[RR] North American January 2023 Round Robin - The New Year, New Postal Rate Edition - Closed

#28 reporting cards received many cards for my January theme!

#2 @CrimsonKing Ski…Denver International Airport. It looks real!

#4 @JenHart hockey. We didn’t have hockey in the south when I lived there. The local, all-purpose arena would have an ice rink during the summer and we would go there a few times. It was wonderfully cold after being outside in the Florida heat.

#5 @carolreader the Skating on Duddingston Loch oil painting. I’m wondering what journey this card took to get to me. No postmark, dated New Year’s Eve, and not in my mailbox until 1/18, a looongg time to travel. Yeh, New Year’s Eve is boring.

#6 @mikeyz1 a vintage ski Vermont card My first ever skiing experience I went with a couple of friends on a bus with the Arlington (Virginia) Ski Club to Killington, VT. It was ridiculously cold (below zero). The first morning I took the beginner group ski lessons then one of my friends took me up on the slopes. I was clueless. She took me up to a black diamond run that was solid moguls (did I mention this was a newly made friend?) I managed to snow plow my way down carefully without falling until SHE ran over the back of my skis. As I was laying on my back, my other friend passed overhead in the chairlift and was like WHAT are you doing on a black diamond slope? A very memorable trip. So, not a ski fan.

#8 @Shesa-Renegade a beautiful photo of a Strawberry Poison Dart Frog in Costa Rica. Why does a beautiful creature like this have to be poisonous?

#13 @ladybug513 interesting this card says it is a Railway Poster. Does that mean it was an advertising card? See my explanation above to mickeyz1 about my first skiing experience. I did try two more times to ski but conditions were mushy and I really just didn’t enjoy myself. I was too worried about breaking a leg!

#15 @AccentOnHakes this card titled The Star of Bethlehem, the birthplace of Jesus. Thank you I like this. What do I typically order for take out? Usually Italian food; caesar salads, garlic bread and lasagne. They don’t have delivery so we just pick it up. Very close to our house.

#16 @jacieslar Lantern Press, Ski Apache. Is that ski area suffering from the effects of climate change yet?

#18 @LaurenceB The quintessential Canadian card showing a Sugar Shack in Spring.

#20 @alcott1 Vintage winter hats from 1900. Wouldn’t it be awesome if these hats were in style now (like the royals in UK wear?).

#21 @Beachyblonde Lantern Press skiing poster. I have skiied but don’t like cold either.

#26 @sarahaeyo snowboarder. I like how there is nothing else in the picture except blinding whiteness. I’m positive I would not be able to handle snowboarding.

#30 @RockyRoadTrip long line at the chair lift in Yosemite Park. Yes, I believe waiting in the line counts as a winter activity worthy of a hot toddy in the lounge. It also seems very dangerous riding without a safety bar.


A couple more cards arrived for this month. Thank you to:

#26 @sarahaeyo for the adorable “Keep Calm and Sleep Like a Cat” card. I wish I had that ability!

#27 @beatriceh for the great “Michigan Things” card. I’ve never seen this card before, and I love it! Yes! Lots of great stamps coming out. I’m most looking forward to the RBG stamp.


Updated! February to open soon!

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26 received: 6, 8, 20, 21, 28

6 @mikeyz1 - i found the full movie on youtube and might have watched the entire thing :see_no_evil: fascinating plot and very of its time hahah i hope your classes are going well and well wishes for the rest of the semester! 220 students sounds like more than a handful; my grad class has 15 students in the section and i have no idea how the instructor wrangles us all together!

8 @Shesa-Renegade - this sunny view of cartagena columbia is much appreciated on this slushy and cold day lol it sounds like you had a wonderful time :two_hearts:

20 @alcott1 - thank you for the warm wishes and wonderful advice :sparkles:; i definitely need to do a better job at this. my goal during the past year was to do a better job being kinder to myself and giving myself more grace; dont know how successful i was though haha

21 @Beachyblonde - thank you for the new year wishes! :tada: with school and work ramping up, the last few weeks have been nuts. it seems like right after new years everything is an emergency and needs to be done this very second haha

28 @TwoDoggies - this scene in howls moving castle is one of my favorites; the animation is so on point! :fried_egg: it’s just before dinner and now all i want are bacon and eggs lol

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#19 received

#27 @beatriceh - thank you! My year is off to a great start! Many new beginnings expected this year and I’m excited. Oooh, lava cake sounds delicious!

