Request to New Zealand postcrossers: sent a Birthday card to my mom?

I can send from the Wellington area :blush:

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I like to give you an update:
After I got a tip from @minrimmon I contacted people directly who were interested in swapping. Especially people in New Zealand where my mom used to live 5-6 years.

So I got a bit carried away to be honest :see_no_evil: :upside_down_face: and if all cards will not get lost in Snail mail space, my mom will get over 160 cards :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:.

We received already quite some cards as you can see

There are more in this pile then you can see, but I wanted to avoid that addresses were shown.

So I like to thank everybody again who participated in this project.
We really appreciated it :pray:t2: :kissing_heart:

For those who I promise to mail a card in return, you will get the card I promised you, don’t worry! I am just running behind on schedule, so thanks for your patience!!

Kind regards,
Ellen :tulip: :wave:t2:

Wow! Very cool to see that my little tip led to this, good on you for making such an effort for your mum, how wonderful :slight_smile:

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Yes, it did :grin:…
Thanks again Susannah!!