Recipient deleted image

One recipient deleted the image I uploaded so therefore it doesn’t appear on my wall. Looking at their profile, they sent 1300 cards, their wall only contains 13 so they seem to do it all the time. I realize I can’t do anything about it, still annoyed because i’d like to have the card on my sent wall.


Yea I got that once or twice before too, when I uploaded an image of the postcard that I sent, but the recipient deleted the image permanently, not just because the recipient wanted to upload a better/clearer version.

It’s not a nice feeling but it is also something we can’t help. :confused:


It isn’t great, but I have done it on occasion. When someone inquired why their card didn’t show and I respectfully explained it, I got a snarky reply about my nationality.


I sent a nice card from their wishlist. Their wall shows 13 received cards out of what must be 1400 so it’s clearly a habit, not a dislike for a particular card.


@Keppi, looks to me he keeps the pictures elsewhere, organised.
I wouldn’t interpret it in any bad way :slightly_smiling_face:.


maybe in this postcrosser’s profile there’s a link to his collection.
if there’s not, he runs the risk in receiving many duplicates because the others don’t know what he already received


Accoring to your profile you neither sent nor received any postcards.


Don’t want to go too offtopic here, but I recognise the username from the old forum which is linked to an account clearly from the same person but with more cards.

Found him, thanks!

That is because I just set up this name for Forum use (I could not transfer it from the Old Forum). My post concerned a card I received under my Official Postcrossing name.

I understand that the received wall is the recipient’s wall, so they get to delete/replace what they want. That, however, is also affecting my sent wall, so I wish there was a way that I can keep those cards on my sent wall without them showing up on the recipient’s wall if they don’t want it. I guess that would involve a lot of additional programming, but it would really be nice to have. Also I have sent cards before I owned a scanner. Most of the sent cards are also in my collection, so I would like to be able to upload them now.


I agree. I understand why it’s done this way (ownership rights, etc), but it’s definitely sad that our sent album depends on others. I know we can always create a Flickr album of sent cards, but it doesn’t get the “likes” that Postcrossing albums do, and not everyone clicks on it. Sometimes RR participants “like” my cards in advance, which helps me decide what to send them :slight_smile:


Maybe this is something he doesn’t care about or even likes.

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Once I also accidentally deleted my own scan of a very beautiful postcard that I sent.
I twice asked the recipient to post this scan. But alas, this did not happen.


This has happened to me twice recently, I wish there was a way for it to stay on our sent list. I always take the time and effort to upload, and that gets wasted when they delete. I also lose my record of what i’ve sent (i like to look back at the different cards i’ve paid for).


Maybe keep a photo diary of sent cards, that way you’ll have the picture.
There’s always a risk that the card will never get registered, and also then you don’t get to see the image of all your sent cards.

I think only one has permanently deleted my scan. Sometimes the scan is deleted but later replaced, and not always the same day, or even week.


@anon95027724 I’m curious - why did you do it? Was it something you didn’t like, found offensive or similar?


@siseto90 why did I do it? I stated in my profile I did not want certain types of cards. So this person sent such a card. On spite? I really don’t know. Fine…I registered the card, deleted the image and tossed the card.


Well, it just happened to me. I sent a card of something specifically in the recipient’s wish list, and it got deleted regardless. It’s a bit disappointing because it was a nice card and had got a few “favourites” already :confused:


It happened to me a few days ago and the receiver wrote that she always deletes images because she is worried about copyright issues. :open_mouth:

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