Request to New Zealand postcrossers: sent a Birthday card to my mom?

Since my mom will be turning 85 this year and since she is asking me each day “do we get postcards today?”, I thought it would be a great idea when she would get loads of postcards herself for her b-day from all around the world.

Especially if there will be some from New Zealand, since she used to live in Christchurch for 5-6 years. She arrived when she was 18, so pretty young.
She keeps telling us about it on a regular basis and also that New Zealand is the most beautiful country in the world. So therefor this humble request in this part of the forum.

When: April 5th
Where: :netherlands: The Netherlands

I would be very grateful if you could send her a birthday card and I am more then happy to sent a card in return :heart:


PM sent

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Thanks Paul… :blush:

No postcrossers from New Zealand present? :disappointed_relieved:

Hi, perhaps there aren’t many New Zealanders active on this forum. An alternative might be to find some on the main website who are interested in direct swaps and message them directly.

Hi Susannah,

if that is allowed? And I think you are right that so far I haven’t run into a New Zealander on the forum, then again I haven’t look for them actively.

Thanks for the tip, I will do so… :heart:

Of course it is allowed.
If they say they are “interested in swaps” it is even encouraged.
If they say they are “not interested in direct swaps”, it is still allowed but it is just frowned upon.


You’re welcome and good luck!

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Thanks good to know!!

I myself would frown too if I had stated “not interested in direct swaps” and then probably proceed with the swap anyways :upside_down_face: since that is how I am.

But I have learned a few weeks ago, when I just was new on the forum, that some people almost get a fit if you don’t follow the rules till the letter. So I am very careful and aware now.

I paid more attention today to the profiles (yesterday it was late) and I noticed that a lot of the NZ postcrossers, at least in the Christchurch area have not been active for a very long time. So I am only contacting the ones which looked at their profile in the last month and that has more results :blush: :heart: :heart_hands:

Yes of course…
You can even search a country by which postcrosser is more recently active.

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Kia ora from Christchurch NZ! I would be delighted to send a card. Will send DM


Hi there! What about other countries? It would be real fun to receive a birthday card from other countries. Yes, it will take some time, but anyway I think your mom will be pleased to get such surprise cards. What do you think about it?
I would be glad to send your mom a card.

Hi @happydayout, I just recognised your username because you sent me a beautiful LOTR maxicard with a sweet message 2 years ago when I was brand new and had 0 cards received, and it gave me such a wonderful experience of the site as a newbie! Now I try to give other new Postcrossers the same experience. Thank you :sparkling_heart:


Possibly @Whio or @Vexre could help too!

Hello @FrauWagner,

yes, of course they are welcome too :heart_eyes:
I will sent you a PM

Hi @Classic,

it would be cool if @Whio would.

I have contacted @Vexre earlier today, since her profile stated she is interested in direct swaps… and hopefully she will say Yes :grin:


@epd Have sent you a message regarding sending a card from NZ! :blush:

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Happy to @epd :slight_smile: DM me with address

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I saw, thanks @Vexre :grin:

I replied, wasn’t able yesterday since I used my max for the day of direct messages on the site.

Oh that is so lovely to hear. I’m really pleased I was able to start your Postcrossing journey in a nice positive way! Here’s to plenty more wonderful postcard exchanges for you. :incoming_envelope: