Request - Postcards for children's class at library

Hello Fellow Postcrossers! Today I went to my local public library. I passed through the children’s section and a sign caught my eye. The children’s librarian, as her alter ego, Kermit the Frog, is requesting postcards from all over the USA and world. These will be used to educate the children about the world outside their small town of Hamburg, New York, USA.

If anyone is interested in helping Kermit, please send him a postcard at the following public address:

Kermit the Frog
c/o Lake Shore Branch Library
4857 Lake Shore Road
Hamburg, NY 14075

I am sure that Kermit and the children who visit the library for the children’s programming appreciate your help and would love your postcards.

Thanks for your help!!


Sorry, I forgot to add U.S.A. to the address for the public library as I cut and pasted it from the library webpage. I understand this is a public address and it is being posted on a public forum.
Thank you!


How cool is this! Will send a few!

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Vermont sent

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Thank you! ‘Kermit’ will be so happy. Teaching the kids about the whole, enormous world is tough. I remember when I was in high school taking Spanish 5. We were able to go to the nearby elementary school to teach very basic Spanish to 6 and 7 year olds. Goodness! We spent the entire first lesson trying to explain that the world is huge and people who live far away sometime speak differently. It’s a hard concept. Your postcard will help them learn that there’s a big world with lots of cool places to see and good people in it. I appreciate your help.
Happy Postcrossing, Diane


Thank you, Annazon! The library program will benefit from your help. The early literacy programs for 3 and 4 years olds are such a great resource. Our family participated and we made lifelong friends there. It’s a fine thing for little ones to learn about their big, exciting world. I appreciate your help.


I’ll send one from PA!


Sending from Kentucky

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I can send one from Hamburg, Germany


Hamburg to Hamburg love it :grin:


Florida card is on it’s way

I don’t mind to sent Kermit a card from the Netherlands!

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OK. Will do. JamesC

Thanks so much everyone! What a nice response to my request. The children will learn so much from these postcards. As for Hamburg (Germany) to Hamburg (New York), I love it!! I enjoy when I receive an address from Hamburg, Germany postcrossers. Be assured that our Hamburg is very tiny compared to yours. We have a couple claims to fame. First, our town is the site of the county fair - the second largest county fair in the USA. Secondly, local lore says it was at this particular fair that the hamburger was invented when a food vendor ran out of sausages. Besides that, we’re just a little lakeside town with beautiful sunsets and nice people. I thank all you nice postcrossers for helping out our library. Happy Postcrossing!


Sending from the beach in North Carolina :desert_island:

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Sounds like fun! I’ll send one too.

I’ll send a card from New Mexico!

Love this so much! I will send one from Washington State! :us:


That’s great :grinning:
I will send you a card from Vienna :grinning:

I work as a children’s librarian and would love to send one from Ohio!