Request - Postcards for children's class at library

South Carolina Headed to Kermit :slight_smile:

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I’ll send a card from Washington, D.C.!

Sending to kermit from Sonoma California :slight_smile:

Great idea :bulb:.
One in the post today, of York a city in Northern England.:england:. Told them about the Romans and Vikings who one ruled these lands. Also included a copy of the very first stamp (Penny Black) and a modern barcode stamp to compare.


That’s such a great idea.
I live close to Hamburg/Germany and I work voluntarily for an elementary school and do Postcrossing with 10 kids as an after Activity.
They have so much fun and are always excited, when they receive postcards and they learn so much. It would be so nice if they would receive a postcard from another Hamburg.
We will write to Kermit


I’ll send one from Hong Kong.

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Will send a card.

It’s a really good idea.
I will send cards from Japan tomorrow.

I’m sending a card from Washington state.

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From Moscow, Russia.


I’m sending greetings from Finland. :slight_smile: :finland:

I’ll send one from Nevada today.

Hello :frog:! I sent one today from California!

Will send from the southern tier region of New York State!

Posted in a german PC Forum.
Maybe we will find someone from our Hamburg.
Mine is on the way.

I send a map of Germany - have fun!

One on the way from Franklin, TN, USA!

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If it’s not too late, I will send one from Spain!! :blush:

Thailand sent this morning!

I’ll send one from Wisconsin :+1: