Recycling old calendar into postcards?

Apologizes if there was already discussion going on about this on some thread.

I was thinking about recycling the old calendar into postcards now that the year has ended. Felt bit pity about just throwing away the whole thing. Has anybody else done this? I think the paper is way too thin, so I would have to glue the pictures on to something. Any tips on that? Would it be the best to use just thicker paper or cardboard or something else?

And lastly, here are few I have now cut off into standard postcard size. What you think, can these become decent postcards? And would anybody even want to receive calendar-turned-into-postcards?


Nice pictures :slight_smile: I would rather recommend converting old calendars to envelopes though. As it’s a lot easier than to nicely glue it on a cardboard.


I thought about that too, but I don’t really use envelopes… But this one does have couple of pages that didn’t really have any good postcard sizes details so I could try out envelope making with those.

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Like Cassiopheia suggested, I mostly make envelopes out of old calendars. But it depends! I once found a Tintin calender with very thick paper and white blank background and that calendar was very easy to cut into awesome Tintin postcards :slight_smile:


I use smaller calendars either as paper to write on, or as letter and envelope as one (A5 paper, folded in the middle and written on the white side) and bigger calenders I us as bigger envelopes or gift wrap. This year all my presents had to travel via post so I used about 3 calenders to write the letter and 2 to wrap the present and send it - no extra envelope. I usually ask my colleagues to give their old once to me. :slight_smile:


I would. And probably many who appreciate „homemade“ postcards.
Personally I would glue it on another piece of paper or carton to make it sturdier, and I would make sure the edges don‘t come off. If the calendar paper is thick enough it can go without glueing anything to it, the Hardenberg calendar postcards also are not very thick paper.


This is good idea, because the calendar have it’s own memories about the social phenomena, important events etc in every years. Also, i think someone may appreciate the creative efforts!


Well, I would love to receive handmade cards like this too! :blush: I guess it just depends on what the Postcrosser states in his/her profile.


I have turned calendar images onto postcards and have mailed them. My calendar was a desk calendar and the paper was thicker. I did still glue it onto a cardboard base.


I would love to get a postcard fashioned from a calendar or other re-purposed items. They show that you are creative, frugal and resourceful. Unless a Postcrosser specifies that they only want traditional post cards, I would “go for it,” to quote a response to my inquiry about transforming greeting cards into postcards.


This is such a great idea! I was thinking of just cutting my calendar into bits and pieces and put them together on a postcard, similar to a collage, but the idea of envelopes sounds so exciting. I have been looking for a while for empty postcard paper (templates) which would be so useful as not only they look a bit more professional but also spares you the measuring and precise cutting time. I highly appreciate the idea of repurposing and recycling our paper.


@Kompis-Ninna you should check out the cow tag post… Cow tag that‘s where your cards would be loved, I guess. :cow2:


I have turned some old calendar images into postcards. I glued them on to a piece of card stock. I also saved some of the calendar landscape images as backgrounds for collages. Also, there are some recycling groups on here if you’d be interested in participating!


I love calendar cards! :smiley: Anything selfmade is great!


I love the images and am sure they make great cards when glued on thicker paper/cardstock. Did it a couple of times, too. Also pages from magazines etc


Yes! Old calendars, book illustrations, magazines, etc. are great for recycling!

I buy blank A6 postcards from an online crafts store and wide (15cm) double-stick tape. I cover the postcard’s blank side with the double-stick tape and then put the image on. For me, it’s easiest to cut the image a bit bigger than the card and then trim off the excess. With the double-stick tape even thinner paper usually doesn’t bubble or warp. I usually (a) look for ways to “jazz it up” a bit with a quote or something to make it into a collage or (b) decorate the back with appropriate stamps/stickers/washi tape so people know I am putting some effort into the card and not just plastering someone else’s image onto a piece of cardboard and calling it a day.

So far, these cards have been well-received.


Thank you for the encouraging replies, everybody :slight_smile:

I made couple of test versions and they turned out nicely! Used bit of tape on edges to make sure the image and cardboard stay together, and to smooth down the otherwise sharp edges. Too bad I don’t have white washi-tape. It would have made nice frame edges, I think.

Not the fanciest cards around here, but should be fine for the selected profiles that are okay with handmades and these themes I got.

And while I was looking for cardboard (ended up using the ones that came with stamp orders… I knew I was saving those for something!) I found also another calendar, the one from 2019 (and that one has really nice nature views)! The 2018 is probably around here somewhere too, because why to throw away things when you can just stuck them into storage somewhere. So I got now lot to use my time with :joy:


I second this recommendation! In my opinion, it’s even easier to use double-sided adhesive sheets (like these), so you don’t have to line up multiple strips of tape. (Also, @Kompis-Ninna, if you ever make collages, the adhesive sheets make it easy to apply irregularly-shaped collage pieces without warping them.)

Washitape is great for a lot of stuff but the glue is rather loose, so using them to hold stuff together is probably not the best idea? :thinking:
Your cards look nice!

Yeah, that’s true. I am testing out different things now. I have some clear tape that is just bit wider than washi but holds much better on paper. Going try to see if it works to have clear tape over the washi to get both, frames and cards that arrive complete.