[RR] North American July 2023 Round Robin - The While the Host is Away Edition - Closed

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10 @emotis - thank you so much for the great lakes postcard - you can just make out the michigan mitten lol :gloves: great the sun science series stamp (say that 10 times fast!) too! :sun_with_face: i hope you are having a wonderful trip so far!

12 @MissChristinaAnne - scotus justice sonia sotomayor from rad american women - thank you so much! :woman_judge: i am a little embarrassed to admit that i pass by the “cheers” bar almost everyday on my commute, but have never been inside :see_no_evil:

13 @Annazon - selma and patty! thank you for this great simpsons postcard from my favourites (as well as MCR stickers - omg i used to have a huge crush on mikey lol :upside_down_face:) vermont is so gorgeous~ we enjoy driving up to go hiking (sort of? haha) around mount holly :national_park:

23 @suatelier - adorable illustration, thank you; i hope you enjoyed your time in montréal~ omg i kind of love montréal bagels?!?!? :see_no_evil: they always toast up perfectly~ i moved down to the states before they started selling them online but whenever we go up to montréal we buy in bulk, individually pack them and then freeze them; it is a process (sesame seeds get EVERYWHERE) but well worth it haha :bagel:

24 @roxy - thank you for the commemorative stamp card featuring the D10 class 4-6-0 type locomotive, as well as the great stamps (i cant stop touching the year of the dragon stamp haha)! :steam_locomotive: i hope you enjoy(ed) your time off as well~ :two_hearts:

29 @melvnoble - thank you so much for the black and white postcard of the daschbach family of pittsburgh; talk about a family business! five generations is very impressive :flushed: in comparison, my career trajectory is/was wildly different from the rest of my family lol :sweat_smile:


Much mail today! Yay for me! :wink: #7 Received:

#10 @emotis - Erin, thanks so much for the Doug Murdick Fudge shop card! I wish it was scratch-and-sniff! Yay for lake time! I’m looking forward to a bit of that myself, next month in Minnesota.

#16 @HaniMilei - Hi, Mickey! What great stamps on this Hiroshige postcard! Love the bugs! And the Firefoxes! That’s one of my favorite Hiroshige prints. It’s on one my journal covers. I hope your Parker pen turns up shortly. It’s very distressing when pens go wandering. Yay for Purple Mojo! I’m on my second bottle of it. And those Private Reserve jars are great for storing nibs, etc, once empty.

#21 @Beachyblonde - Hey, Whitney! These Nathan Pyle cards are a hoot! And that’s funny, your canine-acting feline! I have one of those too. My black cat, Merlin, actually plays ball and tag with my puppy. They are hilarious to watch. Hope you’re having a great summer!

#23 @suatelier - Hello, Charlotte! Montreal is very high on my To Visit list and I love this long shot of the old port with the clock tower. I hope your cousin’s wedding was smashing! Yay, TWSBI! I’ve been collecting the jelly colors for a while. They just hold so much ink!

#24 @roxy - I hope you’re not melting, Brenda! It’s just too hot, isn’t it? I’m definitely a winter person myself, although, as a native Georgian, I doubt I could handle your Ottawa winters. The Art Canada stamp on your card is just incredible! Is it part of a series? Love that! And the Yellowstone Lower Falls, absolutely gorgeous! Have you been? My son drives through Yellowstone fairly regularly but I have yet to get out that way.


Hi all!

Sorry I have been a little bit behind in updating… Covid has invited itself in my household and it’s been rough!

I will be opening August tomorrow or Friday as Craig doesn’t have Wifi where he is.

Sorry for the delay!


#19 received

#14 @CorinneJKS - thank you! I love these guys! It does seem like a sweet Happy Birthday message!


And August is open here: [RR] North American August 2023 Round Robin - The Summer Forever Edition

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#2 reporting

#18 @LaurenceB sent puffins, thank you Lau! You did so much on your first day of vacation and then you get slapped with covid, ugh, sorry to hear that. :frowning: I hope you and your family bounce back quickly. :slight_smile: Did you find anything at the antique sale? :smiley:

#21 @Beachyblonde sent Emperor penguins, thank you Whitney! :penguin: Are you enjoying your deserved break from work/school? :smiley: Soak up the sunshine or have more glasses of wine after you put them to bed. :grin: :wine_glass:

#23 @suatelier sent Montréal, thank you Charlotte! Ohhh, I’d love to visit that church in the background, love old churches. :smiley: I hope your cousin’s wedding was a blast!


