?

To Receive: 9, 10, 20, 23, 27, 30

#14 checking in

#11 @TandemStoker sent the General Sherman Tree in Sequoia Nat’l Park! Funny you should ask about recipes - just last night I made Pesto Chicken Sliders for the first time. Delicious!!
#23 @Nique sent a Lavender Field! I love purple! I am 7th of the 8 and youngest daughter. As adults, Christmas was more about contributing something to the family feast and showing up if you were able, not buying gifts for each other. We did buy for the nieces and nephews, of which there are surprisingly few!
#30 @RockyRoadTrip sent a foal taking it’s first steps and dreaming of winning the Kentucky Derby! I don’t follow horse racing at all (tho I love this card) - is steroids a big problem?

Thanks all!!

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#8 Shesa-Renegade checking in with another received card today!!

#22 @TwoDoggies sends a beautiful double mermaid card with a dolphin. Gorgeous! I love the sound of your book study group. Don’t be nervous - you are definitely worthy and will soon wonder why you were so worried. :heart:

Received: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9, 10, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 28, 29
To receive: 11, 20, 27, 30

#19 ellistrations received

#20 @Triol - lock and key charms, thank you! Yay, congratulations on your blooming flower! I know how much of an accomplishment that is, especially since I can’t keep any plants alive in the bipolar weather we have here. :slight_smile:

#30 @RockyRoadTrip - photograph of a couple on a bench, thank you! I always hope benches are sturdy. Your mention of that made me laugh cause we have wooden benches here that have sat out for years in the weather. I had a friend come over (a little heavier than me) and we sat on one of the benches… His bottom fell through as the wood broke and my side was still fine.

#18 reporting

#20 @Triol sent a Cochins (Chicken breed). Thank you for the lovely card.


#20 @Triol – Thank you for the cute postcard–reminds me that summer is almost here!

#13 with postcards from:

#1 @cawindt - Love, love, love La Grande Fountaine which you found in a square in Saint Paul De Vence on the French Riviera. Lucky you to have seen it in person! Thank you!

#7 @treeclimber - What a beautiful kimono fabric pattern! Thank you very much! Ladybug golf balls? I’m definitely painting some of these. I’m pretty sure there are some golf balls laying around here somewhere!

#9 @mere5oh - a postage stamp card of the National World War II Memorial in Washington, DC. I’ve actually seen this in person. Our youngest daughter lived in DC and VA for 8 years and we did a lot of sightseeing when we visited her. We loved going to Washington - so much to see and do. Thank you!

#10 @emotis - Thank you for the LP-type Acadia National Park postcard you sent! It even has a lighthouse! After doing a search, I believe it may be the Isle au Haut Lighthouse (Robinson Point).It’s a great addition to my collection! Hope you get to visit Acadia in the Fall.

#11 @TandemStoker - a Greetings from ARIZONA large letter card! Thank you so much! Another great addition to another one of my slowly growing collections. Spending time with family again is wonderful. It has been a very hard year+.

#16 @hootnoodle - a rock in Zion National Park, Utah which is rather reminiscent of Uluru in Australia. Our National Parks are certainly beautiful. Interestingly, the stamps were cancelled with the stroke of a pen. I think I still have a few of the “postal people” stamps myself, although not this particular one. Thank you!

#20 @Triol - Ooh! I’m excited by this Lou Paper card featuring a postal theme from my favorites! Thank you! We actually do have plans for the summer. All 14 of us are staying in one house in Cape May this July. We figure we’ll either have a great time, or kill each other by the end of the week!

#21 @Beachyblonde - Thank you so much for the card from the lst international Zoom meetup of Norwegian postcrosssers & friends! It looks like a good number of people participated. Bet it was fun!

#22 @TwoDoggies - a Charlie Harper ladybug! Thank you! His artwork is so happy! Good luck with the book study. I hope you enjoy it!

#23 @Nique - Thank you so much for the view of Shakespeare’s home in Stratford-upon-Avon. I’ve read a number of his plays and really enjoy Much Ado About Nothing. Our son’s twins, Keira & Ryan, are turning 9 in June. Much to Ryan’s chagrin, Keira arrived a minute or so before him! Twins are awesome!

