[NOT A BUG] Not earned nice reply after getting 10 likes in a post

I have a simple stupid question :sweat_smile:
2 days ago I received my 10 like in this post
Usually I received a notification telling me that I earned nice reply when I have 10 like in a post.
2 days passed I still haven’t got my nice reply badge for this post.
Is this a bug or we have limit for nice reply badge?

No, there is no limit.

Maybe I’m wrong but I think I read somewhere that there are no badges for the #everything-else category.
But I’m not sure - so please wait for another answer.


Most likely it’s because the post is in a locked section of the forum (=only visible when logged in). I never receive the badge when I get 10 or more likes in that thread or other threads which are only available when logged in.


Found it:

Reader Badge


Thank you @Bille @Norway_girl
Case closed :sweat_smile:

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