Received postcards you don't like?

I am pretty sure that not everyone like every postcard they receive via this website. So if one day you receive a postcard via this website, but you don’t like it, how would you deal with this postcard??i am just curious


I keep every postcard I receive, and for the ones that I’m not as interested in, I store them in a cardboard box that used to carry boba cake snacks :sweat_smile:

On occasion I’ll open the box and look through these cards for fun!


I used to keep all the cards that I don’t like but I am running out of space. So now I just throw them out. It breaks my hard but I cannot keep them anymore. Luckily there are not many that I really do not like


I cut them up and turn them into gift tags for presents. The tag will feature either the stamps or part of the front of the card, whichever is nicer.


I register the card and then put it in a box on top of the bookcase. Every now and then I go through these cards and take out the ones I want to keep and put them in an album. The rest I bin. If the stamps are nice, I cut them off and send to a charity.

If the card is very bad (usually a Bible quote) I also delete the scan if the sender has scanned the card.


I register all cards and put them all together in boxes (total of my received cards are over 10K, so space problem is real). Every now and then I sort the boxes by theme (the collections ones I put in the albums), the ones which I can’t find anything about (picture, message, stamps) I either give to my toddler to play with or cut the stamps to give them to my penpal who does handmades with stamps.

But before all that I scan both sides of the cards, save them forever on my computer and on private cloud storage, and also read again every message (some sort of ritual before destroying the physical form of a card only leaving digital copy existing) - usually it has at least one phrase/fact which is mildly curious, I was making some sort of quotes batches from cards (randomized and anonymized) for my blog

For last couple years while I started using this forum and turned to direct swaps every single card is amazing, so I guess I will have to come up with different ways to solve the storage problem


I am afraid that I cannot keep every postcard I received from this website.The room I rent is very small. If I go back to China someday, I won’t be able to bring all the postcards back to China. Then I may send some postcards that I don’t like to people who like them


In my opinion that is not okay, for the cards were sent to you and have text, that the sender particularly wrote for you.


No need to keep every card you received. But you need register every card you received.


My biggest issue is to register it with nice words :see_no_evil: I’m always afraid they reveal my real feelings about the postcard, but I don’t want to use ‘nice’ or ‘lovely’ or ‘beautiful’ if I don’t really think it. So I usually divert the content to something regarding the country it comes from, it can be a place I’ve been - so I write about a peculiar memory - or a place I have never visited and, since I am an avid traveller, for sure it’s somewhere I’d like to go! I personally don’t like to write " thank you for your card, happy postcrossing ", I always like to write something personal also when I register, not only when I write the postcard.
Then I cut out the stamp for the collectors, hopefully is something peculiar :crossed_fingers:t2: but the suggestion of making some gift tags is very smart, thanks @missmelbourne !


If the card is ugly but the text is nice or interesting, I’m still happy about it and keep the card.
If I don’t like the card AND the text at all (or the card was destroyed in the mail), then I would cut out the stamp (because I collect them, you can also give the stamp to others). But that only happened a few times. I don’t have so many postcards yet.

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I keep every postcard I get, whether I like it or not - I really don‘t like throwing cards out and I have never done it so far. I would feel really bad towards the person who wrote it and I also think that every card (if it‘s not totally offensive) has something to it, even „ugly“ cards or ones I do not enjoy.


Hi! How does this charity work? Who needs used stamps? Could you explain?

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I used to keep every card I got, because even if I didn’t like the card itself, usually there was a nice text or a little drawing and so on.

But of course there are cards I really dislike (with bible quotes or so) AND with only one line like “Happy Postcrossing” and neither a name nor any kind of signature. These really unpersonal cards I do not longer keep as I’m running out of space and tbh I rather use this space for nice cards or cards with a personal message.
From these cards I cut off the stamps and give it to a friend who collects and I throw the cards away (shredding them before throwing away). If a part of the card has a picture which is quite okay I change them into bookmarks or gift tags.


I’ve sent to this one before:

And there’s also this one but I’m not sure if they still do it:


Stamps for charity means that charities and their supporters collect stamps, usually still on paper (kiloware), and they are sorted and then sold at auctions to collectors. As we have now have fewer stamped envelopes this means fundraising is getting harder and harder.

So do save any stamps even if they are all the same because in quantity they are worth selling and help charities immensely.

I’ve collected stamps for charities for over 25 years and still do it today. Thanks to some postcrossers I’ve now found homes for the damaged stamps which can’t be passed on. These people use them to make beautiful stamp collage postcards.

If anyone has any unwanted stamps do feel free to pass them on and I’m always happy to send a nice Aussie card in return. Also if anyone wants any damaged stamps to make postcards or other craft work then I’m more than happy to forward you an envelope or two and need nothing in return. As well if you are looking for a charity in your country then let me know as I might have some ideas.


As for cards I don’t like , I still keep them for a period of time and eventually they go into the recycling with the stamps removed. I block out any personal information. The cards I like get put on display and every so often I change the display and these cards go into a box to keep.

I don’t feel bad throwing cards out as we simply can’t keep everything we get and it’s pointless keeping something you don’t like. The cards I didn’t like were received, read and registered so it’s definitely served it’s purpose.


I have visited the first site. Really impressed. It is such an easy way to raise funds! May I ask you one more question? Do you cut out the stamps to send there?

That’s okay that you can’t keep every card - that’s your reality.

I also realized recently that I don’t EVER want 1000 postcards in my apartment. I just recently sent my 400th official postcard.

So I’ve started to set aside my favourite postcards - the ones I really love & a few from each country I have received one from.

And the rest of my cards - some might go to my art projects, but the rest will be recycled.

And that’s okay! :grinning:


Yes you cut the stamps leaving a border of about 1/2 cm all the way around it. Any torn stamps etc should just be thrown away or passed on to those who use them for craft.