[RR CLOSED] 🌎 NA Write Back My Postcard Round Robin - SEE LAST POST

Welcome to the North America Write back my Postcard (or NA WBMP) round robin!

How does it work?
Do you have any blank cards that you would love to have in your own collection written and stamped? Send your blank cards in an envelope to other group members. These group members will return your own postcards to you written and stamped or in an envelope (refer to group description for details). Since it can cost extra to send oversized or shaped postcards, please refer to the group description for which groups allow for these types of cards.

To Join
If you would like to join, please post in the thread with which group you would like to join. If you are joining this round robin for the first time, you will need to send a private message with your address. I will NOT add you to a group if I do not have your address. First time participants may only join one group. Once other members start receiving your cards, you will be allowed to join more groups.

Please send your cards within 2 weeks of receiving your group’s addresses. If you need more time, just let me know. We understand that life happens and that’s okay! Communication is key. Please post in this thread whenever you send an envelope, receive an envelope, send back cards, or receive your own cards back.

If you have any questions, ideas, or suggestions, feel free to contact me.

:round_pushpin: OPEN GROUPS :round_pushpin:
#61. 9 cards: send 3 cards to each participant; get back 9 written and stamped cards (standard size cards).
:one: open
:two: open
:three: open
:four: open

#62. 9 cards: send 3 cards to each participant; get back 9 written and stamped cards (any size cards).
:one: open
:two: open
:three: open
:four: open

:paperclip: FULL GROUPS - ADDRESSES TO BE SENT :paperclip:

:mailbox_with_mail: TRAVELING GROUPS :mailbox_with_mail:

S = Sent
ER = Envelope received
R = Received back own card(s)

60. 9 cards: send 3 cards to each participant, get back 9 written and stamped cards (standard cards). Addresses sent October 16 2020.

  1. RuhRohRaggy (CaliSmiles) S // ER: ALL // R: ALL
  2. sraelling S // ER: ALL // R: ALL
  3. JannCady S // ER: 2, 4 // R: 2
  4. travelingyogibear S // ER: ALL // R: ALL


59. 9 cards: send 3 cards to each participant, get back 9 written and stamped cards (cards of any size): RuhRohRaggy, travelingyogibear, emeraldmist, MeaganMS. Addresses sent September 20 2020. Completed October 29 2020.

Group 60

Cards written 3/3 to sraeling are in the mail.

Group 60: all cards written and sent to travelingyogibear. Card #1 sent 10/21; #2 sent 10/23; #3 sent 10/24. :heavy_check_mark: :grinning:

Group 60. JannCady All cards in envelopes will post Oct 26

Group 60. JannCady mailed travelingyogibear’s cards written back to her in October 21. Was posted in old forum. Thank you.

Group 60, received all 3 cards from @sraelling - I have not yet been to India, but I hope to.I love seeing an octopus move underwater…they are so beautiful. I think I would be so fun to be an octopus mermaid!

I (formerly CaliSmiles) received 2 cards back from MeaganMS. Don’t worry about taking extra time to write my cards back. I have been a little delayed myself. I’ll try to catch up this weekend. In fact, I’m certain I still owe you a Lego card! I really like these Mila Marquis cards too and, to be honest, I spend way too much money on buying them. But it’s a small joy :slight_smile: Thank you

Group 59

I received all 3 of my cards back from Meagan MS.
I have an employee that wishes I had never heard the song Danny Boy… Of course his name in Danny, I I have the urge to sing that song whenever I say his name, sometimes the urge wins, and it gets really sad if you think of the whole song, then awkward…

This closes this group out for me.

Group 60, I have now received all of my cards back (still haven’t received envelopes from 2 people)

@anon38742675 - I am glad to hear that you have overcome difficult situations and realize that they are just a path forward to a better life! Thank you for sharing.

@RuhRohRaggy - I hope your flight goes well and that your trip is a success. I think postcards are a combination of both fun, well-picked cards as well as the message. When people don’t write anything at all it is disappointing to me. Thank you for your thoughtful messages.

Group 60, I received 2/3 postcards from @travelingyogibear today (10/28). The photo of the collared lizard always makes me giggle. They are much smaller in real life, though, but still quick. A family reunion took us to Moab, the next one will be in Cody, WY. :blush:

received envelope from @anon38742675

I will get my envelopes mailed this weekend. (formerly CaliSmiles on the old forum)

:fallen_leaf: UPDATED! :fallen_leaf:

Group #60: Received envelope with cards from @anon38742675 today (10/29.) You did not send your cards to me previously. It’s all good.

Group 60, @anon38742675 I received your envelope today, it is not a duplicate. I will return them shortly!

Group #60: Received card 3/3 from @travelingyogibear today (10/30). Yeah…I don’t need to climb mountains to appreciate them. :wink: Stadium High School is so beautiful.

Group 60: JannCady received envelope from sraelling. Cards are written and will mail out November 2

#60 mailed my envelopes

#60 sent back cards to both sraelling and janncady