Request and Vote on a Tag or RR for NA

Maybe this should be in the Request a Tag or RR sections, but I’d love to see a Stickers (plus other non-postcard paper product) Tag or RR here.


I would love to see a North America tag group for upcycled packaging. I love seeing people get creative and I love to see changes in packaging and logos over time so I think this could be fun! Would like to keep it to NA for cost reasons.

I know there is a general group for voting on new tags but is there something similar just for North America? (I couldn’t find anything.)

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Currently there exists an International Food Package Postcard Tag
I wonder if there is any interest in a North America only version of this tag? It would be nice to keep postage costs down and reduce, reuse and recycle packaging into some fun postcards!

What do you think?

  • Yes, I would love a North America only version of the Food Package Postcard Tag!
  • No thanks, I’m not interested.

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This tag is now open!

[NA] Food Package Postcard Tag - reduce, reuse, recycle!

  • nautical/ocean → mountains/forest → nautical/ocean → mountains/forest tag
  • 3 multiview cards (I love multiview cards!)
  • 1 single view + 1 multiview (to get to know a Postcrosser better)
  • 1 viewcard + 1 handmade (also to get to know a Postcrosser better)

I posted about these in the international Tags category ie., trading snow for sand tag, but I’d really like to send postcards of the Atlantic Ocean and receive from states that have mountain ranges and/or forests.


A few tag suggestions. I haven’t seen any of these for NA to NA :smiling_face:

NA to NA $1 wishlist tag,
NA to NA Paper tag
NA to NA 3 Sheets of stickers tag.
NA to NA happy fat mail tag

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You should start the ones you like! You don’t need tag moderators approval for the North America section


I didn’t know that. Thank you! :blush:

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I’m good with these, but I can’t tag right now because I have a number of cards to send out atm. :blush:

@Pinksxo what about a NA to NA 5 of 20 Little Offers tag? NA to NA $1 wishlist tag is relatively similar, just if you like receiving more items, but for even less. $ adds up, you know? Maybe wait to see how the $1 Wishlist tag goes?

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Hello Everyone! I host the NA Secret Christmas RR and this year I also hosted an NA Secret Valentine RR. I was wondering if folks would want an NA SECRET HOLIDAYS RR? The annual Christmas and Valentine’s RRs would be integrated into this one. I am based in the USA, but could potentially integrate Canadian holidays as well…Please vote below:

  • YES! I love surprises!
  • NO, no secrets for me.
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Hello USA friends :us:
Wondering if there might be any interest in a “Chain Card USA” RR group separate from the main CC RR group.
I love the variety of stamps we have especially the ones with multiple image.
For example, the upcoming horse stamp has 5 different horses, so it would be five participants so each card gets all five horses on it.
Focus would be on current multi image sets but can also do themes.
One advantage — speed!
(Please don’t vote no if not geographically related!)

  • Yes try it
  • Nope :-1: not interested
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Hi! I moved this question to the North America category. I like this idea! I’m not a moderator in the NA section, but I think if you get one or two YES votes then you can go ahead and open it in North America.

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Certainly a good idea!! Good luck :four_leaf_clover: