Rochester (SE Minnesota), Sept 18, 2021

:world_map: CITY/REGION: Rochester, SE Minnesota
:pushpin: MEETUP PLACE: St. James Coffee, 4156 18th Ave NW
:calendar: DATE: Saturday, September 18th, 2021
:alarm_clock: TIME: 1:00-4:00pm
:page_facing_up: MEETUP PLAN:

  • Meet in this neat little strip mall coffee shop, purchase strongly encouraged (run by volunteers). Coffee is fantastic, so are the treats. Trigger warning: It’s a Christian environment, but not missionary.
  • Bring stamps, stickers, your best pens, etc. We will sign cards, chat about our favorites received etc.
  • Feel free to bring stuff for trade or give away.
  • Official meeting cards will shortly be available for viewing; larger quantities are available for purchase by contacting the organizer via message.
  • Hoping to see you soon in Rochester, home of Mayo Clinic!
  • Please confirm your attendance by clicking in the header!

No matter what your vaccination status is: Please wear a mask for the meetup to keep everybody as safe as possible! Officially (CDC/MDH) it’s only a recommendation as of 8/22/21.


Cards ordered:

Participant # of Cards
@sannah82 25
@bellamae 30
@KristinaGisela 20
@jdkreuter 10
Dreandra 20
@sleepyhippo1 15
@salemhouse 15
@esullivan88 ?
@waydowneast 10
@joanna13 ?
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As of right now I work every Saturday. But hopefully by then I will have a new schedule. Put me down for coming, but if you need to give my slot to someone else, go ahead. Since it not a for sure thing.

And it’s still eight weeks out … No worries!

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I will attend, if I am not out of town (possible 92nd birthday celebration that weekend).

We would love to have you!

I’d love to go! I just need to doublecheck our calendar(s) and make sure there isn’t a conflict.

Please! I’ll return the favor three weeks later!

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This is the meetup card I designed (minus my initials of course). Please message me with your quantity of choice. $0.20 per card.


I’m new here. I would like to know more about this? Seeing this is closer to my home. But I’ll have to find a ride there. What are stickers you talk about? And stamps? And what are we signing? I’ve never been to one of these before. What kind of things do you bring to trade or give away? Sorry I asked so many questions.

How much do these cost? The meet up cards.

To answer all your questions at once, @bellamae :

  1. Some people have (wooden) stamps or stickers instead of signing their postcards (or to decorate them further).
  2. You can bring any stash of your postcards to be signed by everyone attending, but the specially designed meetup postcards are fairly popular (whilst not for everyone).
  3. The postcard designed above will be $0.20/piece. Please let me know if you would be interested in ordering some when you have secured a ride.
  4. Meetups are usually to get-to-know other postcrossers, chat, hangout, have a coffee (esp. given the location here in this case) and have postcards signed by everyone in attendance.

Please count me in :smile:
Looking forward to connect with other post crossers in the area!

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I’d love to go! :slight_smile: Please sign me up for the event. Thank you!

This is a in-person meeting. Your profile doesn’t indicate that you are local?!?

The printing company messed up - there is a small white strip on the right side of every single card …

It wasn’t there in the proof, but they say it was my fault nevertheless. :frowning: Still usable, but slightly disappointing.

I went back to China to visit my relatives. I will be in the US within just a few days so no worries:) I would have finished quarntine by the meetup time.

I have fixed my profile. I’d be glad to attend, please count me in:) Thank you!

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How can we order the meet up cards? And how do we pay for them? And when do we pay for them? I found a ride to go to the meet up.

Just let me know how many you’ll like and I’ll bring them to the meetup where you can pay in cash. I’m glad you can make it!