[RR CLOSED] 🌎 NA Write Back My Postcard Round Robin - SEE LAST POST

:exclamation: UPDATED :exclamation:

60, received envelope from @RuhRohRaggy…there are only 2 postcards in it plus an envelope. The 2 cards will be in the mail in the morning.

Group 60: Postcard Jackpot today! (11/5/20) :blush:

@RuhRohRaggy: It’s good to meet another life-long learner! So glad to hear that you had a passionate Spanish teacher. :grinning: My husband has spent more time near the Olympic National Park than me. He’s been hunting deer & elk. Soon, both of us will be able to do some exploring (when the grandkids are able to go back to school.) Sometimes I miss the snow, glistening in the moonlight, but I don’t miss the below zero weather, shoveling snow or walking like a penguin on icy sidewalks. :grimacing:

@JannCady: The grandkids’ parents made Halloween as special as they could with a Halloween parade up and down the block with folks waving from their porches (no candy shared) followed by a scavenger hunt for candy in the house. The kids didn’t care - they got to play with their cousins, dress up, eat some candy. :woman_superhero: The moon was gorgeous that night! My husband said it was even more spectacular in the woods. Continue to do what you need to do to stay safe!

Group 60: returned cards to @JannCady -#1 on 10/31, #2 on 11/4, #3 on 11/6.


Group 60: Received the envelope from @RuhRohRaggy today (11/9/20) with 2 postcards enclosed. :thinking::blush:

JannCady group 60 received card two and card three from @sraelling. Such lovely notes and so many vintage stamps. Thank you so much. You hold the record for the most stamps I’ve received on one card so far…7!! Thank you.

JannCady received first card from @sraelling. Our Covid rates have seriously spiked after people celebrated Halloween. We didn’t. And we won’t go anywhere for thanksgiving. Makes the clean up easier. Lol.

received 2 cards back from @JannCady, what a great deal on postcards! I would have done the same - buy 1000s of postcards

received 1 card back from @travelingyogibear, it actually took a long time for me to watch the LOTR series. I tried many times and just couldn’t get into it so never got past the first 30 minutes. Once I finally did, I fell in love with the story and the movies and then the books!

Thank you both!

received 1 card back from @travelingyogibear, thank you!

Group #60: cards written and returned to @RuhRohRaggy. #1 sent on 11/13, #2 sent on 11/19/20. :hugs:

Hey everyone, I realize I made mistake trying to hurry and only sent each person 2 cards to write back instead of 3 for group #60. I’m not going to resend to everyone with one blank card, so I will simply count my own cards as received once I receive the 2/each back. :slight_smile: Thanks!

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Is there anyone interested in taking over hosting duties for this round robin? :question: :grey_question: :question:

received 1 card back from sraelling, thank you!

received another card back from sraelling, thank you very much! Happy Thanksgiving

:santa: UPDATED :mrs_claus:

If you’re still looking for a new host, I’m interested! I joined a group a long time ago, and it was really fun.

@akm Alyssa, you are more than welcome to take over hosting duties! :smiley: Let me know if you need anything.

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Great! I’ll start a new thread. :smiley:

Do you know if there is a moderator I should contact about it?