#24 @roxy - Another postage stamp card this month, this one of Thurgood Marshall. Love the stickers and washi! Nice postage, too! Thank you! So many businesses have closed due to Covid. I guess we just have to look elsewhere.

#25 @jocrafts - What a great card! Shan Kelly Cecilio’s Limbo Like Me II. I can see why you love this artist! Great addition to my watercolor collection. Great assortment of stamps, too! Thank you!

#29 @melvnoble - a wonderful night view of fountains at the San Francisco Fair, Treasure Island 1939-1940. Thank you! Anytime I see someone working with clay, I think of the scene from Ghost!

#30 @RockyRoadTrip - a lovely field of gold poppies against a backdrop of cacti and jagged rock formations in Organ Pipe National Monument, Arizona. So many national parks that I’ve never heard of. Thanks for introducing me to this one. I suppose if you can eat marigolds and pansies, you can eat poppies, too! Thank you!

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#15 bulk report.

@treeclimber #7 I didn’t know you scrapbooked. Sounds like a fun time, and great that you can support a local institution.
@emotis #10 NC lighthouse. Rainy day movies sounds like a fun time!
@Triol #20 Thank you for the card from NY! Yes, spring is here. I am waiting to hear Brood X–though I live in the city, so I’m not sure it will be as evident.
@TwoDoggies #22 Thanks for the great postcard from Jekyll Island. It sounds like you had a great Mother’s Day. :slight_smile:
@Nique #23 Delicious looking dessert! All the foods you’ve been eating sound great as well. I didn’t know that Hawaiian pizza was originally from Canada. Do you like pineapple on your pizza? I’m a resounding yes!
@HookedonPostcards #27 Beautiful oil painting of mountains. It sounds like you truly did it all on your trip to BC. I’ve been to Vancouver, but the only really touristy thing we did was visit the suspension bridge. That was cool.
@RockyRoadTrip #30! LOL, thanks for the card about the plague of manspreading. I hope nobody is spreading to 6ft…anyway. I love this postcard!


#5 reporting:

#3 @Cruzin – Captain Picard on a UK stamp! Cool! Definitely my kind of card -thank you! And great stamps and “decorations”. I don’t even want to talk about my pandemic hair. I finally got it cut after the second vaccine waiting period.

#7 @treeclimber – I don’t know what’s on this card either. A friend of mine also suggested Legos, but it looks to me like yellow pills in a yellow blister pack. Thanks for the unusual card! How great you can make salads from your garden!

#23 @nique – Beautiful old wooden doorway – you don’t see that often today! Thanks! My late husband painted our front door bright red, even though we had a conventional home. He was an artist, so could do outrageous things that still looked good.

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#22 reports received:

#23 @nique A shiny red scooter. Thank you for thinking of me.
Below is a link to an anti-snoring mouthpiece. My husband uses this and it works! Maybe you should record him snoring so he can see how bad it is?

#30 @rockyroadtrip I laughed out loud when I read the first sentence of your postcard. “Well this is pretty hideous!!” I totally agree. SOMEONE has way too much time on their hands if they are making bedazzled, felt, toppers for pineapples. Yee gads. When my son was much younger he bought an unfinished planter box and bedazzzled it up with “MOM” on the front. It was so appreciated but literally hideous. I saved it for many years and one day cleaning stuff out carefully snuck it into the trash can on trash day. It was inside the trash can sitting on top. When the trash truck came, the guy opened the top and saw this hideous planter and carefully removed it, examined it and then put it in the cab of the truck. I thought SOMEONE’s gettin a present!

#20 @Triol Two colorful Macaws from Costa Rica. I never get tired of looking at beautiful birds. We currently have a house sparrow hanging around our back yard bird house. Every day he spends hours calling for his mate I presume, but no one ever answers or appears. This lonely bird makes me very sad.

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#20 @Triol Whoops, I hit send before I uploaded your beautiful card. Here it is.