Recipient deleted image

I’m curious to hear why you’re deleting all your photos? I don’t like it myself either and I do understand why people complain. I’m interested to know the reason for your decision.


I can see how that would be offensive to someone who isn’t Christian and makes it clear that they do not want to celebrate Christmas. However, maybe it wasn’t done out of spite. Maybe the sender didn’t read that part or forgot about it when they went to send the postcard. Their intentions could have been good.

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Woah. That’s pretty intense. (the person destroying your homemade card and uploading an empty postcard) I’m sorry that happened to you. That user was absolutely rude.

This is exactly how I feel. Some things are beyond our control and that’s ok. When we put something out into the world, be it a postcard or something else, we have to learn to let go of it. It no longer belongs to us.


Hi everyone!

I removed a bunch of posts from this topic because it was clear who the conversation was about and we don’t feel comfortable with this kind of finger pointing, or sharing private messages on the forum. I know posting here sometimes works a bit as venting, and it isn’t done with malicious intentions… but posting so many identifying details incites people to judge or go after others… which is not great. :frowning: “Remember to criticize ideas, not people”, as is stated on the Forum Guidelines.

I wish we didn’t have to remove so much, but I don’t think there is a way to make this conversation make sense when relevant parts of it would be missing.

As was pointed out, the correct thing to do when someone is not following the Community Guidelines is to get in touch via the Contact form. We’ve now received @Kristina_Shtoppel 's email about this situation and will follow up on it.


I haven’t heard from it yet. It makes me wonder why people delete the image :thinking: Any idea folks ?
Not judging, just curious about it.

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I have heard that some are trying to reduce their digital footprint for ecological reasons. For others, it’s just a preference. Some delete them so that they can scan the postcard themselves and capture how it was received.


As I understand you are not allowed to scan anything with an adress? Front of the card only shows the picture, so why delete it if you have no intention of replacing it with the “travelled” version of the front side?

Some people like to see only postcards with hares on their wall, for example.


Very law-abiding citizens might also do it because they don’t have the copyrights to the image, and technically, uploading these images can be illegal, depending on the country you live in.


Sometimes people intend to scan it eventually and upload their own image but never get around to it.

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Not quite on topic, but I’ve just received a Postcrossing message saying that the sender of a postcard I received has deleted the image.

I thought that, once received, only the recipient could change or remove the image.
Dies anyone know the circumstances under which the sender can remove the image ?


He can if the image was uploaded by him. You have the option to upload the image yourself, and if you do he can’t delete it.


I delete images when the person sends me something that isn’t a postcard, but a folded card. I wouldn’t want another user to mistakenly favorite it and then receive something that isn’t a postcard. I would also delete something political or something too sexual. I just don’t want to see it. :person_shrugging:

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I have deleted images and uploaded my own when I felt that my photo was better than the one they originally attached to the card.


A member recently deleted one of mine, guess it didn’t fit their preferences

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I am a long time member and there was a time it wasn’t possible to upload the postcard as sender (I think??). So postcards from that time are simply lost. So I will never reach a 100% wall and that is simply not my goal. I like sending a card and I hope the receiver likes it.

I sometimes delete cards to replace them with a better picture. But in a certain period I didn’t have time for that. It is still on my to-do-list… I hope to have time to upload them someday.

Sometimes I get a message about it and depending on the tone, I will let them know I will upload it again in the future or ignore it. One member got a bit intense by sending me multiple messages about it, claiming OCD! In this tread I read severall members claiming OCD as a reason for wanting a complete wall. Are you sure OCD is the reason? You know, the official diagnose?

I hope that everyone who is offended, shocked or sad because of a deleted picture, will be oké about it in the future. Because there are maybe a few cards missing, because some dislike having a wall, disliking the card or whatever, there are soooo many other receivers who love your card. Not just for on the digital wall, but showing it off to people they know. That is what I do with the ones I like best!!


I recently encountered a behavior that I am curious about. I noticed the receiving person deleted not just my card- they deleted all their received images for the last two full pages on their list.

Her profile said: “don’t be sad if I delete your card, I always upload them.” (Which is interesting)
I could care less if they delete my card - honestly- my sent wall is BORING. But that’s just because I try to send what people want- and many want a card about the sender’s home area. I don’t find cards of where I live interesting.

But- I am super curious why this person deletes so many and if they load them again… what a lot of work! People have a lot of little things about postcrossing they enjoy. I am not judging- just a little baffled.


I had someone delete my image once and then they uploaded a scan of the card about 2 weeks later, along with scans of several other recently received cards. I think they like the consistency of their own scans and to have the “travelled” postcard image on their wall and they batch the cards, scanning many on a given day. I don’t have a scanner and do my best with my phone camera, but my images aren’t always great (especially if I’m taking the pictures at night, which is most of the time!)