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Blue-75 :blue_heart:
@TeachLittleKids Thank you Judy for this Yellowstone card! I went there when I was about 12yo or so and it was awesome, I’ll probably go again since my husband’s never been there. :smiley:

B/W-75 :black_heart: :white_heart:
@TeachLittleKids Thanks Judy for this sleepy cat, I just got up from a 3 hour power nap, haha! :laughing: How many days until freedom?

Rainbow-75 :rainbow:
@TeachLittleKids Thank you Judy for this cool card, it reminds me of the 70s! :smiley: The rainbow wave on the back is awesome too, great find at World Market! I’ve never seen postcards there.

Orange-76 :orange_heart:
@TeachLittleKids Thank you Judy for this awesome sunset card. :smiley: I miss the sunsets I would see over the Foothills and Rocky Mountains in Colorado, but they’re nice here as well. :slight_smile:

@virgomar0918 Thank you Marena for this Flower Fairy. :fairy: I haven’t been to a street fair in forever, but in small towns they do have a fair that is held in the square (park) of it. :slight_smile:


Rainbow 75 - From @Cocosmom , a lovely dinner feast in a beautiful setting, thank you Ann! I can imagine your visits to the Maryland shore are quite enjoyable and it’s good you are able to return and reminisce. Like you, I am
Not really crazy about hard shell seafood either, but I really love crab cakes as well!

@virgomar0918 , Marena sent a beautiful scenic card with a quote that is so true! Thank you for sharing it with me. As the weekend “disappears “ like a rainbow, I always feel a bit sad.

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Received for blue 75
@TeachLittleKids slow down. My husband has blue eyes. Thank you

Rainbow-75 Great cards arrived from somewhere over the Rainbow :rainbow:
This pretty peacock is from Marena @virgomar0918 I like the cards from The Writerie!
A lovely Lantern Press card for Toledo, Ohio. I remember the great John Denver song :wink:
A rainbow over an Iowa farm is from Marcella @sleepyhippo1 This is a scene similar to one in western Ohio.
Luscious summer fruit from Tia @tia272 I’m ready for it!
Definitely a 60’s/70’s vibe from Victoria @CalicoBeer I write cards sitting on the sofa :writing_hand:
Thanks everyone :rainbow:


Green-76 in tomorrow’s mail! :green_book:

Rainbow 75 received from @journeyforth - I haven’t seen any rainbows lately myself, but my friends who live in Atlanta proper have a great view of rainbows over the buildings, and I see pictures on FB all the time. There are too many trees around my place to see many, but I appreciate the pictures!


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Group Blue 75

Thank you @TeachLittleKids for the wonderful blue skyscraper postcard with a plan delivering a woman flowers! It’s so unique and I love it! :blue_heart:

Rainbow 75 card received from @TeachLittleKids

Rainbow-75 :rainbow:

Thank @virgomar0918 for this colorful cat card! It does work great for this theme, and your colorful writing!

@CalicoBeer This groovy steampunk plague mask is fantastic! Thank you! My holiday weekend was just more of the same. I need to learn to do different things for the holidays to break up the year some.

@sleepyhippo1 These kitties made me smile! Thank you!

@Cocosmom Thank you for the very groovy peace sign! It is really interesting where it came from.


Rainbow 75
@TeachLittleKids thanks for this cool colorful card

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@virgomar0918 - lots of orange food! Thank you. I, too, like all of them. I like to cook only when the recipe isn’t too complicated or time-consuming. There are plenty of very good foods that are fairly easy to prepare.

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Orange 76 card received from @hootnoodle for the Disney princess card. Glad you enjoyed your family gathering.

Green 76 card received from @ellistrations thanks for the HH card. I have not been there but looks nice.

Green 76 card also received from @TeachLittleKids thanks for the view card. I’ve been to VA but not this particular area!

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Rainbow-75 I love this striking card of brilliantly colored trees at night. Thank you JoAnn @Hazygirl

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May I please join Purple 76?

I’d like to join Blue-76 & Purple-76 please

Rainbow 75 - Received a colorful card from @TeachLittleKids , thanks Judy! Or is it Susan??? Return address label on front is different name and address… anyway, I appreciate the card with the positive message!

Please add me to a group.

Blue-75 :blue_heart:
@sleepyhippo1 Thanks Marcella for this Ivory Cat Tavern card! :smiley: He’s definitely an interesting looking little fellow. I can only sit so long with my MIL.

Rainbow-75 :rainbow:
@CalicoBeer Thank you Victoria for this piñata! It’s been forever since I whacked at a piñata, and I have seen videos of doing exactly that go horribly wrong, usually when someone is standing too damn close. :laughing: C’mon now, common sense tells you to step way the heck back. :grin:

Join Red please, thanks Kai! :heart:

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Orange 73

@CrimsonKing I wonder where this one has been! I’ve been to Virginia but not the Blue Ridge Mountains. Thanks


Sheesh!! I too had a March one show up in my mailbox last week. :laughing:

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