#29 @melvnoble - thank you! Pets really haven’t changed, but I always love hearing the stories, too. For some reason I keep expecting something different in the times.

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#27 reporting
#3@cruzin Love the Archie stickers! I love this comic so much! Thanks a bunch!

#4 @jenhart You know, I just read a very interesting retelling if Peter Pan in beasts and beauty…thanks for the card!

#6 @mikeyz1 I really want to do an architecture tour in Chicago. It’s on my list of things to do!

#8 @Shesa-Renegade Thank you for the Aruba card. I’m glad you had a good vacation!

#14 @dnrhott thanks for the seagulls. I so rarely get bird cards. Very peaceful.

#16 @jacieslar ooh me too, have you heard of the $250 Neiman Marcus cookie? I made that one last week. Very interesting to microplane a chocolate bar.

#17 @YOIYUMTEWA Thank you for the lovely vintage new year card. I love vintage cards!

#18 @LaurenceB haha, I should definitely walk more too. If only my home office were further from the kitchen :wink:

#19 @ellistrations I was just thinking that I miss Christmas already. I might have to head over to the holiday rr and pretend a little…

#20 @alcott1 Love this orange card. Its simplicity really stands out. Thanks!

#22 @uconn Great card, I have two coming your way that I think you’ll enjoy. I just had a tasty blood Orange margarita at one of my favorite Mexican places.

#23 @suatelier what a fun Christmas card, hope you enjoyed your time in Ohio!

#24 @roxy I’m hoping to give Amazon a little less if my money, but I’m already off to a bad start :frowning: Good luck with the yarn.

#25 @jocrafts Hi there! Thanks for the peaceful lake card. I hope you enjoyed your NY party!


#16 reporting the following cards:

#3 @Cruzin Thank you for the black and white photo card. My granddaughter loves horses and she will be overjoyed when she sees this one!

#4 @jenhart This is a great postcard from the Black Hills! Although I lived in Wyoming, I never took that opportunity to visit the Black Hills. I don’t know anything about my street name except that Kansas City was the starting point for many settlers headed out on the Santa Fe Trail.

#5 @carolreader Thank you for the great black and white postcard of ironworkers, lunch pails in hand, walking the “high iron”. I can’t even imagine working at those heights!

#6 @mikeyz1 Thanks for the postcard showing the mural in downtown Bowling Green. Ruidoso has a lot of murals depicting the history of the area, but so far I’ve not found any commerically produced postcards of them.
Hmmm… may have to take some photos and have them made!

#9 @volvomom Thank you for the lovely sunflower postcard. I may have to frame this one for my desk. New Mexico is a great state and does have many lovely places.

#10 @emotis Thanks for the great Lantern Press Fairbanks card. I’ve never seen the Northern Lights, but I know they can be viewed from some places in the lower 48 too. Being of a “certain age” I appreciated the HopAlong Cassidy stamp!

#15 @AccentOnHakes Thank you for the great multi-view card from Israel. The movie reel format made the card really unique! Loved the great stamps too.

#24 @roxy What a cute card of a vintage camper with the Canadian maple leaf symbol! I think it would be fun to find an old camper and redo it, but I’m like you I need AC - and a bathroom!

#26 @sarahaeyo Thank you for the beautiful card of the Glasshouse Sculpture by Dale Chihuly. Being able to see a similar sculpture during your museum trip(s) must have been incredible!


#22 uconn

#27 @beatriceh good luck in your search! Thanks for this vintage humor card.

#30 @RockyRoadTrip I’ve been in Fairbanks, but I didn’t hear about this “must see” attraction! Thanks

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#9 has two cards to report!

