Receiver was disappointed with postcard

I have recently joined and one lady was disappointed I did not “handwrite” on the postcard. I chose to put it in an envelope. My handwriting is not the best so I chose to type out a letter. Obviously, that wasn’t “good enough” for her. You can’t write much on a postcard that is why I chose to send in an envelope. She said “Postcrossing” might not be for me. Am I doing something wrong?? I feel like after 6 sent postcards I should just stop!


  • they did not have a preference to be in envelope or not
  • it was not a letter, rather a note and then writing a little tidbit about my hometown
  • I do read everyone’s profile to make sure I sent it how they would like it
  • Maybe it’s the way she worded it, that got to me.

Hi Sue,

Welcome to Postcrossing and the forum!

Please don’t feel like you are doing something wrong when you don’t handwrite your cards. Some people also choose to print their words for various reasons - they have medical conditions etc. Are we to deny them of the Postcrossing experience then?

I can also understand that you used an envelope because you wanted to write more. However, most Postcrossers prefer to receive a postcard naked (ie sent as is).
May I suggest that you consider using envelopes only for people who say they are fine either way? Such people exist - I am one of them!

I find that handwriting gets better the more I practice - so I’m glad that Postcrossing gives me an outlet to use my stationery and to keep writing

Hope you have fun in your journey and do stick around! We love to have you here


you did nothing wrong. everybody has their preferences. now you know hers. others will be different. be flexible and you will do fine. page57


Welcome to the forum and our community!
No, you are not doing anything wrong, you can type or write the card as you are comfortable with. Postcrossing is the love of sending and receiving postcards, letters etc and creating a friendship and nurturing it.
I want to say kindly dont stop for some wierd person who has his/her demands and wishes. You are doing perfect. The way she behaved with you was wrong in my sense. People should appreciate and take care of each other


Welcome! Don’t stop!!


There’s no such rule in that only hand written postcard is allowed for postcrossing. I’ve received few printed out cards because for whatever reason the senders weren’t able to hand written the cards

However I can agree that for many postcrossers we love to receive handwritten and stamped cards so I can understand her disappointment, although I don’t agree with what she said to you. People should be thankful to every card they get whether they like or dislike it as long as it’s not against the guidelines (which can be reported)

1 bad experience shouldn’t let you stop doing postcrossing :wink: . I hope you’ll draw more addresses that can appreciate your cards!

Just a bit suggestions, you may check the forum activities if you feel you don’t feel like sending official cards


Hello, Sue!

I hope you stay and continue to enjoy postcrossing.


I so hope this experience doesn’t sour you on Postcrossing! It is very rare in my experience to have a negative experience with a receiver. Like all hobby communities, some people can be picky. The only requirement is you send the postcard.

Did you by chance send the letter on a separate paper with a blank card? It’s not uncommon to receive a typed message. Usually people paste those onto the card. Typically, I don’t send cards with an envelope unless the person stated that was their preference.

I think part of the fun you’ll discover is trying to fit your message into the space allowed. As you start to send more cards, you probably will find you don’t have the same energy to write long letters haha!

As a fellow lover of letters, I found a few penpals through Postcrossing. There is a place on the forum to look for one, if that interests you.

Welcome to Postcrossing!!


Welcome to Postcrossing :hugs:

I’m sure most people prefer handwritten postcards without envelopes. However, you can type your text and possibly stick it on the postcard (I have received them this way). I would only use envelopes if it is specified in the profile.


Welcome, and I would say, for those who want a card without envelope, you could print a smaller text and stick it on the card. Their are possibilities of very small printed letters :wink:

If you prefer letters, have a look at the tags – there are some for sending letters (along with a card).

Have fun either way postcrossing!

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I agree with the above comments and they have some good advice. I hope you continue on your Postcrossing journey. It has brought me more happiness than sadness (or disappointment).


I really want to design a postcard that has complaints all over it and in large text just says “but was it a postcard?” :laughing::grin: Don’t let the negative nancies get you down and welcome to Postcrossing :grin: please stay :yellow_heart:


@Annazon - I recently saw this one on someone’s sent wall! I

click to enlarge


That’s great I just favorited it, thank you😁


One more related one :blush:


Oh, that’s not a nice message.
Sender can decide if they like to send the card in envelopes or not.
Some do it to protect the card, some to write more, some to add something with the card. Maybe to hide the message.

Don’t think too much of what they wrote. Probably they were disappointed at that moment, and wrote it.

But I also understand the receiver a little: part of the charm is to read what people choose to write in this small place. What do you say if you need to not say much? For me it’s a challenge :smile:

If and only if you feel like it, you can offer to send them only a card, without envelope, with hand written note in it. Then they are happy too, and you can show your intention was good. Maybe they will send a card back to you then :slight_smile:

Because, elsewhere I sent a card, that was painted using toes, I like these cards for some reason, and it’s very cool. The receiver thought it’s disgusting to think someone used their toes, and I should send normal cards. I thought, ok, it can feel so, and told, I can send a card that is not like that. But they said, no need to, and apologised their reaction, they were for some reason angry, didn’t like the idea of toes. But we swapped cards anyways.

I have learned: if the card doesn’t feel good, I wait until next day, so I don’t write my instant bad reaction.
If someone is disappointed, and still seems like somewhat normal person: I offer sending something different - but this is my choise, and I only do it when I feel like it, and not to please anyone. (Like the toe painted card - when I thought about it, yes, someone can find it strange and even disgusting.)

But, don’t stop because one person writes like that :hugs:


I hope you stick with us and continue to enjoy Postcrossing! I have met many postcrossers who type up the message because of any number of personal reasons. I love to send some of my postcards in envelopes so I can include extras or more stamps, but I have found some profiles say no envelopes and I try to accommodate their preference.
If you want to write more, there are some really cool ideas on how to include a extra page on your postcard, like a piece of paper and Washi tape they can remove at delivery.
I hope this does not sour your experience.
All The Best,


Hello, Sue! Welcome to Postcrossing!

Please don’t be discouraged by the recipient’s unkind remark. There are lots of reasons for such behavior. Some folks are just grumpy when they don’t get EXACTLY what they like. The point of Postcrossing is to send what YOU like, in the way YOU most like to send them.

My handwriting isn’t small and I am frequently frustrated with the amount of space there is on a postcard, leading to short phrases and broken thoughts. It is what it is. :wink:

Best regards,


Oh, this one is brilliant! I’ll have to have a hunt for more postcards in this vein. Good to have for “the complaints section.” :wink:


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You did nothing wrong, as i read some profiles some are very veg that they do not want ant letters, envelopes ect…so don’t beat yourself up for one :wink: negative “Nancy” :wink: just jot down a few lines, and send away. :wink: who cares how you write. Plus, i have gotten many postcards with the greeting typed then taped or glued onto the postcard. So just be yourself honey, and dont let them stress you.