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Hello! I tried to get the Reader badge and I did what it asked already on Monday. I still didn’t get the badge. After Monday I did it twice but still nothing… What’s wrong?

Badges are not attributed for non-public categories. Right now the main non-public categories are topics under the #everything-else and #trades-requests-offers:spread-the-joy (these are visible only when logged in). Is that the case perhaps?

No, it’s not because I was logged in all these times and the topic I read all the messages about was this same where I’m writing just now. That time it had 102 messages.

Just to make sure I made myself understood: if a topic is not visible to those not logged in (like those under #everything-else), even if one reads it while logged in, those topics don’t attribute badges.

This one should indeed do the trick.

Something to keep in mind is that the badge is not automatic — it can take up to 24h to show after the condition is met. Also, the forum is careful to check whether the posts are being read and not just skimmed through / jumped over. I don’t know the specifics of how this is checked though.

Unfortunately we have no way to check what posts your account has read or not. From what we can see, the badge is being given out so it seems to work, at least in some cases. I believe that as you continue to read more posts on long topics, eventually the condition will trigger and you’ll get the badge.

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Well, it was on 26th of Oct I did it for the 1st time and then on 27th twice. And yes, I did read the messages, not only going through it. So it took lot of time to read all those 100 messages tree times… :smiley: Then nothing happened.

I’m not sure if this is related, but do you by chance use a browser extension/addon called Privacy Badger? We have seen it cause some trouble with this forum software, blocking connections that shouldn’t be blocked and that could affect read/unread status.

Sorry that I can’t be more helpful at this point — I still believe that eventually you’ll get the badge as others have received it too.

I’m using Chrome as a browser… And no, not that I know, I don’t have this Privacy Badger because I have never heard of it… But thank you for the help, maybe I’ll try it with another topic with 100 messages if it will work… :slight_smile:

I found a post about this in the Discourse Meta site. It says:

The reader badge requires that you read EVERY post in a 100+ post topic. It is only calculated daily. This is why it is rather hard to get.

  1. We only run the badge grant daily, you may have read all the posts at 2PM but by 10PM when the job runs there are new posts.
  2. It is VERY hard for end users to find “reading gaps”, reading gaps sometimes happen when you follow links or skip to end of topic. We have discussed in the past allowing you to find the gaps and will probably get to it when we redo the progress bar.

This post is from 2015 though.


I was just looking for this information. I must have “skimmed” the thread too quickly. That’s my same problem with textbooks too, which why I was never a good student. Thank you @paulo for this information. I will try again and check in after 24 hours.