#25 @jocrafts sent me a great Route 66 card. Yea! It’s on the list of place for the Volvo to drive. I LOVE the washi tape you used, too. Cool stamps!

#27 @beatriceh such a great card that you even edited! I truly like the design and message. Thanks for sharing!

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#13 January Is slipping away. Here are a few more cards received from:

#10 @emotis – Little Red Riding Hood from 100 Postcards Penguin Classics! Thank you for this fantastic card! AND, for the first Dragon card I have received for my granddaughter! She is thrilled! Happy New Year and I hope you eventually put away your Christmas tree!

#11 @Luckycherry – Campbell’s Soup New England Clam Chowder! Thank you! Our son went to college in Boston and we loved visiting there. Loved the city and the rocky coastline. We live just outside of Philadelphia, so a lot of history here, too. I live in Broad Axe where the Broad Axe Tavern dates back to 1681 and is within walking distance of our home. I grew up in Camden, NJ where the aroma of tomato based soups permeated the air when Campbell Soup was prepping them for canning. Good memories! I love tomato soup!

#15 @AccentOnHakes – a card commemorating Pope Paul VI’s visit to The Holy Land. No, I’ve never been to Israel. Thank you for the card. I have my friends looking out for postcards wherever they go! They’ve found some good ones at yard sales. Sometimes lucky! Nice stamps!

#20 @alcott1 - Thank you for the coffee card! I have to admit I only drink one cup a day with breakfast. I might have a second cup after dinner if we are in a restaurant ordering dessert. And, honestly, I’m looking forward to the dessert more than the coffee!

#25 @jocrafts – Love this card! We have been taking train rides with our grandkids on hundred year old trains for the last couple of years. So much fun! My husband has his American Flyers from when he was a child set up for them to play with. They love it! Fantastic stamps and washi! Thank you!

#27 @beatriceh - Thank you for the yummy looking strawberries! We are again trying to grow them in our gardens. They bloom, but we are constantly trying to beat the wildlife to the ripe fruit! We’ll see how it goes this summer. I’m thinking we need a net over the plants!

#29 @melvnoble – Thank you for the African penguins from the Adventure Aquarium in Camden, NJ! I grew up in Camden and now live in a small town just west of Philadelphia. I got to tour the aquarium just before it first opened as my brother was the Chief Engineer for the Adventure Aquarium at that time. We wanted to see the exhibits; he took us on a tour of all the pumps and filters! LOL! We’ve been to the aquarium a number of times. Love the penguins and the hippos!.

#30 @RockyRoadTrip – Thank you for the Mail a Koala card! I have one or two other cards from this series and think they are very cute. I can definitely see where there might be a problem with Airport Security!


#24 reporting more great cards!

#3 @Cruzin adds to my Starbucks collection with a funky lady holding a Starbucks tea cup. Love it and that awesome Elvis sticker!

#4 @jenhart sent a stunning b/w photo of Charlotte, NC at night. So beautiful!

#6 @mikeyz1 gives me a glimpse from his hometown of the Holiday Inn and their amazing pool in East Peoria, Illinois.

#20 @alcott1 sent a card showcasing the beautiful green front door of #46. So rustic!

#25 @jocrafts sent a great interior shot from “The Natural Home”. If there are more cards in this series I want to see them. I love this one!

#28 @TwoDoggies adds to the Elvis collection! The King thrusts his way through a scene from Jailhouse Rock. Love it!

#30 @RockyRoadTrip adds to the motel collection with another gem from The Kapok Tree Inn - the patio dining room under a canopy of bougainvillea. This is quite the dining room.

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Report 3 from: Rocky Road Trip #30

#20 @alcott1: sent an interesting (though I’m sure, wholly unlicensed) card featuring popular Looney Tunes characters as email emojis. I’d forgotten a few of these cartoon staples, like Martin the Martian - and I couldn’t remember the cat’s name (Sylvester, as you reminded me on the back side). An unusual card, I think I should start an unlicensed figures category. Thanks!