#8 Shesa-Renegade reporting in after my lovely vacation with my son and his family. California is my home state, so it is always good to go home.

#3 @Cruzin sends a gorgeous handmade card with a photo of her Grandmother. I love this “celebrate” selection. I bet she was a great woman!

#4 @jenhart sends a brown pelican Lantern Press card. I have a friend who goes to see the Tour de France every year. It’s an awesome event!

#6 @mikeyz1 sends a card of the University of Illinois Library. I loved hearing about your advisor. This October I am leading a “Legacy of…” session at the geology conference for my advisor. She is still alive and is so excited to see some of her former students.

#10 @emotis sends a card of the northern lights in Michigan. Oh goodness, I do love fudge!! You are so lucky.

#11 @RuhRohRaggy sends an illustrated recipe card for Irish Beef and Stout stew. I love stew and am going to have to try this recipe this winter. I just had memories of my Ireland trip from a few years ago show up on my Facebook feed. I have noticed that I seem to travel at the same time every year…haha.

#18 @LaurenceB sends a fun whale/map card. I love the colors on this card! Your vacation sounds great! Sometimes I like to stay home for vacation. Traveling is awesome, but I always arrive home tired.

#20 @Angeldreamer sends a funny “Today’s a new day!” card. I don’t know the last time I woke up with this much energy. That is really scary about the tree smoldering for that long!

#21 @Beachyblonde sends an alien card with “Tiny Trash”. Your card reminded me of all of the trash left behind after an event. My new rescue didn’t seem to mind the fireworks one bit. I was shocked!

#23 @suatelier sends a multi-view card from Montréal. It sounds like you had a great time at the wedding…ringing ears and all.

#24 @roxy sends a card of dogs playing cards “The Reunion.” I hope you are having a great vacation!

#26 @sarahaeyo sends a birthday card! I love the pastel colors. YouTube is so addicting. I can stay there for hours watching because I am “learning” something new vs. mindless tv.

#28 @TwoDoggies sends a Fleur-de-lis card from New Orleans. The only NO celebration I have been to was for Saint Patrick’s day back in 2005. I found a U.S. Marine graduation ring in the gutter. Three years ago I was able to track down the person after years of trying and return it to him. Thank goodness for the nice lady that works for the veterans office who “hinted” at where he might be located after I found a few promising addresses on the internet.

#29 @melvnoble sends a funny postcard of Uncle Sam wanting us to eat more hot dogs! Hot dogs are my favorite food. Yes, seriously! I could never eat like they do in competition, but I actively seek out hot dog joints when I visit new cities.

#30 @RockyRoadTrip sends a vintage graduation scene. It is a lot of pomp and circumstance, but I won’t lie - I do love being called “Doctor René” by my students. I attend graduation at the end of every semester. Those velvet robes are heavy, but I am so proud of them. Also, you had me at cake and alcohol…HAHA.

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#17 received another cool card today.

#21 @Beachyblonde A fall view in the Great Smokies in Tennessee. That would be an amazing trip if you do it. Here in western PA we are part of the Allegheny Plateau (Appalachian Plateau), west of the highest parts of the Appalachians. Fall is amazing here, but up in the mountains east of here (and like the Smokies, I’m sure), it’s even more amazing.

#27 @beatriceh reporting Cards 5-30 sent today. I’ll receive reported tomorrow

My son and is girlfriend came Up North to spend a few days and were nice enough to bring me my mail. Fun! :smiley: Thanks to:
#1 @WrenAtTheBeach Cute GF Myrtle Beach card. And my favorite Disney movies are… pretty much all of them except for Dumbo, Bambi and the Lion King. They all made me cry.
#4 @jenhart Hello Summer Lantern Press card. Hello, indeed. I love, love, love this time of year!
#5 @carolreader The Cleveland Flats. I’ve been there a few times when we go to Cleveland for football games.
#9 @RobinP Boston ADG card. We’ll be heading east in September.
#15 @AccentOnHakes The Detroit River. Hope you’re having fun exploring your new city!!
#16 @HaniMilei Awwww. “Thing BIg” and features a Black Lab with a tree. My dogs are like this. Why settle for a stick?!
#18 @LaurenceB Beautiful Tausendschon card… and yes, perfect peacock washi (how pretty!!!)
#20 @Angeldreamer “The simplest things are often the most fun” Such a sweet Little Golden Book card!
#23 @suatelier Gorgeous view of Montreal. I love that city! (And their bagels!)
#26 @sarahaeyo Boston NHP. Boston is the best city for Independence Day.
#28 @TwoDoggies Hawaii Lou card. And I won’t see the grand until September. I am so looking forward to it.
#29 @melvnoble Yes… so cute! A baby kraken playing in the tub. That face!

