? Receiving doubles!

I have receiver this type as well, and the cards arrived close to each others! I wrote to them, didn’t they remember they send the same card from different profile (and thought what’s the point, they won’t answer). But they answered, so lovely interesting person, offered to send another card :smiley: (but I told no need) I was so surprised about their long and friendly answer, and there was something so interesting in this person I think I will always remember, and now regret a little, that I didn’t take the other kind of card.

And had I not written to them, I would think it’s “just another multi profiler”. But something in them was so peaceful (?), and I still think they must very balanced minded, because now I know many take this kind of message (what I sent) badly. But also, how calming they would be to have around, repeating the same small thing not worrying they do something weird next? Hard to describe, but I think this small exchange of messages made a difference in my attitude. Intriguing person :grin:


I have, unfortunately, sent someone a duplicate card. It was something on the profile wishlist, and I had made a point of checking the wall of received cards to ensure they didn’t have it already. Turns out they’d received more than one the same previously but the scans hadn’t been uploaded. :disappointed:

I have some squirrel cards that are apparently from the same photo session… that’s really cute imho :slight_smile:


I wouldn’t worry about it, you are sending them a gift and not doing their shopping. How could anyone mind receiving two nice cards?


I have received the same hamster card (at least) 5 times by now. I don’t mind. I mention hamsters on my profile, hamsters are cute, and there are (apparently :joy:) only so many hamster cards available in the world. Also all the senders were lovely people and wrote different tings. No worries. :grinning:


I have received 22 similar postcards showing the main library of Minsk, Belarus. After that I removed my wish to get library postcards. A cat card, printed in Finland, I received 6 times but most of them arrived unwritten… and were useful in the future. It happens.

I have received several duplicates, and I received five “World Postcard Day 2021” cards, three officials and two from the forum.

As far as getting the same address…I sent an official card to someone in the UK but it was not registered within one year. A few months later, I was given the same address. That card arrived just fine.

Yes. I have received a number of duplicate cards but not many in the last year. If the card is especially beautiful one goes in my album and one goes on the refrigerator for a while, or into the closet until I can give it to someone.

Maybe you can start a collection of this particular card but sent from different countries :grin:


i only remember one duplicate, because they both arrived within a week or two. i probably have some more but i care more about the written side of the card so i don’t mind or notice much.
and if they’re beautiful cards i’m even happy about it because i hang my most recent cards in my living room. i think i received the same pocahontas card a while ago and i was so happy i could look at it again :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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I state in my profile that I like bears and have 5 of the same bear card. They are all organized in my collection together and it’s fun seeing the same card again with different messages. Each person specifically chose it for me and I don’t expect anyone to look through my collections (especially since I’m very active in the round robins and tags) and I know that duplicate cards are possible; rather than be disappointed with duplicates, I embrace them just as much as I embrace the cards that are not duplicates…if this makes any sense. It is kinda fun to see how many of the same card I can get (but I’m not revealing which card it is because I want the duplicates to happen naturally!)


The thought has crossed my mind. :smiley: And I like to add that I have nothing against receiving multiple copies of the same card, as others have said they are from different people with different messages. :smiley:

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I’ve only been a Postcrosser for five months and I’ve already received a double of an official card.

It occurred through participation in tags, and it’s because I favourite the cards I receive officially, and that I also love…so they’re on my favourite wall too.

I have more than 1000 cards favourited on my wall…and have only received 23 cards officially, so I didn’t think the chances were high that I’d receive doubles. But I have!

It’s only the picture side that is a duplicate. The writing sides are absolutely unique :yum:.


One day I received one postcard (with an ID), and the day after I received the same postcard from the same person with the same ID and the same text.
It was one of my first postcards received so I was too shy to ask the sender why, but I still don’t have any explaination about that…

(I’m sorry for the double post)


I think I read somewhere that postcrossing only assigns an address once to someone to send a card to, but I had two very special situations:

  • I had sent a postcard to a lady in England via postcrossing. This card expired and after a few months I received a postcard via postcrossing from the husband of this lady to whom I had sent my postcard. They both had their own postcrossing account. Unfortunately my postcard never arrived…
  • From Taiwan I received two similar cards (not the same, but slightly different) on the same day, written with the same handwriting, but with different sender names and different postcard IDs. It turned out that the cards came from mother and daughter, who both had their own postcrossing account, but one of the two was physically unable to write cards at the time, so the other had done that for her.

I say on my profile that I like cards depicting ships as well as ones depicting stamps. On the fourth and fifth of November last year my address was given out to two Russian Postcrossers who both found a perfect card for me - the same card showing ships on stamps. Such a nice coincidence that this happened! One took twice as long to arrive as the other, but they are side by side on my “received” wall.


I drew an address once of someone who collected Mona Lisa cards…interestingly there are lots of variations of this 1 image. Her collection was fun to look at!


Well have received 2 cards with the same id once, later I found out the sender accidentally sent twice


I have received the same postcard (from different people). I do not mind at all. I just enjoy getting the postcards duplicates or not!


I fear I have got confused on occasion and resent to the same person as wasn’t sure if I had sent or not…better safe than sorry