#27 @BeatriceH: sent a shot of the iconic hamburger stand symbol, Frisch’s Big Boy. I always knew these as Bob’s Big Boy, but apparently there were several Big Boy franchises that stamped their name on the big guy’s server’s cap. Congrats on your dessert January! An interesting take on the month! Thanks!

#28 @TwoDoggies: sent a macabre illustrated card from the Executioner’s Alphabet series. This one is V for Vivisection, depciting a poor torture victim being disemboweled. Yikes! I did not know this series existed. Very twisted! What can I say? Cute raccoon sticker? lol. Thanks!

#29 @MelVnoble: sent a unique, Tim Burton-esque, illustration of a Sasquatch (name Squatchie) taking a selfie of herself next to a Bigfoot Crossing road sign. Hilarious. From Nora Thomspson who has a gallery of the odd and twisted visions on her website, The-Rots.com Thanks!

You can view all these January postcards HERE…

All my January cards have been mailed.

Just waiting on #7 and #12

Thanks all!

Rocky Road Trip #30,

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#5 has received a card from #29 @melvnoble - yes, these little “utopian” communities from years past are fun and interesting - and there seem to be a lot of them! You’ve seen Zoar, I guess? Thanks for showing me this one. “Old Economy” looks like it’s on the way to Pittsburgh from my house (and closer!), so I could visit next time I get out that way.


#4 has two more:

#29 @melvnoble Adorable mushrooms :heart: I love mushrooms- stuffed, fried, sauteed, raw, in pizza …

#30 @RockyRoadTrip : Postcrossing/Meet-Up/WPD multiple coffees card. A little of everything :slight_smile:

Thank you!


#4 @jenhart – “Let’s All Go to the Lobby”–isn’t this really what going to the movies is all about?

#13 @ladybug513 – Cygnaeus’ villa in the 1870’s–gorgeous!

#25 @jocrafts – “Tails”-- What a fashion statement!

#27 @beatriceh – Lovely scene–a great place to enjoy dessert–I like that New Year’s resolution

#29 @melvnoble – A Pittsburgh neighborhood by local artist Ron Donoughe

Thank you!

I am so jealous! I really want to do a transatlantic on Cunard!

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We did sail through the canal! So awesome!!

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#8 Shesa-Renegade here with cards received this week!

#2 @CrimsonKing sends a gorgeous Alaskan mermaid. You’re right, who would have thought mermaids lived in the cold Alaska waters!

#3 @Cruzin sends a gorgeous black & white card of Princess Diana. I am so glad you watched the videos! My sister is a hoot! I’ve already started buying a few things for next year.

#4 @jenhart sends a bear card for my hibernate theme. I used to live in Knoxville and went to the NP a couple of times a year. I was always amazed in the summer when parents had their kids out to take a picture with the bear. SMH

#10 @emotis sends a momma bear and her cub in a tree. Yes, let’s follow the sunshine!

#13 @ladybug513 sends a gorgeous St. Bernard at Mount Hood. I hope you had a great time with your daughter and granddaughter and that your mani was fun!

#14 @dnrhott sends vintage card from the Grand Canyon. I really want to get back and visit again.

#19 @ellistrations sends an adorable shiba inu postcard. A few of your goals are my goals too…save some money and stop buying cards for awhile (I have so many), don’t procrastinate, and write more (I have a couple of science journal articles that I need to finish).

#20 @alcott1 sends a green door for my hibernate theme. The weather has been mild here, too, except for that one major cold snap in December. I wonder what is behind that door!

#27 @beatriceh sends snuggling polar bears! I love polar bears, too, and have thought about a trip to Canada to see them in the wild. I saw Martha Steward do a bus trip up there probably 10 years ago and it has stuck with me.

#29 @melvnoble sends a bear that doesn’t look too happy. We have one of these light displays at our local zoo, too. It’s called “Glow Wild.”

#30 @RockyRoadTrip sends a Rip Van Winkle card for my hibernate theme! Except for going to school (work), I pretty much hibernate during the winter, too. I try to do my errands on the way home so I can stay in on the weekends. I spent all day today writing letters and cards to friends while in my jammies…HAHA.

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