Reached character limit in thread for RR - help!

I have hit a character limit in my post (32,000 characters max) for the round robin that I host - Write Back my Postcard RR. When we were in the sandbox testing the new forum, I thought I remember asking and someone said there is no limit. So now on to the problem… I have all my open/traveling groups in one section and I hit my character limit. There is nothing in this section that is closed - all groups are still open and traveling, so I’m not sure how to rectify this problem. Anybody know? Any other hosts run into this?

I don’t have any “extra/saved” posts to be able to split this between 2 postings. Is there any way to fix this aside from starting a new thread and “saving” more posts for future use? I feel stuck. :frowning:

I wonder if you start a new thread, and then a mod merges the two, you would be able to keep the history in the thread, while creating some extra posts at the start that you can use to split up the first post?

That’s a pity!

I don’t know if an admin can give you one or more extra posts, but I rather suspect that this is not possible.

You could open a new topic and reserve more posts for yourself.
If you will do that right now I can move all your posts to that new Topic.

Or you shorten the information in post no. 2 .

I saw 13 x the same long description for groups with 4 (6,9,) written, stamped, AND decorated cards:

The cards for these groups are all on the way and the decription is no longer needed.
You could delete all these and the other descriptions too and put them 1x in the first post for future groups.

I just thought of another solution.
The authorship of posts can be transferred to another user.
The users Antich and Claw have posted directly after your statistics.
You could ask both to transfer their posts to you - then you would have enough space.


How do you change authorship?

That means that @Antich and @Claw have to flag their posts, then choose “something else” and write that they would like to give the authorship of the post to you.

:thinking: Hope that it is not only possible for the first post of a Topic :thinking:

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No, this is possible for every post. I did this twice already. Annebethp recently took over the Postcard Set, Box, Book, Calendar RR and ten posts were transferred from me to her. :slight_smile: Very cool!
You may have to wait a few days though. It might go faster if you write to an admin directly instead of flagging the posts.

Edit to add: There are limits to almost everything in this forum. I find myself already worrying about the edit limit now and again. I don’t know when I will encounter it but I know that I will encounter it in one of my RRs sooner or later. I haven’t decided what to do when I can’t edit my post anymore. Maybe have the post deleted if that is still possible and move on to the next one. If deletion is impossible, I think I have to open a new topic. :thinking:

Edit again: Ugh, of course, there is also a limit to how many posts there can be in a topic. I have to open a new topic one way or another, why am I even worrying about this? :woman_facepalming:

Edit once again: Found a work-around for the edit limit in the Goody Two Shoes RR by letting the travelling groups travel from post to post.


@RuhRohRaggy I flaged my post and I hope it can soon be transfered to you :slight_smile:


I have changed the ownership of the post to @RuhRohRaggy, so it’s good to go! :slight_smile:


To be honest, I don’t think that’s right at all. This is clearly “off-topic” and if every host of an RR did this, other topics would soon be flooded with statistics that have no place there.
Every host has to find a solution for himself how to deal with the editing limit, but flooding other topics with it is the wrong way and I would like to recommend you to delete these statistics from the other topics.

I only do it in this RR because it is the Chaotic Nonsense RR where we do what we want and don’t follow any rules. It’s a parody of sorts. I’ve deleted them from all former topics but the current one. But I guess they can still be seen in the edit history. I also hide them so that it is not distracting. It’s just supposed to be funny and chaotic. Is this fun for us bad for everyone else? I haven’t heard criticism before. I also always edit the travelling groups into an old post, not the latest post because, well, I don’t want to butt into an ongoing conversation. The post in this topic is rather unusual because it’s rather fresh but I thought it fitting. :thinking:

I can’t imagine any other host of any other RR doing this :sweat_smile: WHY would they do this?! It is so much work! The only positive thing is that I don’t have to worry about the edit limit. Otherwise, it is only trouble. Sometimes, the participants can’t even find the travelling groups. Which makes the procedure perfect for this very odd RR but horrible for every other RR.


I’m with @Feuerstuhl here.
It’s the Chaotic Nonsense RR. It does what it’s supposed to do. Everyone needs a little chaos now and then. :partying_face:


I see it differently.
The chaos can be huge within the RR for all I care, but statistics of an RR have no place in other topics.
No matter whether someone complains about it or not.
That is my opinion as a moderator, even though I personally think the idea itself is imaginative.
But maybe the @admins see it differently and then it’s okay with me.

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Of course, if you decide that it is not okay, I will tell the travelling groups that they are banned from the other topics because the forum cannot handle so much chaos. :grin:
(But if they are allowed to continue, I really don’t think they do any harm. Until now they’ve been in their home topic, once in my other RR, once in a tag and twice in an infinite thread. I really don’t think that they’ve been very distracting to anyone who is not part of the Goody Two Shoes RR. :slight_smile: I could also promise to keep them away from discussions that someone might want to read whole–such as this one.)

Hey there,
I am NOT a host, but I join the Chaotic nonsense RR regulary. I never had problems to find the open, travelling or closed groups. It’s actually the most fun RR. Or even to find the RR :smiley:
@Bille please leave it as it is.
I’ve the feeling this is about a principal… And the nonsense RR is more like a game. It was kind of founded in the sandbox and it was so fun that people did continue with it. Noone ever complained …

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If this practice is only to avoid the post character limit (which my understanding is that it wasn’t even reached yet?), why not post that addendum on the topic itself that it belongs to (on a new post), and then just link directly to that post from the first post?

We know the intentions are good, but we need to keep things tidy and organized and posting in other topics seems unnecessary as there are other workarounds for it.

No, that was not the purpose at all, it is just a side effect. The purpose is fun. They are the “Travelling Groups” so at least in the Chaos RR they get to travel through the forum, exploring the topics :world_map:

Hum… I do see how that can be fun for the participants of the game, but it can be confusing (and maybe annoying to some) for others who aren’t aware of it when it appears elsewhere.

You can imagine that for someone who needs to keep things organized (or help confused people), that this isn’t the best idea ever. :sweat_smile:

On the other hand, I try to keep the confusion for everyone else at a minimum and I could promise to keep extra care from now on. I usually only post them where people are unlikely to read every single post, e.g. in Good Morning / Good Night, not into discussions. I edit them into an old post, as mentioned before, this and here was an exception because I wanted to mention this work-around, even if it is not very practicable. I only have them at one place at a time, they will not be all over the place but in one single topic and when they travel on, I delete them from the former post.

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I’m wondering if there’s some misunderstanding here.

There’s two limits that may be relevant for RR’s: 32000 characters per post and 10000 posts per topic. There’s no limit to the number of times a post can be edited (well, there is, but it’s 100 per day!).

Which one were you referring to? Or is it just for the fun of having something that moves around the forum?