? Receiving doubles!

Hi, I’m new to this so I am sorry if I am repeating a topic. I was wondering if anyone has received the same card twice , or more ,or if the same person has been selected for you to sent a card to. Just curious,


Yes, several times - twice and more :wink: But I’m very active in the forum. So not sure if I have received duplicates on the official part only. The more you got, the higher the chance you received the same card again. People won’t look through your complete wall (which I can fully understand)

This is only possible if the person has more than one account.


I have received one card 3 times! But I don’ think I’ve received other dublicates at all.

It doesn’t bother me because the message, backside and the sender is always different.


Thank you.

With over 1,400 received, I can count my received duplicates with the fingers of one hand. As mentioned, the sender and the story of a card, even a duplicate is always different.

Also it can happen that two senders just happen to the same card without knowledge of each other. I have received the same card from Russia with the interval of two weeks: taking into account travel times from Russia and according to the sending dates, the sender had no possibility to know they are sending the same card to me. That’s why I find it a bit odd some postcrossers explicitly forbid duplicates in their profiles: it’s something you can not necessarily controll.


I’ve received this Marilyn card Marilyn 7ans de réflexion | Saint @ Postcrossing | Flickr 10 times and this marilyn_sepia | Saint @ Postcrossing | Flickr 12 times! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: And doubles, triples or more of many other cards.


That’s funny! Now I feel like sending you another one of those if I had it! :joy:


I think it’s easier to get doubles if there’s a specific theme or person maybe?
I have received a few doubles, and at least one where the image is the same, but the card size is different and they are from different publisher (I like that and it’s interesting too!)

(And two cards almost the same, the hedgehog has moved a tiny bit. I wonder if there are more of this same hedgehog :smiley:?

and this

DE-11236709 )


Sadly I just sent someone a duplicate. They had favored it several times so I thought they were hoping to receive…turns out they had already received it several times. If I had looked over their wall better I would have known and sent something else…


I rarely receive duplicates, it happened less than 5 times in about a thousand cards. But it doesn’t bother me at all, sometimes I like a card so much that I even expect to receive it again, a same card from a different member.

I guess the chance of receiving duplicates is somewhat related to your wish. I have “castle” in my list and I’ve received many times the Neuschwanstein Castle - not duplicates, but the view of the castle in different angles, different seasons and there was even a 3D one! It’s a special feeling that fascinates me. In real life I also like to take pictures of a same place again and again, and see how the view changes with the time, I never get bored.


Yes! I collect elephant cards and and have received this card from a postcard box seven times so far - it makes a small herd already. :elephant: :elephant: :elephant:



Oh yes. Some cards I received four or more times.
For me, it doesn’t matter. Every card is unique because of the text :slight_smile:


Never. I have already received postcards with the same image motif. But the correspondence has always been different.


Yes, I had only just started postcrossing. On Aug 27, 2020 and September 1, 2020, I received 2 identical cards, directly after each other, from people who live 800 kilometers away from each other. I thought that was very special!


I’ve received loads of duplicate cards. It makes no difference to me since they are from different people with different messages and normally with different stamps on too. I don’t really care about the picture side that much anyway.


Once I received same card twice from the same user (with two profiles) and the stamp was the same too and the text also word to word the same! Made me feel that the sender worked on an assembly line and didn’t give much thought to the card (s)he sent.


Yes, I agree. Back then I had Marilyn as one of my wishes. I didn’t mind receiving many copies of the same card, it was kind of funny and sweet. Most of the senders wrote how happy they were to have a perfect card for me and each of them was too. :heart_eyes:


One can well imagine the alarm clock ringing early in the morning, him getting up listlessly, pouring himself a coffee and thinking: “Naaaa, another day full of work with Postcrossing. Hopefully it will soon be the weekend!”




I received doubles only because it was one from the official site and other from the forum, and it was before there were pictures in our wall of received.