6, 14, 21, 24, 25, 27


#11 received from #21 @Beachyblonde The Rake legends of the national parks. This is a cool card! I’ve never heard of the Rake, but now I am curious to learn more. Is this legend common knowledge? Am I out of the loop, haha? :thinking: Thank you!

#5 reporting:

No number - I hope it’s OK if I post this here - @mikeyz1 – this isn’t a card for this month specifically (I already got Mike’s July card), but it’s an extra that I thought would be worthwhile to show here, with a thank-you. Mike, my friend Steve and I went to a “postcard party” last week where we wrote and mailed out a bunch of these, so I’ve seen it. But I was tickled to get it, and I’ll upload it to my Flickr site, too.

#8 @shesa-renegade – Your random card to me is a winner. Ever since I saw Theodore Roosevelt National Park last year in North Dakota, I’ve wanted to see the Badlands in South Dakota. Great card - thanks! I participate in the “Eyes Closed RR” from time to time and use a random number generator there (though it’s a little silly for just a few cards). I’m not always crazy about what I send out, though. But I bought the card in the first place, so….

#18 @LaurenceB – An “Art of Instruction” card, but with a nod to “Cow Appreciation Day” (what a concept!). Thanks, and thank you, too, for the animal souvenir folder. I hope the family recovers from Covid soon. I feel for you.

#21 @beachyblonde – What a cool shark image (leave it to Lantern Press!) And where did you get the “Shark Awareness Day” sticker?! Great response to my challenge – thank you!

#23 @suatelier – beautiful large card with two scenes of Montreal. I really should visit, too. Thanks!

#24 @roxy – Great, unusual work from the Museum of Modern Art – thanks! I am doing more this summer than I usually do. There are a lot of outdoor concerts with tribute bands in Kent and Akron. I saw the Eagles (tribute) on July 3, and we’ll see the Stones (tribute) tonight. We’re also going on a two-day hiking trip in August.


#7 Received-

#18 @LaurenceB - Sweets! Hi, Laurence! Thanks so much for the fun “library” of sweets postcard! So many treats! And I love the macaron washi tape. I am delighted to know Canada issued a dessert stamp. The tarte au sucre looks delicious. And I think I will be shopping for scratch and sniff stickers from here out. :slight_smile: A traffic reporter? Do you work in broadcasting today?

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#22 uconn

#28 @TwoDoggies Eric Drooker skeleton card, thanks!

#3 received

#6 @mikeyz1 Great cartoon! I feel like the dog too!

#8 @Shesa-Renegade Portminster Beach St. Ives Cornwall. What a great way to choose cards! Might give it a try just to see what is picked!

#18 @LaurenceB The Art of Marion Peck! Great great card! Love the stickers and awesome washi tape! Hope you found some great treasures at the antique show!

#21 @Beachyblonde Pink!! Great card! Hope you got the beach trip!

#23 @suatelier Quebec travel poster! Haven’t been to a wedding in a long time! Always fun!

#28 @TwoDoggies Pink! And Pink pen! I love the beach - we are 5 miles from it - and I don’t go enough.

Thank you all for the great cards and words!!


#23 reporting

#22 @uconn thank you for the Gudetama card!! I love it so much. I don’t have Netflix but I really want to watch the liveaction of the egg!

#29 @melvnoble thank you for the asparagus card! Salmon with asparagus is such a classic and it’s so yum!

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#19 received

#5 @carolreader - thank you! This is a neat card. I’ve never visited White Sands, but just by an image search, it does look quite incredible.


#11 received from #18 @LaurenceB the cutest card with a little mouse reading to her animal friends. This is absolutely adorable :hearts: I hope you are still enjoying a lovely summer vacation. Thank you!

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